Love It Or Hate It: Fergie

Taking chances!!

Stacy Ferguson, aka Fergie, was spotted leaving a studio in Los Angeles wearing… this. I don’t know how to describe it and still do it justice. I mean, wow right?!

What do you think about it all?It’s most certainly different than anything we’ve ever seen before. Does Fergie get credit for being creative? Or is this look just too bizarre for your taste?

Then again, nothing beats THIS right?





  1. Anonymous says

    It’s an African outfit but you give them the design you want… The material is good, it’s her choice of design that is wanting. They are best made as skirts or dresses, preferably longer.

  2. Anonymous says

    She’s a pop star so therefore this kind of thing is expected. Obviously done for shock effect.

  3. Shanny013 says

    I actually like the top as a shirt, but I don’t like the jumper aspect of it. the shorts are too matchy-matchy for me.

  4. lis says

    The romper look would not be good in any print. But you don’t make tiny clothes with big prints.

  5. Deb says

    The print is not bad, but why would anyone want their “headlights” to look like freaky eyes looking back at someone? Gross.

  6. Anonymous says

    the nipple parts arn’t even even….or should i say in the right place. Ya..not a fan, to much going on.

  7. Anonymous says

    I like the ethnic ensemble on Fergie, it’s gorgeous.. It’s fresh from the usual generic European look and it’s authentic, beautiful and stylish. The whole look and including the Moroccan leather inlay silver bangles is cute and unique, especially in the celebs community. I like that she took the risk and she’s drawing attention to the fact that fashion has many facets, cultures, and beauty. It’s not limited to just the common and popular European look. Everybody doesn’t have to look the same. You go Fergie, you look beautiful and good on you.

  8. babydre says

    oh my gosh what the heck is that. Does she really think that its cute….. Doesn’t she have a stylist?

  9. weez43 says

    It looks like a butterfly tyring to confuse predators by making it seem like it has big eyes.
    *~Yeah it’s me Weez!~*

  10. Nimbus says

    If it was just the shorts bit I could deal with it, but otherwise its F**N’N HIDEOUS!!!!! Really not liking her new look, too tryhard.

  11. meghan9277 says

    This is a mess, so is the other jumpsuit she wore the other day. She is an ugly women and she should fire her stylist, these clothes don’t make her look any better.

  12. Cocotte says

    Oh c’mon!
    she is being original, and it doesn’t look bad.
    not because it’s an unfamiliar model (made out of AFRICAN MATERIAL, look it up) you should hate it….

  13. Ngozi says

    Hi people….this is wat we Africans call ANKARA and its the hotetst thing now…Its made from cotton and is very versatile……u should see wat we do with this……Good for Fergie…she does know her fashion…Up Naija!!!