Lindsay Lohan Shopping In Soho

Who wears short shorts?

Lindsay Lohan was spotted getting out of a NYC cab to do a little shopping in Soho. The actress needed to adjust her boots, so she ducked inside a store, lit a cigarette and sat on the floor to do so. Staff members attempted to shield Lindsay from the cameras but were unsuccessful.

What do you think about those boots? This isn’t the first time Lindsay has worn Alaia Lace Up Gladiators. INO Beauty and Fashion did a little write up on Lindsay’s favorite boots – so I know those will run you $2,700!

Photos by INF




  1. Anonymous says

    Did she have her lips done or am I totally alone on this one?!?! lol
    They look puffier than usaul to me…

  2. Gisela says

    The boots are as ugly as sin, and why is she smoking inside a store? you are not allowed to smoke inside any store in NYC.

  3. DaleJuniorAmp88 says

    Wait, she went INSIDE to adjust her boots and light up a cigarette? That’s completely illegal in New York State… While she was at it, she should have burned those monstrosities of what are deemed ‘footwear’. She sure has a penchant for picking out the worst of the worst.

  4. Anonymous says

    Why are you still reporting on this loser? Vera, don’t you have some sort of teeny-bopper offshoot site where you can dump the likes of this girl for the 7 people who care and don’t get annoyed every time they see her picture??

  5. Tanis says

    I love it when celebs can do anything they want, like light up cigarettes in stores while you adjust your boot…betcha the store manager thought this was great for business.
    The boots aren’t my style and I wouldn’t have confidence wearing them out in public, so good for her for trying a new style

  6. audrey says

    She looks stoned out of her mind. I wish the people around her would help her get clean, instead of making excuses and enabling her habits. Such a waste of young talent.

  7. emches says

    Her boots are sooooo ugly and this isn’t the first time I’ve seen her wear them…..can some tell her to quit wearing them!!! EWW! —em’s