INO Exclusive: Kim Zolciak’s Publicist Jonathan Jaxson Sets The Record Straight About Sheree Whitfield

OH BOY!!! Did you watch the extra footage Bravo ran last night for ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’? I DID!! There was a scene where Kim Zolciak and Sheree Whitfield were arguing over Jonathan Jaxson – Kim’s publicist. Well, Jonathan and I are cyber friends and he gave me the SCOOP on Sheree and how crazy he thinks she really is. Turns out Sheree really did call him several times to help out with a new home. Oh my goodness.

Here is his quote:

Sheree is one delusional piece of trash. PERIOD! She is one of the most ungrateful women I have ever met.

Prior to Season 2 of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" filming this past February, Sheree had reached out to me and Kim’s best friend on the show, Cori, because she knew one of us could help.

Sheree was so upset about a pending foreclosure on her home with ex Bob Whitfield, and at one point I actually felt bad for her. She needed a home and wanted it asap and had zero dollars to her name, so she said. Upon finding her a penthouse in Midtown Atlanta, she opted not to take it, even though it was free, because it was too small for all her things. Let me mind you this was a free place that was worth over a 1,000,000 dollars in a gorgeous high rise.

Sheree then thought she could get Cori to pay for her a place to live, because Cori’s net-worth is in the in the millions.

In the end Cori and I decided it wasn’t worth helping her because never once did she say ‘thank you’ or anything of that magnitude. She was more worried about how her home would look on camera, staged or not.

Now, she lives in a rented home that isn’t even hers and God knows who is even paying for it. Sheree also begged for $75,000 to start her own clothing line up, but it wasn’t worth it to me. After all, she doesn’t design her own clothes, she has others sketch them out of ideas she has seen other designers make.

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Sheree is a liar and a fraud. She has many bounced checks around Atlanta and everyone knows what she really is about. KARMA is a bitch!

So next time Sheree you want to lie on TV and say you never talked to me, lets set the record straight by stating the above and you wanted to always add negative comments about your co-star Kim Zolciak. Such as Kim being a stripper at The Cheetah under the name Barbie amongst other things.

The woman didn’t even claim her own daughter on Season 1. She acted like her oldest was her assistant when she is her own third and oldest child.

Look up her criminal record, you will see the proof is in the pudding.


WOWOWOWOO! What do you think about what Jonathan is saying?




  1. Anonymous says

    First and foremost..let me break it down ..? dont even think lisa likes her husband it just seem fake when he so call had a romantic night set up and it felt like she wasn’t into him.he probably cares for her a lot but lisa seems fake ,,nene ? love her cause she brings the drama.for some reason she seems taller with the short hair ,candi is just plain ole boring as hell…forcing her mom to like Ðå† man wit his million kids your eyes girl!!!,kim need to do something wit Ðå† awful wig .all ? do is steer @it sitting so far back on her head ,? just can’t §££ pass that..what do she do?how is she so priveledged?sheree ? think she’s cute but I’m starting to §££ maybe she’s just a wanna be ,maybe when she was wit her husband she became use ? Ðå† lifestyle ? now it seems like she’s very much a diva …

  2. Anonymous says

    Sheree is TRASH. I saw pics of the clothing line, and let me tell you those clothes are FUGLY

  3. The druggy and the whore says

    Jonathan and Kim are lying scum bags. The trash that is Jonathon and Kim were in court suing each other just last year because he started putting her business out to EVERYONE and she started doing the same. Jonathan was Telling everyone that he witnessed 4-5 guys a day coming in and out of Kims place when she and Big Poppa broke up in order for her to pay her bills. He also put it out that she hates ALL of her castmates and that she hates black people but pretends for the cameras. He and Kims best friend, Corey who has also said that Kim uses the “N” word on a regular basis and hates blacks. Jonathan also said that yes, Kim started off as a waitress at the strip club but then moved up to a stripper. (If you call that a move up) and her name was Barbie. (Please show us your nursing degree) There Kim met several married men and she calls them ALL Big Poppa. Kim is a whore. Kim has said that Jonathan was a drug addict, a liar, vendictive and miserable……it shows. They do drugs together.
    We Know the ONLY reason Kim and Jonathan are back together, shall we tell!!!
    Go back and look at Jonathans tweets!!!! Be consistant you piece of trash!
    Jonathan hearts Kim so bad that he started @KimZolciaksCunt
    Jonathan we dont believe crap you say, get a life. We know the reason Kim is back talking to you because you threatened to write your book about her whoreness and what she is teaching her young daughters. Guess what Kim, we already know.
    And you say you can sleep good at night!! lol CLOSE YOUR LEGS TO MARRIED MEN, TRASH BOX!!!
    Jonathan your filth!!!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous says

    Why should anyone believe what j.Jaxson says? Didn’t he go hard on Kim a few mints back for not paying him or something? I read somewhere that he held her website hostage and put HER (Kim) on blast. Now he’s all up in Kim’s face again smiling in pics. SMH! All those Atlanta folks are crazy!!!!! and two-faced!

  5. Anonymous says

    The funniest thing about all of this is that people comment as if they know exactly what is going on. Bravo cuts and pastes the footage so much that things are all out of sequence. Lisa may not like Kim but the people on Demi Moore’s movie set are the ones who told her that Kim was calling her a crack whore. Whether or not you like Lisa, no one deserves that. Kim seems nice but she is mouthy and she has to learn to take what she dishes out. If you want to get in people’s face and call them the B word, be prepared for the afterparty. Nene is loud, mouthy, and out there, but hasn’t she always claimed to be those things. I think Sheree is a woman with financial, family and ex-husband issues , as many women are. She is trying to put on a brave face and act as if nothing gets her down. She needs to show her human side (yes, we all have one). She is guarded for a reason and maybe we the show will tell us why (but it is really not our business)

  6. REAL ATLIEN says

    I always thought of Sheree as being the one of the phoniest next to NENE<<—biggest instigater, trash trash trash, backstabbin, country ass!!, wear a bra along with that girdle we can all see ya’ old messy wench!! Why is she even on the show??? NOT a wife, unemployed, golddiger looking for the next check to suck off!! WTF…HORRIBLE example of any women in atlanta!!!

  7. Anonymous says

    Kim is a whore, i hate her guts, am surprised the wife of lee najjar has kept quiet since she knows what is gong on. This bitch slut had the nerve to go on Tv and say she wasn’t in a relationship with lee najjar because of his money.

  8. Anonymous says

    jonathan is known for lying and being an all around scum in the industry. Karma is a b*tch.

  9. Al-B says

    This fag will be the next big-mouth blogger that will get his ass kicked for talk crap about people. Just wait & see.

  10. Anonymous says

    UM he is also the guy that put naked pics on perez…and the genius that came up with naked picture scandal for Adrien Bailon. I’m pretty sure he just lies and lies and lies. TEAM NENE

  11. Anonymous says

    Jonathan is a dirt bag & a liar. That said, it’s still possible all the things he claims could be true. Everybody on those “Housewives” shows are just terrible, awful people…the only reason to watch is to see them make fools of themselves. Unfortunately they are too stupid to be embarrassed by their actions. Useless hags!

  12. Anonymous says

    I take it one step better…I don’t waste the hours of my life that I would never regain by watching trash. It’s the ultimate form of TV control. I can’t stand any of those wretched women…so I don’t wast my time, brain cells or life by watching it. They can all disappear tomorrow and my world will keep shining. Their world? They’d be lost without being a “celebrity”. No such thing anymore…people think they should be famous just for being “here” not for actually accomplishing or working for anything. Gad! Can’t stand it and this has taken time from my life I won’t recoup either.

  13. Anonymous says

    that is funny how he turns around bad mouth her like that. Well sonny boy somewhere down the line you sow what u reap

  14. Anonymous says

    Cant everyone see that NeNe is the one that starts all the “gossip” with everyone? She just starts the fire and then wants to look like shes trying to help. She is TROUBLE> Girls, stay away from that one. I think he producers need to maybe find some REAL LADIES of Atlanta,

  15. Anonymous says

    I have to agree. Nene is the ONE who starts all the s**t, then sits back to watch it all go down. She is turely not a real friend to Kim and I don’t understand why Kim does not see that. Nene sets Kim up all the time and that phony azz laugh and swagga that she has makes my skin crawl. But anyways, you know what they say Mean people aren’t happy with themselves that’s why they do the things they do……

  16. Anonymous says

    My opinion is that Kim really is very insecure, she was made fun of when she was a kid and is always wanting someone to love her. She’s not evil though, I think she’s just misdirected and I believe she really does like Nene when it’s all said and done. I think that Jonathan Jaxson has such a bruised ego (probably from childhood) that it’s inflated…and a good publicist is in the background, not trying to get the attention for themselves.
    I can assure you that these two will have another big fight and trash talk each other again….same, same, same.

    As for Sheree….she’s just evil trash. Last year when season one started, she thought that Nene would not be well received by the audience and so she pulled that sh*t at the party amongst other things. Now that she knows Nene seems to be the popular one, she changes course and wants to ride on Nene’s coat tails and be all nicey nice. I heard that the party planner that was going off on her was doing that party for free for her (to the tune of $60,000) and that her diva behavior was too much for them to put up with when she wasn’t paying a dime. I think Kim is right that Sheree is an opportunist…and may I add to that…ghetto skank! You can dress a pig in “she by sheree”…it’s still a pig.

    Lisa…give me a break. This b*tch talks more smack about Kim than anyone else. I’ve heard people call her a peacemaker…give me a break. She trys to act like she’s running all these big corporations and that she’s such a smart business woman….but can she even afford to pay her mortgage and keep her own website running?!?! She goes out in public and dog’s her kid’s dad (Keith Sweat) when he was the one with enough sense not to allow those kids to be apart of this trainwreck of a show. Girl, please! U R Tragic.

    Nene…I loved me some Nene last year, this year I feel like I can take it or leave it. I think she was real last year and this year the stuff has swelled her head. She seems fake this year. And listen…you gonna talk smack about people, expect them to do the same. Enough said.

    Kandi…She seems nice enough….I write more after the season is finished.

    Dwight…too many things and not one of them worth a cent.

    I am shocked to say this, but Kim is my favorite this year.

    Team Kim!!!

  17. YAYI says

    Omgeeee woman!! You sure can write lol. I would love to say exactly what i think about each lady *caugh* “skanks” *caugh*. Which is probably about the same but to be completaly honest don’t have the damm patience to do haha. In exception that im Team Nene!! and like many im not ashame to admit that i do watch this girls make a fool of themselfs is entertaining in a way lol…

  18. LadyB says

    If you are so above watching this “trash”, why are you complaining?? If you are so evolved you should not even be on a gossip site.
    Let us un-evolved idots have our fun.