Hayden Panettiere Is Tired Of Being Famous

She doesn’t want us to think she’s complaining. But she does want us to know that being a celebrity isn’t all fun and games. Growing up in the public eye can’t be easy, and Hayden Panettiere says that sometimes she’s sick of being famous.

"The fact you can’t walk down the street to get a cup of coffee without
10 cameras in your face is hard. It really is a very
invasive industry and the line between your work and play is so blurred
if not nonexistent, that it’s tough. It makes it hard to live, and I’m
not sitting there going, ‘oh woe is me, my life is terrible’ but people
get this idea in their head that what we do isn’t hard and it is. It’s
work and do I want to get up every morning and go to set? No, there are
some days I’m like, I don’t want to go to work today, but I love what I

I have to admit that getting my hair and makeup done every day and then pretending I’m someone else doesn’t exactly SOUND like hard work to me. Then again…you should see the looks I get when I tell people I’m a celebrity gossip blogger. :)And while I love it, this job certainly isn’t a walk in the park either!

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  1. Anonymous says

    Oh please cry me a river. Boo Hoo poor little millionaire. She quit anytime she is such a brat anyways and a brat with a potty mouth. Where did the sweet little girl go.

  2. Anonymous says

    People are so jealous of people with money. It really is sick. Just because she makes money and is a millionaire does not mean that she does not have bad days.

  3. Lose That Girl says

    Someone needs to grow up and take a big gulp of reality. Perhaps she should take a job working in a factory doing shift work for a low wage. Maybe then she’ll realize she has it easy.losethatgirl blog

  4. Flowers says

    In exchange for being famouts, If she wants to give back all the extra money she gets for being famous to her fans, i’m sure they won’t mind. :)

    Wanna be my friend? Then send me from my favorite . I prefer roses.

  5. Anonymous says

    Let me see, gossip blogger or actress? Yeah, I think you have the WAY easier job as a blogger. I don’t care how much they make the lack of privacy (including blogs like this where we can vent and tear them down) wouldnt be worth it, to most unless that’s all you can do and want to take the money and run and get out of the industry once you make enuf to last a lifetime.

  6. Anonymous says

    We’re all tired of her being famous. The whole world is tired of her being famous. The whole world is tired, period, and wishes she would just go away. Far, far away, somewhere, anywhere.

  7. Gisela says

    Vera I like your blog site and I like you, but for you to sit there and tell us that your job is “no walk in the park’ is like a freaking slap in the face. Do you know how many people have lost their home? job? life savings?……thousands! Your blog affords you the luxury of working from home, working while spending time with the kids, and best of all you make money while you sleep. Please, not trying to disrespect you in any way…but please don’t insult my intelligence. I have to commute in a crowded subway, get up at 4am and work for peanuts. Count your blessings, you have many.

  8. Savage says

    I can completely see where she is coming from. Every job has it ups and it’s downs. Years ago, before the paps became so horrible, no one really complained. These days, it IS hard for celebrities to have their personal space, and to have ability TO enjoy luxury that comes with their fame. As someone who works a normal every day-to-day job, I can see where people get annoyed when a celebrity “complains” about their fame, but you kind of have to look at it from both views. We’re only looking at it from the outside. We only know what goes on in their lives and careers that’s posted on websites like these. So give the girl a break, she isnt complaining, she’s just being honest.

  9. Anonymous says

    Yes, because my parents never worked until 2 in the morning every day just to put food in our mouths. F you, HAYDEN. She’s developing quite a douchebaggy personality these days.

  10. Nimbus says

    Hayden, we are all tired of you too hon… why not just call it a day then heh!! go get a real job.

  11. Monica says

    Don’t forget the free trips (Disneyland, Costa Rica, etc…), and the fact that her husband was able to quit his job! Also meeting celebs, getting swag, going to fashion week, etc. etc….. You really are too lucky Vera!

  12. Anonymous says

    heroes is a horrible show, and she plays the same role in every movie.
    she is a c list actress at best
    for god’s sake shut the fuck up hayden.

  13. Anonymous says

    She’s not even famous, which is the funny thing. I didn’t even have any idea who this bitch was until I saw her in the Neutrogena ads on TV. She’s not pretty, she doesn’t have talent. Who is she kidding when she says she’s tired of being famous? Honey you haven’t achieved fame status, you’re not even remarkably close to any of the other celebs.

  14. From Belgium says

    The grass is always greener on the other side I suppose. I can imagine actors have to work hard. The thing with Hayden is she might have to work hard but she gets millions, free clothes, travelling the world, … in return. People who work shifts in factories get a minimum wage in return for their hard work. So Hayden should be careful with what she says. She’s still young though. She’ll learn eventually.

  15. bgduckie_01 says

    it’s so funny because when she started having a few cameras in her face she would talk all the time and be all smiles. she did this for a while. that’s when i said, yeah u luv it right now, but in a few years we’re going to hear u complain. and here we are now. :p

  16. Kelli says

    Why doesn’t she do us a favour and go away if she doesn’t want to be fameous? Lots of whales in the pacific she can help save… I find it insane that she wears leather but wants to save whales.. I bet she even eats tuna!

  17. Paulina says

    There are many celebrities who live lives unless they’re working. They can go to church, go shopping, buy coffee or whatever with out being hounded by the paps, and they are more famous than she is. Something makes me suspect that Hayden is one of those celebrities that calls the paps when she goes out. If she’s sick of being famous she can go back home or become a college student like many 19 years are. No one’s making her do this…

  18. Paulina says

    There are many celebrities who live “normal” lives unless they’re working. They can go to church, go shopping, buy coffee or whatever with out being hounded by the paps, and they are more famous than she is. Something makes me suspect that Hayden is one of those celebrities that calls the paps when she goes out. If she’s sick of being famous she can go back home or become a college student like many 19 years are. No one’s making her do this…

  19. nicoleminn says

    Half of the people get into doing movies because they want to be famous, make lots of money, and see their own image everywhere they turn. However, the other half do it because they want to make movies that YOU can enjoy, they do it because they consider it an art form like music, art, and poetry. They get paid alot because their movies make a lot, and that does not mean they get paid a lot to get Stalked. When paps follow them into grocery stores, chase them down streets, and hound them when they are just eating it is not right to call these people whiners. If she was a no talent hack like Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton I would get angry at what she said. Instead, I do feel bad for anyone who has to put up with what these young celebs put up with on a daily basis, not to mention what bloggers say about them. It’s really easy to call someone stupid or a whore when you are making money off of writing about their talent, half of bloggers are just pimps with better advertising.

  20. Anonymous says

    I don’t think you can fully understand what a person endures until you’ve walked in their shoes- I’m not a gossip blogger and I have no idea what it entails and I don’t think that you do either. Your life does sound like hard work, I won’t deny that, but there’s no way for you to know how much harder it is than Vera’s… or Hayden’s even though I can’t stand her. Every job has its downfalls- no matter how glamorous.

  21. Anonymous says

    NEVER!!! I don’t have much but I am a lot happier than the people I know who have a lot- I might not be able to spend the few weekends I have a year to take my boat out that I work 12 hour days to pay for but I’ll take a good game of scrabble and and a glass of cheap wine with the husband any day over the problems/stresses that come with that lifestyle.

  22. Lizzypoo says

    I’m tired of her being famous, too. LMAO. Where is the cute little girl that played Lizzie Spaulding? ~ Liz ~

  23. Anonymous says

    Simple. Go away and practice what you like in a different environment that you want and adjust your standard of living to it. Simple math.

  24. Anonymous says

    Is she saying this because her movie failed beyond words and her show is doing poorly in the ratings?

  25. DonnaJ says

    I can respect where she is coming from. I wouldn’t want people following me around constantly with cameras. Privacy is something that’s not afforded to everyone and I happen to like mine.

  26. hexkitten says

    I kind of wonder if people like her bring it upon themselves. I don’t notice any of her “Heroes” co-stars having similar problems. I’ve also noticed that there are some celebrities who have scandals erupt and all of a sudden it gets swept under the rug.

    Perhaps Hayden needs to hire a better PR person if she wants more privacy.

  27. merce369 says

    Absolutely agree, i think what she’s saying is that most celebrities don’t get to live there private lives private. There is no really a distinct line between their work and private lives, that is a problem.

  28. Eve says

    I wouldnt say her job isnt hard work – because I dont know. I can certainly imagine it.
    x x Eve x x

  29. tom says

    I cant stand when celebrities complain about no privacy. They get in the business to become famous and rich. Get over it. I am so invisible it is a bit sad at times. I could use some more attention.

  30. YAYI says

    Well very simple. Just dissapear you dont have to start in another movie roll ever again. Very simple!!! but then again once the camara stop following and the big paychecks stop pooring in they get their reality check. Is sad how this upcoming actors/actresses are so full of themselfs but yet lack so much talent and are so irrelevant. Mean while the real movie stars are always so greatful and thankful of the opportunities they have been given and they simply dont have to be in every event and everyday coffee run, “it” place knowing that theres gonna be cameras all over. Example

    Michell Pheifer,
    Meryl Strip,
    Julia Roberts,
    Nicole Kidman,
    Sandra Bullock,
    they are our most talented actresses of our time and they have been able to manage and keep their personal lives private. Why can you hayden???

  31. Nimbus says

    Amen…. there are WAY bigger celebs out there that manage to keep ‘low profile’ Hayden…

  32. Anonymous says

    But I bet she’s not tired of cashing those big checks that come from her fame. I’m so sick of celebs complaining about being famous. It’s like “Oh, poor you. You get free clothes, you get to travel the world, you get paid extremely well. Life is so hard!”

  33. Anonymous says

    Yes, acting is sooooooooooooo easy. Give me a break. Acting is a really hard profession. I really hate when people act like all you do is show up and
    “act”. So ignorant.

  34. Anonymous says

    i’m an actress and yes it is easy. much easier than serving assholes coffee or going into an office and sitting at a damn desk all day. it is not a hard job.

  35. Anonymous says

    What people like Johnny Depp and Tom Hanks do is hard, to really study and take on a character- playing 10 different cheer leading roles that strongly resembles the person you are- not hard, and I’ve done a lot of acting myself. If Johnny wants to say something about how hard acting is for him- I can have empathy, but then again he wouldn’t because he’s not whinny and ungrateful.