Keanu Reeves Taking A DNA Test

Keanu Reeves is taking a DNA test to prove he’s not the father of a Canadian woman’s children.
The ‘Matrix’ actor denies ever meeting Karen Sala, 46, who has filed a claim in an Ontario court claiming he is the father of at least one of her four adult children.
Reeves’ lawyer Lorne Wolfson has advised the 45-year-old star to take a paternity test to "clear his name" and prove he is not the biological father of any of Sala’s children – who are all in their mid-20s.

The actor will take the test in the next four weeks.

Sala is asking for $150,000 per month in child support – retroactive from June 1988 – and $3 million a month in spousal support, retroactive from November 2006.

Outside the court room, she said: "

This is not about revenge or an attack on his good character. It’s about closure and getting some peace. This is a personal journey."

And… about getting millions and millions of dollars.

Sala is due back in court on October 16.




  1. Anonymous says

    “Karen Sala, 46, who has filed a claim in an Ontario court claiming he is the father of at least one of her four adult children.” What does this mean?? doesn’t she know exactly which one it is??

  2. audrey says

    3 million a month for spousal support? Wow someone has an inflated sense of her worth. And I do wonder if this law suit is behind Keanu walking around looking like a homeless street person for the past couple years.

  3. Anonymous says

    I like Keanu. I don’t know why everyone says he’s such a horrible actor. So, if there’s a DNA test, there is, and the truth will come out.She’s asking for a lot of money, it doesn’t take that much to raise a child. Ah, get Maury Povich on the line. You are not the father!

  4. Anonymous says

    Three million a month in spousal support????? What the hell is she thinking?She is not his spouse,and even if she had a relationship with him back in the day, 3mil a month?? thats crazy!!! and where has she been all these years???? BS

  5. elaine123 says

    He’s been looking like a homeless street person for a long time now. I know he’s gone through some major heartaches over the last few years though. Didn’t his girlfriend miscarry their child and then she later died in an accident (or something along those lines)

  6. Ha says

    What an opportunist. Maybe she was a one night stand? Hardly means you deserve such an enormous amount of money. And spousal support is laughable unless they’d been in a committed relationship. That he’s willing to take a DNA test at least somewhat indicates that he really doesn’t think he’s the father.

  7. keri says

    yikes. it really doesn’t cost $111 million dollars to raise your kids. luckily, canadian courts are reasonable… even if it is his kid, there’s no way i can see them awarding her that amount.

  8. bgduckie_01 says

    wow. she really wants that money huh. good for him for taking the paternity test and ending all of that.

  9. Nanea says

    Good thing she’s wanting peace for herself – too bad she’s dragging Keanu’s name through the mud instead of leaving him in peace. As that loon has no lawyer, the Canadian taxpayers will surely be happy to pick up the tab of Keanu’s attorney. I don’t get how a judge was willing to hear this case, as she never came up with proof that they knew each other.

  10. Anonymous says

    When he is found not to be the father, i hope he turns around and sues her for something ridiculous…..wouldn’t that be fantastic.

  11. SimplySolitary says

    Wow. Yeah, a DNA test is certainly needed. Those claims are insane, even if he is the father, asking for that much money is ludicrous.

  12. elaine123 says

    she means that it could be more than 1. She probably suspects that it’s 2 or 3 of the 4. That’s all.

  13. Anonymous says

    What is this, Jerry Springer? Who doesn’t know for certain who the father or more than one of their children is? Disgusting.

  14. Anonymous says

    hasn’t the statue of limitation ran out. When a kid passes 18 , aren’t they considered adults? why ask for money now. she would have had a case if she was raising KIDS!

  15. Manimal says

    Awesome. Let’s just drag an underrated actor’s name through the mud to try and get rich. Especially after he’s had such good luck with love and kids, having his longtime girlfriend give birth to a stillborn child and then die in a car wreck. Great.

  16. Anonymous says

    As a Canadian myself .. it sickens me! I pray that this over with quickly for Keanu. And I pray that they find out what a farce her story is!

  17. lis says

    Seriously.. retroactive since 1988?? For 150k a month?! I tried to laugh but it was beyond absurd. I hope Keanu makes her look like the fool she most likely is.

  18. anniedawg25 says

    hmmmm that’s interesting, because little does he know, he’s my future baby’s father!!! :) ***annie***

  19. Tanis says

    Why now? The kid is in his/her 20’s, why does this woman want money now? Why admit that Keanu is the father after all these years? Sounds shady to me.

  20. cait says

    Even if he had fathered one of her children, which I HIGHLY doubt he has, 150 million dollars is sooooooooo much more than she deserves!!! What a nutcase!!!

    P.S – I did try to calculate the approximate total, which I think is around 150 million. However, math isn’t my strong suit so I could be wrong lol.

  21. elaine123 says

    Why would you “highly doubt” that he could be the father?? Why is that so unbelievable? These things do happen.

  22. Nanea says

    It’s closer to 480 million dollars. The 3 million per month since Nov. 2006 add up to 105 million, plus 21x12x150.000 equals 378 million.