Wendy Williams Gives A Sneak Peek Under Her Wig

I LOVE HER! Check out Wendy Williams giving the audience a sneak peek under one of her wigs! She is just too much. The TV personality has promised her fans she will take it all off soon enough (during sweeps to be exact). I cannot imagine the laughs the audience will have during that taping.

Not everyone can handle her big personality, but I just love how real and down to earth she seems. Yes, she is a FIMH.

Anyone watching her show at night?




  1. sunnyman says

    Until a couple weeks ago I had never seen her show. We spent a week at the cabin, where we only get FOX, and if I wanted to watch TV would have to watch her. I was really expecting something totally different that what I saw. I was pleasantly surprised. I LOVE HER!!!

  2. Anonymous9up9aduf aps9f says

    hasn’t she said some truly horrible things while on the air in radio?

  3. Anonymous says

    is she transgendered? I can’t get sound to work on my computer so wasn’t sure if that was her as a man in the pic?

  4. rockonxox says

    She’s just ridiculous. She talks a lot about nothing at all and her show is pretty pointless from the clips I’ve seen. She is also very rude and unsympathetic. I find some of what she says appalling.

  5. Anonymous says

    Wow shes funny. I think I would like to check out her show. She reminds me of me. hahaha

  6. Lita says

    I live in Philly and she used to be on the radio back then. Going back about 10 years ago. Loved her back then. Her show is crazy, I love it.

  7. Anonymous says

    eminem started the fued between him and Mariah. It’s been years yet his latest release included insults to Mariah and her husband. This is her first response to eminems obsession with her. She should stand up for herself.
    and if eminem is such a great rapper he should stop fighting with pop princess, Britney spears, christina aguilera and Mariah, and take on a real rapper. And just because Nick can’t out rap Eminem doesn’t mean he can’t dish out an ass kickin.

    sick of this shit,
    In detroit

  8. Anonymous says

    Dear Punk Ass Disrespecful Buster,Just to Let You Know Your Show Has Been Cancelled Due To Your Commments Towards All Women Alone. And You Really Should Take Some Time Off Permantly.By The Way Mrs.Ophray Winfrey Is The Richest Woman In the world in case you did not know.

  9. Anonymous says

    Wendy is Wendy, she does what she does very well and she tells the truth. But some of you can go ahead and keep on hating because its people like you that got her where she is now.

  10. luvnmesumme says

    I love wendy williams!!!! She is so real and down to earth. Fxxk what the heaters say. That’s what makes her even more fabolous. Straight guy and girls love her. Drag queens and boy girls too. We all love wendy.

  11. Anonymous says

    If S/he is so FABULOUS, why is s/he married to Fat Albert??? Bad enough he’s tubby & dresses like a girl-to-boy transgender,, in sloppy, KMart clothes. Wendy looks like a boy wanna be transgender girl. Why do many think s/he’s transgender? Answer me that why don’t youSE?????

  12. Anonymous says

    She is very tall for a woman and is always wearing heels on the show. She is not a male, she has a son named Kevin, who is 9 years old. She is very passionate about what she does for work and it can come off as annoying but that is the world of celebs. Her show is fun to watch if you want to know what is going on with all the hottest celebs.

  13. Anonymous says

    Wendy is all woman. She unfirunatly got blessed with big bone syndrome and very tall. Her mom is very tiny and her father is average, Wendy just got genes from others in the family that are tall and big boned, so please stop slamming her and stating she is a transgender and all that because she definatly has the stretchmarks to prove she is all female from having her son Kevin. Get a clue people and stop hating, Wendy cares about everyone and everything,

  14. Kai says

    Wendy Williams’ is okay. She is funny at times, but her one major personality flaw is that she doesn’t like anyone who doesn’t agree with her, One gets the underlying feeling that she can become quite nasty if you don’t agree with her line of thought, which reveals somewhat of a childish immature personality.

    Wendy’s show has become a promoter show for those looking to sell their books, promote their songs or just get back into the media limelight. Wendy, in truth has the ability to become a big name maybe no where near the same level as Oprah Winfrey, but if Wendy polishes up her act some, shows a lot less Crass and a little more Class! and tones down the gossip a bit, her show has the potential to be something big and last for many seasons! If Wendy can remember that she is no longer a radio talk show jock and that she is virtually sitting on a goldmine with her own show, she can turn it into something Huge! Hopefully, she will get in tune with her viewers and potential viewers, bloggers alike and take note of the opinions of her viewers when airing future shows.

  15. ShutYourPieHole says

    That’s one goofy beatch. In fact, she’s unprepared, rambling and about two steps above the village dofus. After 2 minutes I couldn’t stand her dribble.

  16. Cass says

    my thoughts exactly…her show is a bore….. mainly because she does her show the way she does her radio show….you cant do radio and TV the same…..what works for one does not work for the other all the time.

  17. back.in.plaid says

    Thanks! I’ve never heard that one before. I think my IQ just increased! I’m back and I’m clad in plaid :)

  18. Anonymous says

    Love you Wendy, Love you girlfriend. You are a beautiful woman. Keep in moving and keep it coming. Your show is great and it is so funny. Just love it

  19. maddey65 says

    I love Wendy.She is very beautiful & all you people who call her a man just stop it & get a clue.You just jealous of her .She is a very sexy women with a family.

  20. Anonymous says

    ive been to her show twice and heres what ill say I WAS NOT FAN when i went the first time i went w| a friend for her bday and i was HOOKED ever since Wendy is sooo NICE! it kinda makes me think that her Radio days when she was Mean was just a front! she commented on my large earrings and also wished my friend a happy Birthday
    Now she is NOT a man she very tall and like to wear heels the wigs are just apart of WHO SHE IS

    sooo please stop hating on my FIMH!