Seth Rogen And Judd Apatow Call Katherine Heigl Hypocricital

Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow still haven’t forgotten (or, apparently, forgiven) ‘Knocked Up’ costar Katherine Heigl for her criticism of their film in a Vanity Fair interview, where Katherine said ‘Knocked Up’ "paints the women as shrews," while the men look "lovable." She added, "It was hard for me to love the movie."

Seth says Katherine’s new movie, ‘The Ugly Truth,’ doesn’t make women look any better.

"That [movie] looks like it really puts women on a pedestal in a beautiful way," he quipped on Howard Stern‘s SIRIUS XM radio show on Thursday.

Added Apatow, "I hear there’s a scene where she’s wearing … Underwear …
with a vibrator in it, so I’d have to see if that was uplifting for women."

Apatow figured Heigl was "probably was doing six hours of interviews
and kissing everyone’s a**, and then just got tired and slipped a
little bit" when she made the remarks to Vanity Fair.

Regardless, Rogen said, "I didn’t slip and I was doing f****** interviews all day too … I didn’t say s***!"

Have you seen’‘Knocked Up’ and/or ‘The Ugly Truth’? What did you think about how women were portrayed?

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  1. Anonymous says

    So, she points out an obvious gender imbalance that is present in MANY movies, Knocked Up included, and she gets crucified?!? I mean, I don’t get it. I like that she states the obvious, but unfortunately many men won’t admit that she’s right, b/c they make millions off of this very imbalance. Seth Rogen and what’s-his-name probably have tiny penises anyways.

  2. ohie says

    Knocked Up was hilarious! C’mon…. Heigl is a tight a**. Doesn’t she read her scripts! I mean she obviously knows what she’s getting herself into when she takes these movie/tv roles….I mean if you don’t like what you read then don’t take the role. And then if you do take the role don’t bad mouth your work it just makes her look like an idiot AND a total hypocrite.
    She needs to get over herself. She offends me! She makes women look bad with her lack of professionalism and her looniness!

  3. maggie says

    you don’t bite the hand that feeds you!! while you may think that katherine has a right to her opinion, but guess what? so does seth and judd….so what are you complaining about? I think Heigl is an ungrateful
    b!tch. remember she pulled out of the running for the Emmy because she thought Grey Anatomy was sh!tty?? unbelievable.

  4. Nanea says

    Either you don’t sign on for something because you don’t like the script, or you wait until some time has passed after the movie’s release. But of course she wanted the money. She annoys me no end, although I can’t stand Rogen/Apatow either and didn’t watch their movies in theaters.

  5. Anonymous says

    Surely she read the script before agreeing to do the movie?!?! If she felt that way about it why do it!?!
    It’s a shame, she seems like an idiot in real life. Its fine having an opinion (and this is mine) but it’s her own movie that’s stupid, and I totally don’t think that movie made women look bad.
    All her films don’t really portray women as strong female characters……..she was in 27 dresses for gods sake.
    But after all she’s making comedies they’re meant to be funny, normally this requires something to be made fun of. In knocked up seth plays someone who’s a bit stupid, a layabout, runs a porn site etc……………..yes thats loveable.
    Anyway I really like knocked up, and 27 dresses, and no doubt I’ll be going to see the ugly truth……. I enjoy comedies and romcoms…………. I expect they’re maybe some “offensive” moments, but I’m pretty sure I can handle it…….what with having a sense of humour and all.

  6. Anonymous says

    I am astounded at the size of this NoTalented Actor’s EGO. Someone needs to remind her that it’s the public that pays her salary based upon their take of her as an actor and as a person. She’s not the best actor i’ve seen, hardly even very good at it, as for her personality…well, i think she has misplaced it somewhere. If she were working in a service position, profession or otherwise, she’d not last one week with that attitude. Dump the stupid, rude, narcissistic broad and let some of the newer, more grateful ones work….Even the world’s best PR Machine couldn’t save this bimbo’s career

  7. loveshine1 says

    I am so sick of how women, Katherine Heigl included, get all upset about how women are portrayed in movies.

    It’s a MOVIE. Not real life. There are plenty of women like Katherine’s character in Knocked Up, as well as plenty of men who are like Seth Rogan’s character.

    In the new movie, The Ugly Truth, Heigl plays a dingbat who needs a hunky man to come sweep her off her feet. Is that any better?

    People really need to get over it.

  8. Anonymous says

    Judd Apatow seems like such a nice guy! even when she talked crap about his own movie he says maybe she was tired and slipped….I saw him on the view yesterday and he was so soft spoken and respectful, i really like him!

  9. Lose That Girl says

    I can appreciate her outspokenness. It’s refreshing in a time when so many people are meek sycophants who don’t stand up for themselves. Granted, she is biting the hand that feeds her, so to speak — ultimately, she’s allowed to change her mind about past jobs. I think people are being overly critical of her. If it was a guy, it would be such a non-story. losethatgirl blog

  10. ChelseaDagger says

    Be the change you want to see in the world. If you don’t like how women are portrayed, make sure that you portray something better.

  11. merce369 says

    Haven’t seen Ugly truth, can’t say.
    But regarding Knocked up , i think it was funny enough and even coming form the title it doesn’t sound to respectful to women , so i wouldn’t expected it too much from it anyway.
    I think it’s great she’s voicing her opinion, but maybe the timing isn’t the best

  12. xy mom says

    She continually complains about her own work. I’m confused. Are we supposed to want to watch her stuff or not? She dropped out of the emmy running because Gray’s Anatomy wasn’t good and she disses Knocked Up. I’m starting to believe that story about her wanting the same pay as Julia Roberts, so she got dropped.

    I do love her husband!! 😀

  13. Deb says

    Katherine has a permanent rod up her ass. Seth and Judd rock. Can’t wait to see “Funny People”!!

  14. Illbeyourhuckleberrie says

    I haven’t seen the Ugly Truth but I did see Knocked Up. Knocked Up is hilarious and I couldn’t even tell you how many times I’ve seen it.

    Melissa xO

  15. Andrea R. says

    I used to love her but seriously, no matter how much you hate your movie, wait until its out on DVD and you’re NOT promoting it to bash it! Plenty of actors have come back and said (after years) that “such and such movie was not my best work.” There is such a thing as professionalism. I love Appatows movies. I just do. And I think he puts dimension into women, as well as to the men. I also think that this movie was written by men, for men. (Which I guess you can argue that these type of movies are) but women don’t do a better job at writing us any better. And seriously, 21 Dress (which was cute, but an obsessed wedding woman) and the Ugly Truth (which I refuse to see) are any better at portraying women? Please. I’ve had it with Izzy, er um Heigl.

  16. bgduckie_01 says

    i dont understand her. if she thought the movie was offensive or had things she didnt like, why do it? she did read the script before. so dumb!

  17. Anonymous says

    Alright so I listened to the whole interview on Howard yesterday and these guys were more than respectful about it. Starting off with making excuses for her! They just seemed extremely confused by her comments because according to them, she improv’d a lot of her lines. Which in that case, kudos for her because she was pretty funny. This movie was the transition of her career from the small screen to the big. Get over yourself already!

  18. melvin says

    The problem is Apatow’s series of films that condone verbal abuse (the condom scene in Knocked Up) and sexual harassment (science lab in Superbad) of women by young men just because they occupy a subordinate position on the scale of masculinity. This is not to mention that his films, when not engaged in a project of overt misogyny, portray women as bitchy, unreasonable, or braindead-nice. Being fat, lazy, a pothead, etc. does not make it okay for men to be inconsiderate and sexist. Is it acceptable for a person to be racist against people of color simply because they are in a subordinate sub-category of white (poor or physically compromised)? Clearly not. BTW- if this is just a movie and not at all related to real life, then why is the average age of a prostitute in NYC between 12 and 14 years? Why are they sent to prison while johns are turned loose with little fanfare? Why is it that 3/4 of women report being sexually abused or raped in a lifetime? Katherine Heigl’s alleged hipocracy is the least notable issue on the table here. What is far more disturbing is our society’s tendency to tolerate rampant antimosity toward women as normal, part of day-to-day life, and even a subject of humor. There are far better filmmakers than Judd Apatow who handle the nuances of gender in sophisticated ways. I could even make a case for Quentin Tarantino. Finally, you say that the existence of similar people in real life makes the film no big deal. There were a sizable number of Nazis alive in the 40s. Would this make it ethically sound for an artist to portray them as minor heros?

  19. TRUTH says

    u are all idiots!! there are reports that she IMPROVISED HALF of her lines in Knocked Up!!! explain that!!! she insults the script but is a MAJOR contributor?!?! sounds like she’ll say anything ( or backstab anyone ) to receive the attention she feels she needs to boost her career. .one word to describe her. .TRAITOR

  20. says

    i cant help but feel like this is coz shes a woman. i’m sorry but knocked up was offensive as hell and everything heigel said about her role was right. granted, im not very enthusiastic about her new role but but there really arent many great roles out there for normal women to play. obvs apatow took offense to her speaking her mind about his crappy movies. boohoo. you still made a bajillion dollars off it. move on

  21. kikichanelconspiracy says

    Yeah, I totally agree. She’s been acting pretty ass-y and ungrateful, but I do think she’s correct in regards to ‘Knocked Up’. The portrayal of women was incredibly offensive, particularly her shrewish sister. The whole dynamic between Leslie Mann (the sister) and Paul Rudd just made me uncomfortable and sad. And the part where Seth Rogen was berating Katherine H’s character over the condom confusion was borderline verbally abusive.

    But you know it’s hard being a fun bro when the harpies with their sperm snatching ways enter the picture.

    I also think the ’40 Year Old Virgin’ wasn’t very fair to women either. I hated how someone as intelligent and sharp as Catherine Keener was reduced to playing such a friggin’ ditz. And she was the leading lady! ‘Freaks and Geeks’ is the only thing that redeems Judd Apatow for me.

    Don’t get me wrong, I really love dumb comedies. I think ‘Anchorman’ is one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen. I also think Katherine Heigl should think before she speaks, but I do think she was correct in her assessment of ‘Knocked Up’. The fact that it made her a ton of money is irrelevant to her larger point.

  22. Anonymous says

    i didm’t really get katherine heigl point I don’t they showed women in a bad way plus that movie helped her get more famous so… on the other hand seth rogen now has drama with entourage and katherine heigl I would say pick your battles
    I admire Katherine Heigl for stating her opinion even if I don’t agree with it but why was she part of the movie then it’s not like anyone forced her
    btw has anyone watched the ugly truth???? is it good?

  23. Annon says

    I saw The Ugly Truth. It’s a good enough movie. Funny but also partly vulgar (a little too much detail). It’s not for everyone, but it was okay. I also agree with you. Nobody forced her to do those movies, it was her choice. Because of that choice, she really shouldn’t have talked bad about the movies she chose to be in. Bad move career wise in any industry.

  24. Lice says

    Shrugs. Whatevs, she’s uptight. Likely someone said something on the set of “Knocked Up” to piss her off, and she went all nasty to the press. Kind of like the whole Grey’s Anatomy thing.

  25. says

    She has the right to her own opinion, but that is kinda class-less to diss your own movies and basically slap those who helped your career in a big way, in the face like that. I’ve heard her complain in a similar manner about Grey’s Anatomy so now I think she’s just a whiner.

  26. saintdevil says

    First she participates in any crap likely to gain her fame and fortune and then she badmouths it. Sounds like a total hypocrite to me. And she’s ugly and a mediocre actress too…

  27. Anonymous says

    I hated Knocked Up. I didn’t find it very funny. I also don’t really like Judd Apatow and laughed when Entourage mocked Seth Rogen. Entourage is pretty raunchy too regarding its portrayl of women, but for some reason it makes me laugh. That said, there is such a thing called professionalism and while Katherine Heigl is entitled to say what she wants about any subject matter, she might think twice about knocking a movie she’s in.