Selena Gomez Admits To Dating Taylor Lautner

People were speculating about what these two were up to last summer, and Selena Gomez finally cleared the air with Seventeen magazine.She admits that she and ‘Twilight’ star Taylor Lautner dated in Vancouver while she was filming ‘Ramona and Beezus’ and he was filming ‘New Moon.’

“He’s a great guy. But I am 100 percent single, and I’m going to keep
it that way for a while,” she tells the September issue of Seventeen.

Selena even spoke about how they tried to keep the relationship out of the news.

Kristen [Stewart] was staying in my hotel. He would visit her,
so we were constantly running into each other in the lobby – and we
ended up meeting,” Gomez recalls. “We would go out to lunch and dinner,
but I knew he had paparazzi following him and I had paparazzi following
me. So we literally just wanted to hang out, go bowling and stuff, and
it went a little too far, I think. People were getting a little crazy
about us.”

“But it was fun – I went to Vancouver thinking I was going to focus on
my work, but instead I got to meet him, and it ended up being the best
thing ever.” she says.

We all know they are no longer dating. But no hard feelings for Gomez!

“He is so sweet. Taylor has
made me so happy. I didn’t know I could be that happy. You probably see it in the pictures! I’m smiling so big.”

They may actors, but in this way, they sound like typical teenagers, don’t they? I can’t imagine dating in the public eye as a teenager. Like it’s not hard enough for the adults!

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    • sexy chick is so hot says

      r u a boy or a girl? if ur a boy, then r u cute or not!! if ur 20 years and up, then 4get about u!!!

  1. Anonymous says

    Everybody is acting so “shocked” at why people are interested in because she is, “so young.” Well, newsflash! She is also really, really good-looking. 16 or not 16! Sorry, the real world is full of pervs and she is hot for her age! Look at the body in that skirt!

    • basketball1035 says

      how do they look exactly alike? because they dont and why do you guys have to be in their life i mean i just want to know one thing and that is if they are dating or not, yes or no. maybe no looks like. so just dont worry about if they want to tell you then they will tell you!ok.

  2. emches says

    I love Selena…she’s so beautiful and not to mention from my home state! Sounds like some one got bit by the “love bug”. —em’s

  3. bgduckie_01 says

    she’s a cute girl. she’s going to be a beautiful woman. hopefully she doesnt change and become a mess.

  4. blaugrau says

    she is only 16? what is she going to wear when she is 30? I am sorry, but this is not the way a girl her age should look

  5. jordi says

    i fink tht selena actually does look lyk tht she is wearin a wig sumtyms it depends on hoe its styled…also taylor nd selena wud ave made a gr8 couple..XXX

  6. Taylor4life! says

    Selena is so cute ! and taylor lautner is a major hottie !!!! I love twilight and I cant wait for New Moon to come out it will be amazing !!! I LOVE TAYLOR LAUTNER !!!

    • Anonymous says

      why they stop love each other ther are cute ? and tylor lautner soooooooooo hot i can wait for brake down to come

  7. Anonymous says

    she NEVER admitted to dating never and did you guys see the way they acted at teen choice awards TOTALLY couple material lol i think they were told they cant be together because there carrers were just taking off and in time they will become next vanessa hudgens and zac efron lol

  8. Anonymous says

    They never dated!! They just met and became friends and went out as friends.
    And see: “He’s a great guy. But I am 100 percent single, …”

  9. Anonymous says

    Selena iz a hot girl n so seemz so sweet n Taylor OMG he iz gorgeous and such a sweet heart… like really how they pootray him in magazines his how he really iz…hez like my celebrity crush..i actually met him in vancouver when he waz filming new moon.Didnt even kno Selena waz there. ANYWAYZ bac to topic i think they make a really cute couple n wuld be great together!!!

  10. Kaitlyn says

    Selena is my role model and Taylor is verrryyyy sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They make the perfect couple!!!!!!!!

    • anon says

      Wow… Do you guys really have nothing better to do than lie about this shit… Taylor and Selena are the best<3

  11. awesom girl says

    selena if you read this i think you and taylor look good and cute together i mean hes hot and so are you i think you guys should date.
    lots of people think you look good with justin beiber and more think you an taylor look even more cute then any other couple in the world.its up to you! justin or TAYLOR!!!!!

    • selena gomez!! says

      actually i choose justin bieber cuz taylor lautner wuz my ex and i don’t want 2 get involve in between taylor and taylor swift!! they make such a cute couple more than me and taylor lautner!! sorry guys!!

  12. adorable says

    hey peeps, i am better 4 taylor lautner cuz i am better looking than Selena gomez!!!!!!!! f*ck u selena and ur stupid looks!!!

  13. says

    Selena you are the cool girl i ever see before and i am so happy that you win the nicklodean kids choice a ward. i also like to tell you to keep working good i which i could go to your concert on Saturday i which you a good look. i love to watch all of the movie like princess protection programmer Cindelyn and Waverly the movie.

  14. Leah Shay says

    LOL! Are you kidding me? What you just posted doesn’t show that she admitted their relationship! Your quotes also don’t show how they tried to keep their “relationship” out of the spotlight. They were just good friends who liked hanging out together. Wow, nice way to distort a celebrity’s words. These quotes don’t prove anything.

  15. sam says

    i love selena u l’d be good cupple with taylor he’s hot and so are u and hop u to become cuples alright bfoys =big fan of u selena hope ur wirte back selene

  16. just me says

    omg i always thought they were just friends…
    did she really say that????
    i cant believe..

  17. says

    that is i want from u Selena u should always move on u life i am Justin fan but i will not say such because i like Justin but u are always nice person i am also fan of Taylor u new boyfriend i am always u are all the best for u life …………………..??????? bye

  18. Anonymous says

    She is stunning! She is so young, but I am sure that many, many, many men that are way too old for her have not so innocent thoughts when looking at
    her! lol

  19. OutInLeftField says

    Yes, she is really cute and seems really well adjusted for being in the spotlight. She’s not trying to appear older than she really is.

  20. Ellie says

    Yes, she’s probably THE cutest child in Hollywood… but she is only 15 or 16? What’s the obession with her (and Miley’s) relationships. She’s JUST A KID. =^_^=

  21. says

    Hell No!! Taylor Swift is too tall for him, and older! But SELENA is such a cutie-pie, and sooo gorgeous! Most people are hating on her cuz she can get Taylor and they cant! Anyway Luv you Taylor and Selena… Try n make it work… Rock on TWILIGHT.. Wizards of waverly place 2!

  22. Anonymous says

    i think that taylor lautner and i would make a good couple and if taylor lautner can read this than HI TAYLOR I LOVE YOU !!!

  23. Anonymous says

    she is soo cutee.. and taylor is cutee alsoo ii think they’re still dating only tht they are keeping it a secret cuz of there careers! iknow they are still going out!

  24. Anonymous says

    I sorta knew they dated before,it was obvious.Shame they broke up,cute couple but whatever makes them happy.

  25. kani says

    selena gomez you’re so beautiful, my dream is to see you in real life. I’ll cry when that would happen but I know that never happens!

  26. Anonymous says

    selena i dnt care wat any1 else thimks u f**kn rock gurl and u deserv a nice guy like taylor!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and thts a fackd

  27. nyichen says

    hi i just love ur every thing u r so cuteeee n also ur bf taylor lautner. be cool byeeeeeeeee

  28. bonnieeee says


  29. Anonymous says

    Selena is cool but not so cool compared to Taylor Launter. He is so sexy and she’s a freak.

  30. Celine D. says

    Taylor lautner and Selena gomez are great together!!!I don’t know why they broke up!!! is there a crisis here!!!

  31. Claudz says

    I dont think taylor lautner should be dating selena gomez lol. Single celebrities are hotter than those that are attached yaw ;3

  32. sharpie~lol~smiley:D:D:D:D says

    i think selena gomez was soooooooo lucky she got to date taylor cause he is hotter than hot
    he is hotter than the sun times 999999999999999999999999999999999999999………………………
    so she was so lucky to be able to date taylor!!!!!!!!!

  33. says

    just now orry about this… when u r reading this dont stop or something bad will happen! my name is summer i am 15 years old i have blonde hair ,many scars no nose or ears.. i am dead. if u dont copy n post this on 5 more sites.. or.. i will appear one dark quiet night when ur not expecting it by your bed with a knife and kill u. this is no joke something good will happen to u if you post this on 5 more pages

  34. Anonymous says

    Taylor lautner and Selena are a good couple and Taylor swift is way to old for him and Selena is soooooooooooooooooo pretty and Taylor should date Selena booooooooooo taylor swift and i hope that Taylor lautner will still date Selena because they are a god couple and that is the truth and i hope they can make it work sorry Taylor swift and go Selena you rock Taylor swift you don’t rock and you suck!!!! ;):) :):) :(

  35. #1 t.l & s.g fan says

    ya right he is sooooooooooooooooooooooo NOT yours he is mine because he only dates girls that are pretty enough for him and thats me. plus im his # 1 fan and such as selena gomez # 1 fan

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  39. blueangel21193 says

    I think even though Selena a Taylor didn’t go out, that in the future they should talk about how there relationship is going to take off because we all know that by the pictures and the flirting that they both know they like each other. But who knows who she would be with in the future because Nick Jonas regrets breaking up with her and he wants her back. :):):):)

  40. ashley112594 says

    Selena and Taylor are so cute together, and they will regret their mistakes in the future, because they know that they are meant for each other. And if Taylor doesn’t go out with her in the future he would miss out on his luck because by then she will be with someone else that she likes alot. So speed up the time and ask her out. You know you want to don’t lie cuz you DOOOOOOO.!!!!!!!:):):):):):)3

  41. hateselenagomeznow says

    im glad their not together anymore thank god. Dont get me wrong they do look cute together and all but i hate her now!!! Taylor Lautner is my man ppl!!!! I hate her guts now!!!! F*CK U SELENA!!!!!

  42. #1 t.l & s.g fan says

    well know what thats really sad to hear that you hate selena gomez because im her # 1 fan and i cant stand people saying that they hate selena gomez because if you have actually met her then you would”ve liked her, instead of hating her and taylor lautner is not your he is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo MINE

  43. Anonymous says

    I don’t think you understand. They never when out! She addmitted to HANGING out with him. Not GOING out. Guys and girls can hang out with out dating. They wanted to keep their relationship out of the news so people wouldn’t accuse them of dating. JUST FRIENDS

  44. Anonymous says

    I don’t think you understand. They never when out! She addmitted to HANGING out with him. Not GOING out. Guys and girls can hang out with out dating. They wanted to keep their relationship out of the news so people wouldn’t accuse them of dating. JUST FRIENDS

  45. SelandTL says

    I love Selena Gomez she is so beautiful. Taylor Launtler us super sexy. I think they make the best couple ever. Him and Taylor Swift make an ugly couple, but I do still love u Swift. Ayodhya you dont know her so how is she a bitch. Get a life instead of making fun of ppl you dont knoe okay BITCH? Hahaa. Another thing #1 t.l & s.l fan or who ev u r I serioysly doubt Taylor Launter is yours I seriously doubt that you even know him or ever even met him. P.S I am the #1 fan of Sel and Taylor L I know everything about both of them.

  46. NailPolishOBSESSION says

    i think Taylor and Selena were PERFECT!!! i really wish they were still dating. it even made ME kind of happy :)

  47. #1 t.l & s.g fan says

    p.s. sorry if im being rude. its just he is mine and i have known him ever sence i was born and i have met him a million times and i live in the same state and city as him

  48. selena gomez!! says

    taylor lautner is mine cuz i had sex wid him and u didn’t!!! he is a good kisser and has a big dick!!! i have known him since i was little!! plus i like him and his dick 2

  49. selena gomez!! says

    i am not a bich cuz i am so cute and sexy!! u should c my body naked!! when u c my body, u will like me so don’t calll me a bitch cuz u r 1

  50. adorable says

    nick is not dating ur best friend because if he would, the papparatzii would go and chase her away!!

  51. amanda lol says

    you are so such a foking liar so didnt have sex with him and you didnt see his dick cuz if you had you wouldnt go crazy putting it in the web