Tyra Banks Doesn’t Have Time To Cook

Tyra Banks and her financier boyfriend John Utendahl were seen food shopping in Brooklyn the other day. The couple visited the Peas n’ Pickles convenience store in Brooklyn Heights and spent over $130 in goods. Turns out everything they purchased was either FROZEN or an energy bar.

The NY Post is reporting Tyra picked up around 20 frozen dinners and dozens of energy bars to get her through the week.

Guess the model doesn’t like to work a stove.

I’ve done Jenny Craig before right after I had my second child and it IS much easier to just pop your meal in a microwave, but I actually LIKE to cook. I wouldn’t be able to live like this for too long.

What about you? Do you enjoy cooking?




  1. Monica says

    I absolutely love frozen dinners; however, I wouldn’t like to eat them all the time. I make the best home made stir fry

  2. jammaj says

    I love to cook! I live alone so I generally cook single serving meals for myself, so I never have leftovers. I don’t like frozen dinners because they tend to taste overally processed and are way to high in sodium for me.

  3. Molly Mae says

    That sounds like my kind of shopping trip! I do not cook, at all. I hate it. It’s far too much trouble just to eat. And the mess it makes, no thank you! I live off of take-out, fresh veggies/fruits, and the frozen food aisle. My microwave is the most important part of my kitchen.

  4. Anonymous says

    Don’t you think that’s kind of an unfair headline on the article? Just because she was spotted buying some frozen dinners one time, it isn’t right to brand her as ‘too busy to cook.’ It’s kind of insulting. . .

  5. Anonymous says

    This article is VERY presumptuous. Its says they shopped at a convenience store, I hate to break the news to you but most convenience stores don’t have fruits and veggies just basic shit. I makes if sound like Tyra doesnt cook, like she told you this. You should be more careful about how you write things, this web site is so info lacking and sloppy. Some of us don’t have time to cook, between work, going to the gym, commuting to work, showering, walking dogs I couldn’t imagine having the time to prepare a meal. Thats for housewife’s.

  6. Anonymous says

    I don’t necessarily enjoy cooking per say, but I enjoy eating!:) So cooking healthy and yummy meals for me and my fiance is important.

  7. Emily says

    “Some of us don’t have time to cook, between work, going to the gym, commuting to work, showering, walking dogs I couldn’t imagine having the time to prepare a meal. Thats for housewife’s.”

    I do every single thing you mentioned AND cook – so clearly it’s not just for housewives. If you’re going to criticize someone for being presumptuous, your argument might carry a bit more weight if you weren’t just as bad!

  8. Anonymous says

    Aren’t you being a little “info lacking and sloppy” yourself in making such broad generalizatons??? Only housewives have time to prepare meals??? Please, get off your frickin soap box moron! I do everything you mentioned in your post….EVERYTHING!!!! I run my own business, maintain a household foy myself, my husband and our two year old, work-out everyday during my lunch hour, play with my little boy at night and, weather permitting, take him for a 45 minute walk with my husband before bed time to settle him down and let me tell you, I cook beautiful healthy meals most nights of the week and when I don’t cook, we are having leftovers from the night before. Your post was pathetic….really. Anyone with half a brain and some basic time management skills can manage regular day to day activities and cook decent meals (if they choose to) for their family. Certainly not implying here that everyone has to cook, I totally get that it just isn’t enjoyable for some people, but I certainly won’t let you get away with saying its just for housewives – how fvcking ignorant!

  9. sherry says

    I dont love cooking, but I prefer cooking to frozen meals. :) While I dont like it much, I am pretty good at it, so that helps! :-)


  10. Anonymous says

    Unfortunately I have to cook and I don’t like it at all! I can’t eat frozen dinners…I was used with cooked meals from my parents house and I had to learn to cook when I moved out…the funny part is that my husband can eat from the ground, he’s not picky at all…men!

  11. audrey says

    I like to cook, and do a few dishes really well. The problem with living off of microwave dinners and convenience foods is, you really have no idea exactly what goes into those foods…like the salt and sugar portions that can add weight or add to high blood pressure–those hidden calories because you don’t know how much oil or preservatives were used in the making of it. Maybe this is why Tyra seems to be carrying some extra junk in her trunk.

  12. Nimbus says

    “Maybe this is why Tyra seems to be carrying some extra junk in her trunk.” – where???????? She looks like shes actually lost weight. If shes carrying extra than I’m a hippo….

  13. dholmas says

    I love to cook and do it pretty well according to friends and family. My husband laughs at all of the cookbooks I very seldom use and not all of them are on the shelves. I agree with Audrey about fast and frozen foods. Most are not good for you and in my opinion taste terrible.

  14. maggie says

    I hate cooking but love eating! I think what turns me off about cooking is all the mess I have to clean up afterward. I agree that those microwave dishes are not healthy and now researchers are finding that they can cause cancer – so you do have to be careful.

  15. yankeefan says

    I love to cook! I often cook double meals though so that there are extras in the freezer for my guys to chow down on! Go Yankees :)

  16. Anonymous says

    i like to cook too, and I don’t really like the frozen ready meals you can buy in the UK – they always taste really processed. I guess Tyra can afford really good quality meals, so if it suits her lifestyle, hey why not. Not everyone enjoys cooking.

  17. lovebug66 says

    I hate, absolutely loathe cooking. I’ve decided when my last kiddo leaves for college next year that I’m done. No more cooking for me…my hubby will not be happy. hahaha :)

  18. Anonymous says

    Hahahaha agreed! It looks like she’s lost weight, her waist is tiny! She’s beautiful anyway!
    I like to cook but end up having no time so I usually will just get take-away instead.. Tastes better than frozen foods and is also healthier :)