Megan Fox Has Had Enough

Megan Fox is sick and tired the ongoing comparisons between herself and Angelina Jolie as a compliment, even if many people consider Angelina one of the most beautiful women in the world.

“I think it’s cause she has tattoos really, I think a lack of creativity on the media’s part,” Megan explains to Pop Tarts.

“I am a brunette with tattoos, I curse and I have made mention of sex before. I joked about it which people find outrageous so they want to constantly compare that to her,” she says. “You know Shia [LaBeouf] is the new Tom Hanks, Rihanna is the new Beyonce. Everybody is the new somebody although none of us are any of those people so you just walk around with it you live with it.”

Jon Voight, Angelina’s estranged father, seconds this notion.

“Megan is herself and Angelina is herself. No one is comparable; everyone in the world is unique,” Jon said at the recent Transformers premiere in L.A. “That’s the great thing about it, but of course they’re two very beautiful women.”

I can understand Megan’s feelings. She is an up-and-coming movie star in her own right, and who doesn’t want to be their own person?

Yet I have to admit, from their looks to their personas, they do seem a lot alike to me. Sorry Megan!

What do you think?

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  1. says

    Someone else said this but the major difference is definitely the acting ability. As an actress, that changes everything. Angelina was cool and could act so she could do her own thing. Megan Fox is like a bad sequel to Jolie. Also, Jolie is still hot. I can’t say the same for Fox.

  2. Lice says

    I think they’re both dark beauties who get compared all the time. Megan is young, gorgeous, and naive, and Angelina is old, gorgeous, and ambitious. I’m not fond of either of them, but I think they should both be allowed to live a life without comparison.

    Now, if Megan starts to adobt a bazillion kids, donate millions of dollars, and marry a Sexiest Man in the World, then maybe I’ll start to wonder if she’s trying to be Ang…

    Quite frankly though, she should steer clear from being a homewrecker though, imo.

  3. Anonymous says

    I think shes immature and I have also seen her without makeup and she’s actually ugly. Her attitude stinks. Ya ya we know your bisexual that’s so 1984. Who cares. This woman has nothing to offer.

  4. Anonymous says

    I don’t think the look even a little bit alike nor do I think they act alike. What an insult to Angelina.

  5. Anonymous says

    Angelina is a world-class beauty. Megan is just very young and copping Angelina’s look.

  6. angel hair says

    who is she to be so cocky? and why is the media eating it up? she disdains the projects she’s involved in, proclaiming to be a much more skilled actress than she’s had the chance to show for… the truth is, there are these things called “choices”.
    if you think you’d be respected for choosing projects that involve giant machines or a man-eating female with half the face CGI’d away, think again.
    girlfriend has a serious case of denial. she’s young and insecure, what can you say.

  7. Anonymous says

    Her quote is very understandable. Its true… and im glad she pointed it out to all of you who have been saying she is the young angelina.

  8. Ellie says

    We Don’T Care Anymore… stop this comparison sh*t and get to REAL stories that actually matter. They DO NOT look alike… I don’t watch enough of their movies which just goes how talented and interseting they are. *Yawn*This is the only celeb gossip website that compares the two WAYYYY too much. NEXT! = ^_^=

  9. Anonymous says

    She is using Angelina name to get attention.If she doesn’t want to be compare with Angelina which I believe she doesn’t have anything in common with including the meaning of tatoos, she needs to stop copying what Angelina wore ,say. And she needs to stop mentioning Angelina name when everytime she has a moive comming out. We know they are not similar not even a little bit. We don’t need to hear it over and over.

  10. Anonymous says

    well, one thing that that seems sure is , she doesn’t look like she has the making of a woman who will lose the biggest thing that happend to her life while chasing money and fame, to make a classic victim story of the century out of it when the guy found a hot herion and make one of the biggest if not the biggest hollywood royality and the most beautiful love story ever with her.

  11. Anonymous says

    Megan is very pretty girl , a nice body. Let’s remember where we were at 23. She is young she has a lot growing up to do in the industry polishing her tools yet. We got many actress in their thrities and forites with not much talent really.

  12. Anonymous says

    Megan was enjoying the comparisons for a hot minute. Then Megan realized that no one in Hollywood would ever take her seriously; and she will always be the “Angelina Clone”.

  13. kathrine says

    if i were Megan i would be going CRAZY too!!! who would EVER want to be compared to a woman that made out with her brother….IN PUBLIC!!!! Megan is so much hotter,Funnier,more talented,and NOT mentally sick

  14. says

    i like Megan Fox more because she is funny and says hilarious/borderline stupid stuff. I`m sick of seeing Angelina`s smug look like she`s better than everyone, mother of all abandoned children and humanitarian. She forgot when she carried blood around her neck, cut herself during sex and was a major wild child?

  15. Ha says

    Genius, we’ve ALL seen her without makeup. While she doesn’t seem to ooze class, the girl is far from ugly.

  16. Anonymous says

    Really? You want stories that actually matter on a celebrity gossip site? haha, that’s rich…

  17. Anonymous says

    that will NEVER happen.. have u seen the trailer for “jennifers body”? It looks like a spoof!!! she cant act and she says she wants to be taken more seriously as an actress and her “ability and talent?” well then stop being hald naked on every mens magazine and doing crappy zombie movies or movies where shes just the sexy girl lol….shes a JOKE and shes only famous cuz shes hot

  18. Monica says

    I think the comparison comes from the notion that they kind of have a similar sex appeal?

  19. Anonymous says

    megan is in no way the next angelina or whatever. angelina can act, megan can’t. next angelina? i think not. maybe the next angelina when angelina was strange and wild but definitely not angelina now.

  20. Anonymous says

    In reply to: Anonymous (not verified) said:
    megan is in no way the next angelina or whatever. angelina can act, megan can’t. next angelina? i think not. maybe the next angelina when angelina was strange and wild but definitely not angelina now.
    Jul 30, 2009 @ 08:42 pm

    Brooke says:So you are saying that Megan is Angelina when Angie was wild and strange, and exotically beautiful? Which is the time frame in which Angie was married to Billy Bob. Ironically, wasn’t that when Angie was the hottest? If I remember correctly, and I’m pretty sure I do, that’s about the time that Angelina was becoming famous fast and everyone thought she was the most beautiful woman EVER. So, what you are saying is that Megan is Angie at her best? That’s a strange put down, in fact I’d say it’s more of a compliment than anything. I’d much rather be compared to Angie back then than Angie the way she is now. Sure now she’s married to Brad Pitt, but she also has a zillion kids (some adopted, some biologically hers, and still wants more), and is getting older, less attractive, with veiny arms and a skeletonish figure. I’m sure Megan would definitely want to be compared to that? Seriously, I don’t think you really thought your post through. I still find Angie just as strange as she was back in her hey day, but a different kind of strange. Now, she seems more focused on adopting a bazillion children from foreign countries, than she does on acting and being sexy. I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s nice that she cares enough to adopt all those kids, but there is no way she & Brad can take care of them all by themselves, especially if they just keep adding more to their family. What really irritates me is they PRETEND they don’t get much help from nannies/ babysitters, but you know that’s a bunch of bull. If they were raising all those kids without A LOT of outside help then neither of them would have time to have big time A-lister Hollywood careers. I bet you money when those kids of theirs get grown, they will be writing some pretty juicy tell all books about what their childhood was like. If they keep adopting, before long they will have a small cult or a small village of kids. I have also noticed that Brad Pitt has aged a ton since getting involved with Angelina. I personally, liked Angie a lot more when she cared about her career, was married to BBT, was wild and strange (as u put it), and wore a vile of Billy Bob’s blood around her neck. At least she was a lot more interesting back then, if nothing more. Now she’s BORING and not to mention the fact that she seems to put her adoptive children ahead of her bio children. She compared Shiloh to a blob for goodness sakes. I’m not saying she should treat the bio children better than the adoptive ones either, but can’t she treat them ALL the same? I understand why Megan Fox doesn’t want to be compared to Angie. It couldn’t be great for your career for people to think you would end up aging poorly and getting all boring like Angie after a few years in Hollywood. For the record, I am NOT a Megan Fox fan by any means. I can’t stand her, yes she is beautiful, but so are a lot of other actresses/famous people. I just do not get all the buzz about her, to me Megan seems like she could be a real witch with a capital B. I also don’t think she could ever compete with Angie, when Angie first came onto the Hollywood scene. I also don’t think Angie and Megan favor at all and that goes for any stage in Angie’s career, not just now.

  21. smp209 says

    while yes they’re similar, i can understand why it bothers her to constantly hear about this comparison. it’s hard to try and be yourself when people are constantly saying you’re a newer version of somebody else

  22. gretel says

    Shia is the new Tom Hanks? Wat?

    As for the comparison, I would say it’s because they both had this slutty aura when younger. But Angelina is way better. Ok, there is no comparison possible.

  23. YAYI says

    This is old news. You have been hearing this chick say the exact same crap, but im sure theres no one else in the industry/world that she rather have people compared her to than to Miss Jolie. So, she should say thank you and shut her mouth. Sure everyone is unique, but im sure she loves every minute of it. Sory for her cause thats all she is gonna be a comparison.

  24. Kate1 says

    I think there are similarities in image but they are two different people but I think Angie says things out of honesty and just who she is and I think Megan says things for shock value with no real substance to it.

  25. Anonymous says

    Angelina is an original. Magan is still very young. Her fame is all due to sex.. Let her do a few more movies to see if she has any talent

    Angelina is 34 and a Mom of 6.. the fact that she can still be compared to a 23 year old.. makes Angelina the clear winner.

  26. Anonymous says

    They are both shallow, narcissistic and vain, so yeah…I think they have a lot in common. They both use their looks and their so-called sex appeal to get what they want. I think they are similar.

  27. maryann1204 says

    megan is a noBODY! so she did transformers, SO WHAT!! she’s definently no ANGIE!! yea she has dark hair and tattoos, i think shes says sh*t just to get attention, like shes trying too hard. all Angie needed to do was show up, and she was a badass! its just natural with Angie.

  28. Anonymous says

    i think megan needs to shut up and take the compliments and publicity where ever she can get them. she is not a talented girl and looking at photos of her before she was so famous, it’s pretty apparent she has purchased most of her beauty anyways. maybe she should spend less time running her mouth about how everyone is obsessed with her, and more time learning to act.

  29. Anonymous says

    couldnt have said it better myself!!
    all she does is talk about how awesome she is or fishes for compliments.

    her new fake lips are hilarious btw lol

  30. Anonymous says

    Maybe if she did something to make herself not look and sound like Angelina we wouldn’t compare her.

  31. Anonymous says

    Megan is and insult to Angelina. She needs to STFU and stop mentioning Angelina’s name.

  32. bgduckie_01 says

    well they do look similar but they are completely different. i can see why it bothers her. but i bet she loved it at first cuz that helped her a little in her fame. she’s tired of that and we’re getting tired of her.

  33. Anonymous says

    Whatever! What a moron! She wants nothing more than to be compared to Angelina. If not, why would she try so hard to emulate her? From her cover shots (Hello! She almost copied the trench coat look from Mr. And Mrs. Smith exactly on one cover.) to her comments. She is truly trying to be angie. Stupid girl!

  34. Fox is a terrible version of Jolie says

    Fox has this po rn star look. She says dumb things all the time and is trying so hard to be this “i’m not like your typical celebrity, i’m wild and honest” but she fails all the time. Atleast Jolie was really wild and honest back then and wasn’t trying to be somebody. The fact that Jolie was winning Oscar and Golden Globes the same age as Megan is now, Fox should be embarrased because she can’t even get a role without showing her cleavage and ass. She should just stfu and ignore the comparisons because Jolie doesn’t give a fck. Jolie probably doesn’t even know who she is. She is making a big deal out of this issue for her own gain.

  35. Anonymous says

    First this woman does plastic surgery, tatoos and grows her hair like that and then she’s all offended by being compared to Angie. Come on, she even poses like Angie did back in the day. But Angie has class and can actually act while the movies that suit Megan the most are trashy B-type.

  36. Anonymous says

    Megan always tried to look just like Angelina, she is a second rate trying hard copy cat, she dressed herslf up just like Angelina, she tried to look casual but instead she just look like a cheap bitch, she tried to posed and pout like Angelina, oh dear, it’s so obvious, there is no way you get it right. For Angelina it’s natural but for you it looks like a trying hard identity stealer. Get real bitch!

  37. Anonymous says

    “Shia [LaBeouf] is the new Tom Hanks”….yeah right…not even in his wildest dreams!

  38. Anonymous says

    Please, this chick is secretly loving the fact that she’s being compared to angelina jolie. i mean look at how simiar her tatoos are to angelina’s. his chick has been coyping her for such a long tym. Thats the only act she does well.

  39. entheo says

    I love the comparisons. Since Fox is a joke, it makes Jolie look like a joke too. Basically like a reminder of the way Jolie used to be before she morphed her image.

  40. Anonymous says

    If she wasn’t copying Angelina, didn’t some plastic surgery to look like Angelina or didn’t droping Angelina’s name in every movie promotion no one would have compare her with Angielina.

  41. Anonymous says

    “Shia [LaBeouf] is the new Tom Hanks, Rihanna is the new Beyonce.”
    yeah right..that’s right..they both have a lot of talent
    but Megan is no the new angelina jolie. she’s talentless

  42. Whoever says

    Angie is just sexy and Megan is pretty and sexy. Megan looks better. Both are overrated.

  43. Anonymous says

    People compare them because Fox is trying hard out of her ass to be like Jolie. But she is about two planets away from her.

  44. sartorial sally says

    Agreed! Megan Fox looks like Carol Alt – here’s the proof:

  45. CapturingLife says

    Aside from long, dark hair (which isn’t even the same color), I don’t get the constant comparison, it’s annoying.

  46. Anonymous says

    you people do know that she doesn’t just come right out and say those things out of nowhere, right? the interviewers ask her questions based on research that they’ve done and articles that they’ve read. so, it’s not her making the statement and it’s not her trying to use someone else’s name to get famous.

    and in reference to her acting skills, i hate it break it to you but, angelina wasn’t always a great actress. she got better at her craft with time. not to mention she grew up in the business. give megan fox a few years and you phuckers will be eating your words.

  47. Anonymous says

    Oh, and by the way when Angie first came onto the scene after she made GIA (movie) people kept comparing how similar Angie looked to Gia. Yet, it didn’t hurt her career and also besides Angie, Cindy Crawford was nicknamed baby Gia b/c a lot of people in the modeling world thought she looked like Gia. Cindy Crawford had an awesome career. I think Megan is just trying to make people think she looks like Angie b/c secretly she wants to be Angie. Angie has been considered one of the most beautiful women alive for awhile now, she is a phenomenal actress, and married to the Sexiest man alive. So, why wouldn’t Megan want to be compared to Angie? I think secretly she (Megan) is eating up all the attention this is bringing her. Now, about Angie: I loved Angie, think she is gorgeous (yep, she’s showing her age a bit, but still beautitul), she’s a really great actress and when first starting out in the biz, she chose parts that made her be taken seriously, as well as showed off her range as an actress, she made great career choices for herself, meaning she was smart, independent, and very mature for her age. When I stopped liking Angie as much is when she became a home wrecker, breaking up Brad and Jenn’s marriage (don’t worry, I blame Brad just as much). You just don’t go after married men and if you do, you definitely don’t brag and throw it in his ex’s face in magazines. Then on top of all that, she got Brad to adopt her adopted children too and then she get’s pregnant with Brad’s baby and it’s all over the news stands. While I know she couldn’t prevent the press from being interested in the whole issue, she could of tried to be a little more sensitive toward Jenn’s feelings instead of doing a interviews in magazines talking about how happy her and Brad were and if they wanted children together couldn’t they of waited til Jennifer could get past things a little? Besides, all that I think Angie is great, she donates a lot of money, she adopts all these kids giving them a home (even though I doubt she raises the kids herself, i think she has nannies for that, it’s still nice that she gives these kids a home). She devotes a lot more time to her family than acting, which has to be hurting her career somewhat. I don’t think she has chose her roles wisely as she used to lately. The fact of the matter is that Angelina was eons more mature at Megan’s age than Megan is. Now for Megan: She’s a pretty enough girl, who is an okay actress (nothing like Angie) who is not choosing wise roles that would further her career for decades, she’s naive and immature and comes across as a complete and total bitch at times. I don’t think she looks anything at all like Angie, yet I think she should take it as a compliment that people are saying that she looks like Angie. However, she isn’t…Not publicly anyway, publicly she is saying “I’m just me” and acting insulted that anyone would compare to to Angie when she should feel privileged. Megan Fox doesn’t have the talent or the maturity to make it long in this industry. That is just a fact.

  48. Anonymous says

    Yup I totally agree. We are not talking about the comparisons regarding their acting career. Megan wants to got famous by copying Angie and now that she is, she’s denying it. She can’t blame the media for always comparing her to Angie. If she doesn’t want to be compared in the first place, she should have got herself a totally different look. The lips, make-up, poses, tattoos, clothes, etc… Oh puhleez! not obvious…

  49. Anonymous says

    Megan is just trying too hard copying Jolie’s looks and everything. Now she has to deal with the comparisons between her and Jolie for doing so.
    “I think it’s cause she has tattoos really, I think a lack of creativity on the media’s part,” Megan explains to Pop Tarts. Uhmmm, Megan, you can’t blame the media for that. It’s the “lack of creativity” on YOUR part. That’s what you get for being so UNORIGINAL.

  50. karsy88888 says

    shes totallY right!!Megan is so right, for once. Angelina has actual talent and can ACT, while megans a dumb model who can’t act whatsoever…she is so bad in her movies it’s unbelievable…all shes good for is her looks and her hilariously stupid comments week to week….so full of herself and talentless

  51. MALLORY says

    I can’t stand Megan Fox she acts like she the bad girl, everyone thinks she’s the NEW ANGELINA JOLIE, she should be thankful and lucky, to me she has done anything thats ooo wow she can act, Angelina is a powerhouse of an actress, megan fox she soso

  52. says

    I think it has more to do with the similar sex appeal she offers. She has this “i’m going to do what I want” kind of attitude that is appealing in this kind of starlet. Unfortunately I don’t think she will have the same appeal to last as long Lina has had. Megan will have to reinvent herself in her late twenties or early thirties. In the meantime there are worse things she could be compared to.

  53. Finfrosk says

    I think Megan Fox is a boring whore. She is also super lame and dumb with disgusting silicone boobs.

  54. Finfrosk says

    Also, Angelina is boring too. Ooh, I’m such a special person, then she adopts a million children and becomes booo-riiiing. Which means, she really is boring deep down. And she operated her whole f-ing face goddamnit.

  55. LohanP says

    Megan Fox is aesthetically pleasing – and we all know it, but that seems to not make much of a difference on the quality of her work, as evidenced by the Jennifer’s Body reviews. The Jennifer’s Body reviews prove that it doesn’t matter how good looking the cast is. Most critics have torpedoed the film as a cross between Rosemary’s Baby and Carrie – with the talent of those books’ writers. The previous works of the writer, Diablo Cody (a pseudonym) had been very highly regarded. It turns out that maybe the Jennifer’s Body reviews were right – because it was a dismal, pathetic, detestable failure at the box office – perhaps the producers will need same day loans to cover losses.