Tom Cruise Advises Victoria And David Beckham Not To Live Separately

Tom Cruise is a guy who loves to dole out the advice to his friends. It’s just what he does. So, it only make sense he wanted to help out David and Victoria Beckham, who have spent some time living apart. David travels to play soccer and most recenlty spent some time in Italy while Victoria remains home in the US with the boys.

Tom warned David that living apart for so long might not be the best thing for a marriage.

After an evening with David, Tom decided to have a friendly chat with
Victoria about the family’s future. He talked to her about David
ageing, his soccer career, the pressures of disgruntled fans, the
loneliness when away from the family and how time apart can make
marriages fail.”

No matter how solid a relationship is, distance can be SO tough. But still…what do you think about Tom offering up this advise considering his wife is currently in Australia filming her own movie with their child, Suri?

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  1. xy mom says

    Give me a break. Was a waiter sitting there listening and writing everything down? Psycho people. He’s right though. Living apart for extended periods of time can be tough on a relationship.

  2. YAYI says

    It makes sense. And they have a friendship is not like his advising a random person. I dont see how advising a close friend is consider as being nosey.

  3. jenjen says

    If offering advice to a friend is being nosey, then we are all guilty of this. I have given bold advice to my closest of friends. Sometimes it is unsolicited, but I give it in the best interest of my friend. I don’t force it on them, but I say, “hey, this is the way it is, I know from experience.” Living apart works for some, but not for others. I think in a general run of the mill relationship, it has a better chance of working than for those in the spotlight. Either way, I still feel Tom Cruise gets a lot of flak. He is an easy target, but we don’t know how he REALLY is…but that is true of all the celebrities we opine on.

  4. Donkey Punch says

    Well after all you know Scientologists are the only one who know what to do when they pass a traffic accident. They are smarter than everyone else because they study LRH’s teachings and have the technology how to be Gods.

    LMFAO. Arrogant brainwashed morons.

  5. Nanea says

    Crazy Cruise should just shut up and make his “marriage” work. Although why Katie agreed to that contract is beyond me. Not even billions would be worth living that kind of lie.

  6. Mike Johnson says

    He is a decent kid from Kentucky who has a big heart. Nothing more noting less. Get off his back, he is just triing to share some wisdom

  7. tbtrfli says

    I think they are too good of friends to call it “none of his business”… I bet he gives GREAT advice. I would be SHOCKED if he and Kate got divorced.

  8. Annon says

    Wherever this story came from (questionable that someone knows about that conversation), it’s still good advice. I can’t stand Tom Cruise, but probably for the first and only time, I actually agree with him.

  9. Anonymous says

    So how exactly was this so called advise over heard? It’s an easy story for tabloids to make.

    David is choosing to play abroad for a chance to be selected to play for England in the world cup. They’ve decided not to take their kids out of school and their routine just to watch dad play on weekends.

  10. Anne says

    David and Victoria have been married longer than any of Tom Cruise’s marriages lasted so I don’t think they need his advise. I respect them for not uprooting their children. The kids go to school. Victoria flies over to see him often and he flies back to the states often to see the kids. The stability for the children is good. Cheers to one couple who puts their kids needs ahead of their own instead of trotting them all over the globe when they should be in school.

  11. Anonymous says

    distance can be so tough tom, eh? then why are are you always away from your zombie looking / gold digger wife and your alien brat spawn?

  12. Anonymous says

    Tom Cruise you need to practice what you preach. How rude you were to so many people we wont watch any movie your in………for some reason we get heartburn if we do. I pray all the time that Katie will leave you…… are holding her behind on alot of jobs she may be able to get. You and your cult you are a member of need to take a chill pill………why dont you let other people figure out their problems as you have enough of your own,,,,,,,,,get with the program .You need help if you think everyone eleses problems you can give advice on but not your own.

  13. elaine123 says

    WOW, not sure where to start other than to point out that you have some serious mental issues. Hope you get some help.

  14. emches says

    First of all the story is very quesionalbe. But if Tom did give the advise, so what. They are friends and that’s what friends do. I think the advise (if true) may be a little misconstrued! —em’s

  15. Izzie says

    This is just silly. First, what are the sources ?
    Second, does any of of us know Tom, Katie, David or Victoria personally ? Exactly.
    And I will add that aaaaaaaanyway, when Russel Crowe, Eric Bana, or Hugh Jackman who all live in Australia, are working on movies, they do NOT bring their all family along with them in the US. As well as ANY other actor/singer who has to go abroad to work. So as much as I don’t like Tom Cruise the way I used to (because of all that scientology stuff), give the guy a break for not “being with Katie and Surie down under” and giving a FRIEND some advice. (IF the sory is accurate, which I doubt)

    NOBODY’s perfect.

  16. Queenbee75 says

    Unless you’re not one for a little research Tom Cruise is not from Kentucky he’s a native of Syracuse NY.

  17. elaine123 says

    He was born in Syracuse but moved to Ottowa, Canada when he was about 10 or so, and then Kentucky, Illinois and New Jersey…all by the time he was out of high school. I guess you’re not much into research either. Hey, you started it…

  18. CereliaF says

    He’s a nosey psycho. He seems like a control freak. First his wife, now other people’s relationship…go away already.

  19. Anonymous says

    HE’S the nosey psycho…but here you are reading about his life and private business and commenting like you actually know the guy…nice.

  20. Anonymous says

    She’s not alone in Australia. I’m sure she is surrounded by her Scientology handlers who won’t let anything get through to her, people, stray thoughts, freedom.



  21. Anonymous says

    Unsolicited advice is annoying at best and detrimental at worst. No body knows what happens between a couple, but the couple themselves. They will make decisions they can live with or without. Either way, it’s their call, no one elses.

  22. Anonymous says

    Tom Cruise needs to work on what’s in his own backyard before he goes around cleaning up other people’s yards. Cruise is not exactly one for giving advice because it’s clear by how Katie doesnt seem to have a mind of her own and every time you see her she barely has a voice of her own. She’s lucky she’s still working because if Tom had his way she would be home under lock and key with a kid and barefoot and pregnant with another. There’s something about Tom that makes him a walking irritation to the most logical of thinkers.

  23. Anonymous says

    Why are you giving tom such a hard time! He’s only trying to help a friend….and by the way, when actor couples start living separate lives in different parts of the world, infidelity is bound to happen – look at brad and jen! a short time apart
    (a few months or so) is ok, but separate residences lead to separate lives and im sure tom just doesn’t want to see that happen to such dear friends. Tom and katie love the shit out of each other, its obvious to everyone but paparazzi, newspaper execs who just want to spin the story and make a buck, and idiots. After all, how long will the same story of “we love each other and we’re happy” really sell magazines to bored people who like to laugh at others’ misery?

  24. Anonymous says

    I think spending time apart is fine as long as the couple is mature it can be a good thing. Tom should mind his own bizz!

  25. Njabl1 says

    My husband and I had to spend 7 months apart because he went on deployment, not to mention the additional weeks beforehand when the unit does workups. It was hard, but it made us stronger. If a couple can get through something like that, I think they can get through anything. I really hope that Tom Cruise didn’t give David Beckham unwanted advice.

  26. hexkitten says

    Well, he is on his third marriage. Maybe he learned something from the failures of the other two.

  27. maggie says

    exactly how do we know this conversation took place??? do we have people spying on them eavesdropping? don’t think so.

  28. kiki says

    I am not a TC fan by any means but I will agree that distance can ruin a marriage. If a couple can make it through that, I don’t think anything will be able to break them. David has proven to be a cheat and there are always pictures of him checking out women. The least the man can do is be a little discrete but he doesn’t seem to care. If anything ruins their marriage, it will be his whoring around and not because of a long distance relationship. Having a cheating husband living far away from you is a recipe for disaster. Yes, people can say this is none of TC business. But, how is what he doing any different than what we come on websites like this and do every day? We all comment on these celebrities lives, given our opinions on everything they do and say. The only difference is he personally knows them.

  29. bgduckie_01 says

    i wonder if this “advice” is even true. who heard this conversation? lol. but if he did give this advice it’s probably cuz he knows from experience.

  30. theprof says

    What a jackass! I have been in a very committed relationship for more than 25 years with lots of time spent apart due to business related travel and stays. Clearly Tom’s control-freak relationships can’t handle separation, but that doesn’t mean his inadequacies and paranoid insecurities are common to all people. When will he learn to mind his own business?

  31. Carin says

    Tom, Shut up! Your marriage is really not known for it’s perfectness. I hardly think that being a Scientology follower qualifies you for being ANY kind of an expert in ANY field. So tired of you and your family being in the news. You’re an ACTOR not a GOD! Be thankful you were blessed enough by the Lord to have the life you have.

  32. Carin says

    Tom, Shut up! Your marriage is really not known for it’s perfectness. I hardly think that being a Scientology follower qualifies you for being ANY kind of an expert in ANY field. So tired of you and your family being in the news. You’re an ACTOR not a GOD! Be thankful you were blessed enough by the Lord to have the life you have.

  33. Amy B says

    It’s nice that he wants his friends to be happy.

    But, for a guy that’s on his 3rd marriage and has some very questionable religious beliefs, I think that anyone listening to his advice should probably take it with a small grain of salt.

    Maybe he has learned a bit from is previous marriages, who knows.

  34. VC says

    OMG..Tom??? Mind your own business! The Beckhams have been doing fine without you! What the heck has gotten into you?? Your holier than thou attitude really sucks!! What happened to the great “Joel Goodson” from “Risky Business”??? That was the fun Tom! Not this fuu fuu!

  35. meeeeeeeeeeeeee says

    Wondering how many people were present when he was giving her friendly advice? :) something makes me think he would give it in public… BS

  36. Anonymous says

    I think it is obviously Tom’s way of crying out to his wife that their marriage is on the rocks.

    No, it’s nice that Tom’s can find it in his heart to be concerned about a fellow celeb’s wife while his own wife is on the other side of the world surrounded by Aussies & Kiwis. Really. No reason for concern.

  37. Gunnar says

    LoL, I think she looks unhappy all the time because those shoes she wears make her feet hurt. :-)

  38. Anonymous says

    tc needs some good advice himself,,we all know he is a control freak so is it just someone else to control while katie is away?

  39. Anonymous says

    You need a web page reviewer- your logo and page identifier are cut off the top on a mac. I have no idea what site this popped up as.

    AND, you needs a proof reader: “so it only make sense”
    Looks like amateur hour, people.

  40. cari says


  41. Anonymous says

    I think friends have the right to advise other friends, and then drop it. Input is good, but not crossing boundaries. Tom seems to be someone who likes to advise others, i.e. controlling their lives. He isn’t ALWAYS with Holmes and Suri, but feels free to warn others. Yes, the Beckhams have problems; they are married, and that is a tremendous stressor. Leave them alone, Tom and clean up your own backyard. It’s all about money and career, so nothing anyone says will change celebrities.

  42. Anonymous says

    I love Tom Cruise. So, who overheard this conversation? I met Tom Cruise while he was filming a part in War of the worlds. He was filming all day and it was freezing and he came out to everyone waiting and stayed and talked and signed autographs for a while. He just seems like such a nice happy person. He is so handsome also!

  43. Anonymous says

    Does Tom think he is Dr. Phil now? I like Tom, but I think he is a psychotic control freak. He really needs to stop being so nosey and just keep making those great movies.