Sienna Miller Doesn’t Like Talking About Balthazar Getty

YIKES!! Sienna Miller flipped her lid after being quizzed about her love life while being interviewed on a radio talk show. The ‘G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra‘ actress told the host to “p**s off” when asked if she is still dating on/off lover Balthazar Getty.
During a phone interview with Australian radio station Fox FM, Sienna fumed:

“You’ve called us scrags, b****es, knocked-up. We are not here to talk about him [Getty]. But, yes, I know him and everything is good, thank you.
“What a scoop! Congratulations! You are really, really clever!”

Radio host Adam Richard tried to apologize for upsetting the 27-year-old blonde star by saying:

“I didn’t mean to step on your toes.”

But Sienna refused to calm down:

“You’re going there?”

Last month, it was claimed Sienna had reunited with married actor Balthazar.
The ‘Brothers and Sisters’ actor reportedly whisked the British star off to Italy for romantic break.
Balthazar, 34, and Sienna sparked outrage when they were first linked last July.
His wife Rosetta Millington – who has four children with the billionaire actor – subsequently split from the star, but they are yet to divorce.

Do you think the host was wrong to ask Sienna about her personal life? Isn’t it expected these days that celebrities will share more than just on set news during press junkets? Or has the line been crossed one too many times with Sienna?

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  1. kaykay says

    It comes with the territory. Sorry. I mean, your a frickin celebrity. When you do something like Sienna and Baltazar the whole world will hear about it and WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IT. Nobody cares about G.I. JOE!!!! Come on now. She is obviously is insecure about the situation or else she wouldnt have gotten so defensive. When you have to be like that, your feeling guilty, which I think she should feel guilty. It’s not like the guy asked her what her sex life is like, he asked her a basic question. Other celebrities would of been more than happy to talk about their significant other, but Sienna pulled an Angelina and knows the public thinks of her as a homewrecker.

  2. Alice Grey says

    A lot of other celebrities get irritated when asked about thier personal lives and refuse to talk about it. Let alone someone who has been called horrible vicious things by the press themselves. Regardless of justification for those names, if she put her self out for it our not, if you insult someone and harass them about something, I don’t think you can really expect them to politely answer a question about that same subject after doing all that. So for the interviewer to claim innocence and apologize is rather stupid, they had to see that one coming. They probably did it just to get a rise out of her to turn it into a bigger story.

  3. Anonymous says

    What did she expect? She uses the media to carelessly flaunt her affair with a married man who still hasn’t filed for a divorce and she gets upset because they ask her about the married man? Think about how Rg must have felt when those pictures of the married man sucking SM breasts appeared on the internet. And she wants to get upset because someone asks her about the married man? Perhaps she should have thought about that before she released photos of herself sticking her tongue in the married man’s ear. She can’t have it both ways. If she wants to be with the married man, then she needs to wait until he files for a divorce and stop those he loves me because he kissed me on a family holiday” photo-ops. If she is going to continue to flaunt her affair with a married, then she needs to stop playing the victim.

    This only makes SM look bad. The other actress was also asked about BG and she did a good job at deflecting the issue. SM on the other hand tried to turn it into yet another “Woe is me” session. A simple “no comment” would have made her look like the better person, but she is too bent on making it appear that she is suffering more than the married man’s wife and kids. Those stories about how she was injuerd on the set must not have garnered as much sympathy as she was expecting.

  4. Anonymous says

    Oh please, she has made a career off of telling the world every detail of her private life. No line was crossed because SM has never ever established one. Asking her about BG is no different than her public pda/sex appearances with the married man.

  5. Anonymous says

    People will get over this when sienna gets over this. True she is not the first or last woman to sleep with a married man, but you can not deny that her conduct during this affair has been out right cruel. After rumors hit about her affair with the married man, what did she do? She didn’t lay low, no she staged photo-op after photo-op with the married man and even got her mother in on the action, spread lies about the married man’s wife, and played the victim to suit the cirsumstances. This year alone, she whined about JL infidelity and then she popped up in Italy with none other than the married man. So in essence, public affairs only matter when she is the one being cheated on.

  6. Anonymous says

    She must not have been too offended by the question;otherwise, she wouldn’t have been so eager to throw in that part about “everything’s good”. If “everything is so good”, then why is the married man still married? Another attempt to gloat over the fact that she “won” and to convince people that the married man really does love her (despite the fact that he still hasn’t filed for a divorce).

  7. Anonymous says

    Sienna just keeps burning bridges. Since playing the victim hasn’t payed off she is now trying to garner sympathy by spreading even more terrible lies about BG’s wife. She and her minions are now trying to say that BG’s wife is also having an affair(even though she has never been photographed with another man), that she and BG have an open relationship (if they have an open relationship why would she have been devasted by his affair with SM and why would the married man even acknowledge that he separated because he got caught having an affair if their marriage was open?), that she is spending their money like crazy(once again, if she was spending like crazy there would have been at least ONE photo or eyewitness report, and that she won’t get the married man help for his addiction because she is scared that he will divorce her(he went to rehab before and he didn’t divorce her; and he even went to dinner with her and managed to clean himself up and not drink). SM is just plain STUPID and doesn’t think before she put out nonsense like this. This is an indication that things are not going well for SM; the married man is still married and she is still so vindictive that she would tarnish an innocent woman’s reputation just because she wants that woman’s husband.

  8. CapturingLife says

    I don’t think they should EVER be expected to talk about their personal lives. They are promoting a MOVIE and should be questioned about that.

  9. Gisela says

    I agree with Capturing, they are promoting a movie and should be asked about that and only that…but when you carelessly have an affair so blatantly in public you will be roasted. Hey, if they want to be together, that is their issue. There is a little decorum that Sienna and Balthazar need a lesson on. They can bump uglies all they want; just be respectful of the kids, they don’t respect the wife, but at least respect the kids.

  10. Amy says

    I do agree that they should only be expected to talk about the movie they are promoting. But most viewers/listeners would find that boring. So I think the interviewer is expected to some extent to ask the personal questions that everyone wants to know about, regardless of how invasive it is. Especially if your personal life is as controversial as Sienna’s is. Still doesn’t make it right.

  11. Shanny013 says

    Even though I’m a pretty open person, I don’t think a person should be expected to answer questions about their personal lives. I think they have the right to say pi** off. Just beause they are famous doesn’t give everyone the right to block their way on sidewalks, streets, take up-skirt pics, etc.

  12. gretel says

    People really need to get over this. She was not the 1st and certainly won’t be the last woman to be with a married man. Plus, we (at least I know I don’t) know the details about the state of that marriage.

  13. C. says

    That is exactly what is wrong! It should never become the acceptable norm to be unfaithful. People like her should expect to pay the price for being a homewrecker….WAAAA! I don’t need the minutia to know that they were screwing and sailing the 7 seas while his wife was home raising 4 small children alone. WRONG – PERIOD! no matter the circumstances. Stay home and raise your children with your wife. The only possible exception is if he was brutally beaten by his wife – which he wasn’t.

  14. C. says

    That is exactly what is wrong! It should never become the acceptable norm to be unfaithful. People like her should expect to pay the price for being a homewrecker….WAAAA! I don’t need the minutia to know that they were screwing and sailing the 7 seas while his wife was home raising 4 small children alone. WRONG – PERIOD! no matter the circumstances. Stay home and raise your children with your wife. The only possible exception is if he was brutally beaten by his wife – which he wasn’t.

  15. Anonymous says

    Poor Gretal, you’ ve obviously have never found your Hansel! And ur absolutely rite, she isn’t the first to lose her morals and accept being #2, because she is so lonely and can’t bare being alone with herself. If she wanted it to be a secret she would have kept it private, until such a time that he finalized the divorce. Oh, after a year he still hasn’t filed and u havn’t convince him. And u say ur okay with being the doormat. Yeah its more to the story. I agree some things should be off limits but the host is getting paid to attract as many followers as possible, I’m sure his listening audience got much bigger and his boss is happy. Plus my heart goes out to a woman who must be dignified for her estranged idiot husband and their children, so she is leaving the name calling to me. You go Rosetta, stay dignified and strong, a real man will respect the fact that his friends haven’t seen you naked and know just about every one who has deflowed you, EWE!!! You value the sanctity of marriage. Its called confidence, character, and personality, you don’t have to lay on your back or lay around half naked to get ur man. Nor did u sneak up and coerce someone in a weak state of affairs, sohold ur head high, real women are proud of you!!!