Travis Barker And Shanna Moakler Fight Over Children

Oh no! I hope the children weren’t around when all of this happened.

Looks like Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler are not on the best of terms… once again. TMZ is reporting that when the drummer dropped his children off at his ex-wife’s house, he wanted to leave his nanny there as well. The report doesn’t say WHY Travis thought Shanna needed the help – but each possibility isn’t a good one.

“He started screaming and wouldn’t leave the kids with her.”

Shanna didn’t want any help from the nanny and declined the offer. Travis insisted – the fight began and police were called in. The Rhode Island cops issued a warning to Travis but thankfully no arrest was made.

“When Travis refused to go, Shanna called the police. They gave Travis a choice: Leave or get arrested. So he left. But he wasn’t happy.”

Barker then whipped out his phone and Tweeted to his followers:

“My babies (sic) mama is a pile of s**t.”

It seems these two will never get along.

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  1. emches says

    Pretty sad, obviously the kids saw the whole thing, considering he wouldn’t leave them w/o the nanny. No parent should put doubt into their child’s mind that the other parent is not capable of taking care of them. If that’s the case…..then Travis needs to pony up some lawyer’s and make it legal….or shut the hellsbells up! —em’s

  2. Anonymous says

    Wow, can you say white trash?

    Wonderful thing to “tweet” about the mother of your children.

  3. IamLegend says

    I’m not up with this at all…is that a real tat on that little girls arm??? if so pity the child & arrest the parents & whoever did it!!!!!!

  4. Katie Bee says

    These two need to grow the hell up and stop being so damn selfish. They act like they’re a couple of teenagers in a torrid love affair, as opposed to the married couple WITH CHILDREN that they actually are!

  5. elaine123 says

    Travis HOT????? those are two words that should never be used in the same sentence. The guy is hideous!!!

  6. elaine123 says

    It can’t be real, it just can’t. That would be grounds for CPS to get the kids the hell out of his custody.

  7. Gisela says

    “I’m gonna git her watch!! I’m gonna Tweet that she is a pile of sh!t, the whole world will know!!! I’m gonna git her with my Tweets” says Travis in his mind as he walks away angry………LOL!!! what a bunch of losers.

  8. sweet kiddo says

    why in hell some parents does that ? i know it’s pretty f-u-c-k-i-n-g hard to control yourself, but just don’t fight and say whatever is on your mind when the kids are around .

    on another note the little boys hair is awesome :)

  9. C. says

    Some parents/exs are vindictive. Travis had no business insisting that Shanna take his nanny into her home…NONE! For someone who should be nothing but grateful that he survived a recent deadly plane crash, he sure is acting like an ass. Travis, count your blessings!

  10. Anonymous says

    Killer ‘Hawk that kid has. Whatever Shanna has been known to be a lazy, selfish parent. These 2 will be fighting over this shit forever. Maybe people should start using CONDOMS so they can stop bring children into such shitty environments.

  11. DonnaJ says

    They both should have known better than to fight in front of their children. That aside, I’m not a fan of Shanna.

  12. elaine123 says

    Maybe she was high or drunk and he didn’t feel comfortable leaving the kids with her alone.

  13. C. says

    Uh, the cops were there and they never would have left the kids in her care if she was. They told him to leave. Let’s not make up stories elaine.