Chris Brown Apologizes For Rihanna Attack Via VIDEO

I can’t embed it! It’s here on TMZ. WATCH THE VIDEO!

Chris Brown admits his mistakes and apologizes to both his fans AND to Rihanna for what happened in February.

Why did it take so long to come out? The singer blames it on his lawyers asking him to stay quiet.

What do you think about what he says? Do you think it’s sincere? Will Chris be able to move on from this musically? Or did he make his bed?





  1. Anonymous says

    I think its a little to late. The damage has already been done. If Chris was truely sorry, he should have apologized like a man and accepted his fate instead of using his celebrity to get him off. Celebrity justice is at its best!

  2. Gisela says

    He is apologizing because he was ‘blacklisted” he could not perform at the BET awards, especially when it was time to give MJ a tribute. He can’t take the pressure anymore. Sorry loser, we don’t care; your album is coming out right homey? you need the cash flow.

  3. Trixie says

    Pathetic, disgusting, & lame. If he really took responsibility for his actions he would have spoken out and apologized right after he beat her senseless. I mean reading for a cue card and throwing his Mom in there?,
    Really really bad. I will never buy or listen to anything of his again. There are far to many good artists out there for me to have to spend my hard earned money on an abuser.

  4. Anonymous says

    He looked so rehearsed. I didn’t buy into it personally. I think he made his bed and now he needs to lay in it

  5. Anonymous says

    I do not buy his excuse that it was in fact his attorney who kept him from speaking out. First, as several other commenters have pointed out, if he were so itching to take the responsibility for his own actions, pleading guilty from the get-go would have been a fabulous way to do so and more importantly, to set an example and to “be a role model” for those who may find themselves having committed domestic violence.
    Secondly, and most importantly, it has been almost a month since Chris plead guilty to this crime and got away with an excuse for a punishment! If an attorney was to blame for his silence (which during the pendency of the case would have indeed been the case), I doubt that anyone would have been keeping him from making a statement after Chris accepted the plea in open court. All of this, coupled with the fake rehearsed speech which looks like it may have been taped at his attorney’s office, makes this “heartfelt apology” look incredibly suspect.
    Not to mention that incredibly offensive “OOPS!” necklace he had made and wore to P.Diddy’s “white” party! Honey, you didn’t get a speeding ticket – you beat your girlfriend and choked her until she was unconscious, and this was not the first time you had been violent with her, according the the reports that were leaked of her interview with the police. “OOPS!” not only doesn’t quite cut it, but it shows the world who you really are- offensive and disgusting and someone who in fact took no responsibility at all and learned no lesson.
    Please. Just. Go. Away.

  6. dieselchicklett says

    It would have been so much better and sincere if he hadn’t scripted it and rather spoke from his heart. Although he may have meant every word he said it just seemed to rehearsed to buy. Such a shame he really does have some talent.

  7. rockonxox says

    Guys, because of the trial he probably wasn’t allowed to state anything due to his attorney. That is true. Guilty until proven innocent, he speaks he proves himself guilty… it isn’t how trials in the US work. However, at the trial he should have plead guilty instead of trying to get off on lesser charges even though there is no doubt that he did what he did. If you abuse someone screw you, I don’t believe him. He’s just reading some lines. I see no damn emotion coming from him. All I hear him saying is “blah blah blah I’m apologizing to make myself look better blah blah blah”.

  8. YAYI says

    I definitely think is unnecesary at this point. Whats done is done and the least one can do when being at fault is apologize the minute the damage is done, but never wait weeks months or whatever. In my opinion his doing this because is clear to him that his behavior has affected his carrer and popularity. The fact that he couldnt perform at the BET awards for a tribute to MJ had Jay z been involved or not and the fact that he wasnt even invited to attend MJ’s public funeral like Usher, JohnMayer and others was no coincidence either. Being one of the best dancers that can come just a bit close to doing MJ justice has not been enough, when his assult to Rihanna was made public a couple of weeks later the papps snaped some pictures of him laughing on a jet skii in miami without a care in the world showing no personal regret, now he feel the need to apologyze. Too late buddy!!

  9. YAYI says

    Im with you Trixie. And maybe if we all think like this those artist will get the message that just because they have the money and fame they can get away with doing wrong, cause after all we are the ones who make them famous buy their albums, watch their movies, buy tickets for concerts and support their projects. Is not ok to be abusive and not take responsabilities for your actions. I understand that everyone deserves a second chance but if you do not show any personal regret than you dont deserve any kind of respect or second chances.

  10. Jessy D22 says

    ugh! he shoulda done this months ago!! I think he is just apologizing because he realizes he lost a lot of fans and support. I dont think anyone should forgive or forget what he did!

  11. Nanea says

    His chance to offer a sincere apology was on the day after he beat Rihanna. And this “poor little misunderstood me” pose is annoying, that he goes on the oh so reputable TMZ to apologize makes everything even better. 😉

  12. Anonymous says

    oh please. He’s only sorry he got in trouble. I have a hard time believing this was the first or last time he’ll ever do this.

  13. Anonymous says

    Didn’t watch it… but I’m sure it totally makes up for everything!! Ugh he can’t be serious

  14. Anonymous says

    Can’t be tried twice for the same crime- he can say whatever he wants and his sentence remains

  15. AgentG says

    Why would ANYONE Fall for this. Please Chris Brown, Shut up. The truth is he is only saying this perhaps because he was advised to. twitter / diamondheartss

  16. Anonymous says

    Maybe if he had just shown a hint of sincerity during his speach, he could’ve gotten a few people to forgive him. If he just stopped reading from those cue cards for a sec and spoke from the heart. What a parody.

    Apology not accepted. Try a bit harder next time, chump.

  17. Savage says

    Fake. Fake. Fake. That’s all it is. But those bruises, and the pain she went through WASNT fake. Screw Chris “Beat-Her-Down” Brown. I dont think one appology will help his career. I dont think anything at this point will help his career. His “fans” will probably stick by him, but they’re no better than he is for condoning his actions, and supporting him.

  18. Melanie says

    I couldn’t be bothered to watch the video, I just think it’s a bizarre thing to do. Who is he apologising to? His victim or his ‘fans’ (does he have any left?) or the music industry?

  19. merce369 says

    As many of commenters pointed out, it’s too little too late, it’s rehearsed and no way anyone could believe this apology. He is a talented, but i’m afraid he’s made his bed, he wasted his talent. Too bad.

  20. amonalisa says

    OMG I totally forgot about that. I remember reading something about some stars were going to pull out of the MJ tribute if he performed. He deserves to lose everything….he disgusts me

  21. sweet kiddo says

    he made is bed and he should lye in it forever ..i beleive in forgiveness ,don’t get me wrong, but in this case there isn’t .he’s an asshole point.

  22. Anonymous says

    TAKE 1: Hi I’m Chris Brown, and… HOLD UP DA DAMN QUE CARDS, don’t make me tell yo ass again. Take 2, Hi I’m Chris Brown… yo yo hold up cause I want to keep this real, ( 8 hours later) Hi I’m Chris Brown…

  23. weez43 says

    The whole apology would come off way more sincere if it weren’t canned response infront of a camera with cue cards. Celebrities that have gotten themselves into trouble before seem to come off way more geniune when they sit down for an interview with some like Leno or Letterman and just let them ask questions, filming it seems more like a public service announcement than an apology. Making the statement that there was domestic violence in his house growing up only shows that he does NOT take full responsibility for his actions because apparently it is impossible to see someone else do something wrong and not repeat the behavior. I understand his lawyer was just doing right by him by not letting him speak until now but if he had come out sooner and just held a press confrence or gone and done some live interviews this would all seem much more heartfelt. If he had come out taken his medicine then gone in a cave until all the court stuff was settled he may have had his apology taken more seriously.
    *~Yeah it’s me Weez!~*

  24. smithsk says

    i appreciate his effort, but he dug his own grave. i don’t think he’ll be able to make it back out- i know my view of him has changed forever. i won’t support a man like that. not now, not ever.

  25. Polly says

    I can’t see the video. Can someone please tell me what he say’s? Does he actually take responsibility?

  26. Anonymous says

    He says blah blah I’m full of s.h.i.t I’m not really sorry but the money’s running out- you get the gist

  27. freckled melissa says

    that’s all well and good. but if he really wanted to be accountable why not plead guilty from the word go?
    “now that i’m off the hook, i’d like to announce my guilt via public apology”

  28. C. says

    It also wasn’t just one incident. He’s apologizing for when he got caught. He had hit her before. He talks about getting those few moments back and controlling his rage. It is far bigger than just a few moments and until he recognizes that and accepts full responsibility; he won’t change. It felt like a PR move to save his career.

  29. AshleySherwood says

    Boo Hoo Chris Brown. You have lost every single ounce of repsect that many had for you. You are pathetic, a loser, and I hope you every single day of your slipping carreer you realize that you brought it on yourself. Your a disgrace and completely discusting!

  30. luckystar says

    I agree too. To call it an ‘incident’ shows he’s not taking full responsibility. He should have said he hit a woman and it was wrong- that would have been more powerful.

    I think Forgive but don’t forget is the big thing here.

    I understand that he has solicitors telling him what to say but I think he should have just said he’s sorry fo hitting a woman and that he’s going to get help for it… to say he grew up in a household of violence is inexcusable-he more then anyone else should know it was wrong.. (I know a few people won’t agree with me on that).

  31. Anonymous says

    I Still Can’t belive he did that to rihanna!!!What A wuss!! you lost must of you few fans(including me) and all of rihanna’s fans hate you!!say good bye to carrier!!and hello to the streets!!BURN IN HELL

  32. Anonymous says

    I Still Can’t belive he did that to rihanna!!!What A wuss!! you lost most of you few fans(including me) and all of rihanna’s fans hate you!!say good bye to carrier!!and hello to the streets!!BURN IN HELL

  33. Anonymous says

    He is still blaming others like his lawyer for not being able to say sorry Bullshit. If he was so sorry he would have pleaded guilty.

  34. gonzalti says

    where the hell are his eyes going? stupid jerk is reading cue cards. I hate him. Abuser, the public should not forgive him. What was that other video where he said he wasnt a “monster” oh please. A few days after it happend he was jet skiing. Forget this good for nothing loser.

  35. shan says

    needs to lay in that bed, I think he only did this for publicity and is not sincere at all.

  36. babydre says

    pathetic, his people made him release the video to try to clean up his image. shame on his management team. no one is going to look at him the same

  37. Anonymous says

    I love how everyone is throwing the blame just on him. I agree that violence isn’t the answer, but that goes for both sides. No a man should never hit a woman, but a woman should never hit a man. Nobody was in the car with them that night. Nobody knows what really went down. And if she started it (since she is known to have a bad temper) then leave it alone. I am sorry but they way I see it is if a girl starts it and she hit him first, then hit back. (and yes i am a woman)

  38. Marit says

    He is strong enough to beat the sh*t out of a girl, and that’s what he did.
    If a child (or someone who isn’t physically as strong as you) hit you, would you beat him/her up?? Stop saying ‘violence is never the answer’ when you don’t mean it.

  39. ALmostEviL says

    Violence is not the answer…but then you say if someone hits you, you should hit them back? Hypocrite

  40. Anonymous says

    i agree that no one has the right to hit another person whether thats a woman or a man but he punched her repeatedly in the car and then started choking her even if she gave him a b**** slap (we dont know if that actually happened) he s physically stronger he could ve dealt with the situation differently not act as if he s fighting someone w equal strength… he s pathetic

  41. Lizzypoo says

    he sounded so insincere and stumbled while reading off his cards. At least memorize your apology and make it seem heartfelt. ~ Liz ~

  42. Anonymous says

    Marit there is a difference between two grown adults who are both is good physical condition..then a child and an adult. Don’t tell me what I mean or don’t mean. i don’t agree with violence. But also don’t agree with saying it is ok for a woman to hit a man, but not for a man to hit a woman. Like I said before, nobody was in the car with them that night. Only those two know how it started and what really happened. You can have your opinion on the situation, and I am allowed to have mine. I don’t agree with beating the s**t out of somebody, but he was banged up in the face too.. so she HIT him as well…

    And yes if someone was hitting me, despite if they were weaker then me or not, I wouldn’t sit there and let them beat me up. But I would never hit a child to begin with, so that alone is just a stupid comparison.

  43. amonalisa says

    Only doing this to try and get some fans to come back. What a dick. I hope his career is ruined forever.

  44. acarroll says

    Boo Hoo for him. He is grasping at straws trying to save his career. I feel no pitty for him.

  45. Anonymous says

    not only does he look pissed off thruout the entire “apology” but he can’t even say something from the heart no he has to read it off cards……. he is a moron and does not look sincere at all

  46. says

    Maybe in 10 years he’ll have changed, but now? Don’t insult us, Chris! Let’s join together as a country and roll our eyes at this scripted damage-control bullshit. And how insincere. Even Hayden Christensen could give him acting tips!