Heidi Montag Explains Why Posing For Playboy Didn’t Compromise Her Religious Beliefs

Remember when Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt declared themselves born-again Christians? Heidi was asked how she was able to justify posing for Playboy without compromising her religious beliefs.

"For me personally, I feel like God created the body, and the body is
beautiful," she said. "The way God created us was naked. So I am not
ashamed of it. I’m proud of it… This was such a blessed experience."

I get it. Does that explanation make sense for you?

Heidi also teased that she may not be done posing for Playboy, either, which is why she kept a little bit of herself covered.

"Always leave them asking for more," she said on Ryan Seacrest‘s KIIS-FM radio show Tuesday. "Next time, I’ll have more to reveal."

Asked if she has a two- or three-part Playboy deal, she coyly replied, "Maybe."

I’m guessing that’s code for: "If they ask, I’ll be happy to say yes"? Well, it’s her choice. I just wonder, what more could she possibly have to say in another Playboy interview?

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  1. Anonymous says

    Oh my. She is VERY confused. Definitely not worshiping the same Jesus I worship. Using your body as a means of attention and money isn’t exactly in line with His message. The whole purpose of the magazine is so men can lust at the female form. It’s certainly her prerogative as an adult woman to use her body for that, but its acceptable in any religion I’ve ever studied.

    If she is, in fact, just a VERY misguided Jesus follower I’m afraid she’ll really regret it someday. It doesn’t seem she knows much about the Faith she claims to follow.

  2. Anonymous says

    “god created the body and the body is beautiful”. how does that fit with heidi’s feeling compelled to have a plastic surgeon optimize god’s creation?

  3. supia says

    GOSHHH she is freaking annoying. ALONG with her so called fellow ‘man’. i swear if he was someone i would even remotely be attracted to, that attraction would cease to exist if he kept whoring himself and i in front of the cameras, like his bringing out her playboy edition EVERY FREAKING TIME! i don’t know what she sees in him. or vice versa for that matter. but i guess people like them really need to stick together because no one would want them =.=;;

  4. audrey says

    At this point I think we should all be very thankful that it was Heidi who posed for Playboy and not Spencer. I really just wish they would fade away. Isn’t their 15 minutes nearly up?

  5. rnat007 says

    OMG!!! That’s so funny! I would bust out if Spencer posed for Playboy/playgirl!!! Picture Spencer with that same open mouth look crawling on the beach!!! I’m dying! Hahahahahaa!!!!!!!!!

  6. goldilockz says

    LMAO She is so dense. She didn’t even show off the body GOD made for her, she showed off the body she bought!

  7. Anonymous says

    LOL LOL LOL. EVERY comment I’ve read about them have ALL been negative. How are they even ‘famous’ when they don’t have ANY fans?

  8. Nimbus says

    If thats her reasoning than there is nothing to stop her filming her having sex with that icky thing of a husband for the world to see, ….. and if god gave her such a gift, why did she feel the need to get plastic surgery? Was wat God gave her not good enough????
    Wat a load of bullshit, just like them and everything else they ‘spew’ out. blah

  9. David says

    It is sad to see that a girl who was attractive to begin with had to have so much done to make her look so altered. It is too bad that she couldnt see that the God she professes to believe in made her the way she was before the changes. She took what God had created and sad it wasn’t good enough so I will have it redone. I will make myself come close to death after surgery and now I can feel better about myself. The poor people in Haiti need help and surgeons not people who already have functioning bodies. One can only pray that she truly finds God and can see things clearly!!!

  10. David says

    One further comment God never created Catholics or any other religion. Man created it because they couldn’t get along. Christians are simply people who follow Christ. His teaching is pretty clear and some people need to read their Bibles and see what God says about things and not worry about what men and women come up with!!

  11. Katie Bee says

    I was lol’ing at that quote. Who calls getting naked for a magazine a “blessed experience”?

  12. Cass says

    So where does the sin of lust come into play here? Isn’t she causing men to lust after her by posing nude? I could see if she was just walking down the street fully clothed and men were lusting…. She can’t help that, but posing nude that’s a different story

  13. C. says

    HA! …’but God created silicon and water and salt and all the elements so I think he’d be OK with it.’ Funny how people justify things to do what they want.

  14. Anonymous says

    yeah that had me laughing. God created the body and thus it is beautiful. so i’m going to take my God given beautiful body and have a ton of surgery cause it’s not beautiful enough for me and that’s how I will have ‘more to show’ next time (how many of the seven sins are in that statement)

  15. LG says

    God created man naked, yes. But that was BEFORE the Fall (Genesis 2:25). Once Adam and Eve sinned, they were ashamed of their nakedness and hid from God in the garden (Genesis 3:6-8).

    Genesis 2:25 – “The man and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame.”

    Genesis 3:8 – “Then the man and his wife heard the sound of the LORD God as he was walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and they hid from the LORD God among the trees of the garden.”

    Genesis 3:10 – “He answered, “I heard you in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid.” (Adam speaking)

    I don’t know what “bible” Heidi reads, but what she is saying is not of the Bible.

  16. Anonymous says

    Exactly too many Celebs like to think they are believer but they are not and the pick and choose what suits them to follow why ahve faith if aren’t at least going to follow all of it. She does not read the bible nor does she

  17. David says

    Good to see that someone has the courage to post things as they are written according to the Bible. If God had wanted us to be exposed he would never had killed animals to cloth them in their nakedness. What part of that is so difficult for this young lady to understand. I feel sorry for her parents in all of this whole ordeal.

  18. Blah Blah Blah Shut up Heidi says

    OMG can she draw out her playboy experience any longer??? I mean we hear Heidi’s dilemma, Heidi can’t decide and needs Spencer’s help, Heidi has decided, Heidi plans what her shoot should be like, Heidi’s shoot takes place, sneak peeks of Heidi’s shoot, Heidi comments on shoot, we see Heidi’s shoot, now Heidi comments on her shoot. OMFG. SHUT UP WOMAN! You aren’t any more speical than any other woman who shows off her body and trust me there are so many other no name women who have posed who have much better bodies AND faces

  19. Monica says

    LOL… Catholicism IS a sect of Christianity. And btw, there are other sects of Christianity that also have mass.

  20. elaine123 says

    You’re right. Catholics are the original and oldest established form of christianity (in the 4th century) and were the ONLY form of christianity (apart from a few obscure sects) until the Protestant breakaway led by Martin Luther in 1546. But, Monica is also right in that Catholics are Christians.

  21. DonnaJ says

    But not not all Christians are Catholics. I have very set opinions when it comes to religion (imagine that?). There are too many sheep as far as I am concerned.

  22. Anonymous says

    Yeah god created that beautiful body of hers.. the body that was so beautiful she was ashamed and depressed because her breasts wernt large enough – hated herself. so with the money she has “earned” from whoring herself out – she has been able to purchase a better body equipt with DD breasts and a new nose. so really god didnt make your body – the body he made, you were ashamed of