John Mayer’s Mother Falls For The Paparazzi

Always the prankster… I suppose.

John Mayer and his family got dressed up in their finest matching monogrammed velvet jackets and headed out to enjoy a quiet evening at MyHouse in LA. It’s no secret that John likes to pre-plan stunts for the photographers and I suppose last night was no different.

The singer’s mother just happened to trip right in front of the paparazzi – what can I say – I’m a sucker for his childish humor.I bite every single time.

What do you think about John doing specific things to be in the news?

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  1. Anonymous says

    No one here is related! That’s Rob Drydek from Fantasy Factory and their ‘dates’.

  2. Anonymous says

    That’s Linda Carter…you know SUPERWOMAN…that is with John Mayer. NOT his mother.

  3. Never a Dull Moment says

    My gosh, I think you’re right. That IS Linda Carter. I thought she looked familiar.

  4. this is 4 dumb & dumber says


  5. bgduckie_01 says

    omg i guess they were bored. and yeah, i just realized that is Rob Drydek from Fantasy Factory. he likes doing dumb stuff when he’s bored but it’s pretty funny. :p

  6. maggie says

    I was going to ask how in the world did you know that this was a prank? did he admitted it on his twitter? why would you assume that?

  7. Anonymous says

    I thought he was very funny before and sometimes I still do but I thought the having to tell the paps/blogs why he and jen broke up before was somewhat desperate. Humor is great but don’t purposely hurt people in the process.

  8. wHAT in the world says

    What kills me is that all you dinks that think cap letters clearly mean YELLING!, but if you understood what you were reading truly in my case it is more of a tone – gearing to deep conviction and a strong statement , and NOT YELLING. Yelling would imply an angrier and sinister tone. THINK DEEPER WHEN YOU READ ANYTHING , IT WOULD HELP YOU UNDERSTAND MORE ABOUT PEOPLE AND LIFE……….. !!!MORON!!! now i’m yelling that.

  9. wHAT in the world says

    You proved me right, YET AGAIN. You’re STILL Not reading and comprehending the information given. Yes, I was yelling …….. At the end of my comment, to you. But that 10 watt bulb you’re working with you DIM WIT is in need for an up grade to possibly a 20 w ( do they even have that low of a watt. Clearly yes, YOU’RE AROUND) , just MAYBE YOU’LL get the fact that the comment had a deeper thought that most working with a full 100 watt would understand. You must get yelled at a lot, that you can’t tell the difference. I FEEL FOR YOU, I ‘ll cut you some slack. SEEK CONSULTATION YOU POOR SOUL. HA, Please. AND P.S. there is no fixation for LINDA CARTER. THAT POOR WOMAN DOESN’T NEED TO BE SEEN AS THAT UNKEPT ( her physical nature) WOMAN . Maybe you share her attributes more than anyone; but she doesn’t deserve it, LINDA CARTER that is. PLEASE GET OVER YOURSELF MS. ANDERSON (pamela)

  10. Anonymous says

    He is a douche bag that’s still using women to get attention. The media is sick of his grade school antics to get attention. The media displeasure will show when this jerk release another CD. Get ready for his phony pr hype. May be he will go broke buying the next Grammy.

  11. elaine123 says

    Why are you shouting and what kind of obessive torch are you carryng for Ms. Carter???? Get a hold of yourself.

  12. Lee_084 says

    Whats the problem? The media isnt sick of it, otherwise they wouldnt publish it! I think its funny, hes just having some fun, how many ppl get to do that. Good on him i say!

  13. Margaret Mayer says

    It really is obnoxious of you to allow this post to remain on your website in light of all the readers commenting that the woman with John is not his mother. I can tell you conclusively that it is not his mother, because I am his mother and that certainly is not my photo. Bitten and Bound has the same post. I have asked them to take it down and they have not; now am asking you to delete this from your website. Thank you.

  14. WHAT in the world says

    VERA, IS THIS REALLY YOU POSTING seeming too often now theses HALF-ASSED COMMENTS AND poking on MENTIONING CHILDISH ANTICS , BECAUSE IT JUST HAPPENS TO BE THIS JAR HEADS (Myers) MINDSET. this time he looks settle, It looks like she SLIPPED and for the first time we witness this moron of a boy (showing a manly thing that he is doing) is helping up a woman , who just might be his mother. PLEASE VERA, WHATEVER YOU DO START SHOWING SOME COMMON SENSE AND CLASS AGAIN , AND STOP BEING SOPHOMORIC. Be the news woman you first set out in the start. This site is becoming a joke in itself; It’s like reading a teens blog. You don’t seem to care about finding and posting the facts. you seem to take a lot of risk in what seems to be YOU GUESSING, and this is based on you comments . they read as your thoughts, instead of fact based information that need to be posted. GET YOUR STORIES STRAIGHT.

  15. WHAT in the world says

    YEAH, LOOKING AT THAT PHOTO AGAIN, SHE REALLY LOOKS LIKE THE JOKE IS ON THEM.yes, this was funny. they both are laughing it up – can’t you tell by his smiling faces ; or better yet ALL THE PEOPLE LAUGHING. sorry, I hate to be the debbie downer, but this is so strange , you, think this is funny. BAD JOKE TO ME.

  16. Teen says

    What?? Where do you get these IDEAS from? A woman tripped and you think it was on purpose… Again, WHAT?

  17. Anonymous says

    1. this is rob dyrdek, not part of john mayer’s family.
    2. according to dlisted according to john mayer, these women are their dates, not their mothers.

  18. Anonymous says

    Thats not hsi mom.
    And he Wasnt with his family he was out with Rob Dyrdek
    with thier dates.

  19. cmhmjmh says

    The woman really did trip. As for john staging things for the photogs….GOOD! He uses them and they use him. Michael Jackson did it for YEARS and people considered Michael to be a publicist genius. GOOD job john!!

  20. kelly_o says

    Exactly. They were there taking pictures regardless- Good for him for having a little fun with them !

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