Kim Kardashian Shares Her Gym Secret

She sleeps in her gym clothes!!

Kim Kardashian has admitted that she sleeps in her gym clothes.
The reality TV star is so
determined to keep in shape she goes to bed wearing exercise outfits so she
can’t avoid working out when she wakes up.
She wrote on Twitter:

"Is it weird if I sleep in my workout clothes so I can
get up early at 6am and work out? It will force me to and save time!"

Kim, 28, also admitted she is constantly battling cravings for sweet treats
and baked a huge coffee cake to satisfy her urges.
She said:

"I’m baking a coffee cake right now! yummy! After a long day of
hard work I need just one bit! I won’t eat it all, I promise (sic)!"

However, after spending time making the dessert Kim only allowed herself to
eat a tiny morsel because she is worried about piling on the pounds.
She revealed on the blog:

"I had one bite to satisfy my craving, that was
it! Coffee cake was yummy, but a moment on the lips is a life time on the

Wow – imagine cooking an entire cake just because you wanted a bite of it. This girl has a lot of time on her hands. Lucky lady!

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  1. bgduckie_01 says

    well i sure hope those gym clothes are comfortable to sleep in them. then again, one piece is probably like $500 so it should be comfortable :p

  2. Anonymous says

    I sleep sometimes in my workout clothes too (to save time, it’s comfy, etc), but then again, my workout consists of chasing two toddlers around all day…!!

  3. Anonymous says

    The Mom totally pimps them out! She’s the one who talked Kim into doing Playboy. Kim was really nervous and Mommy was like,”you can do it ,you will look beautiful!!! ” Sorry thats so strange. Most moms would be like, “keep your clothes on!”

  4. Anonymous says

    elaine123 spends most of her time on here snarking on other peoples comments instead of commenting on the actual story. Nothing new. Ignore her.

  5. Nimbus says

    OoooK then.
    Why the F**K would you tweet about that… wat a loser. I think twitters for dicks anyway… who gives a toss what you are doing minute to minute

  6. Shanhole says

    Sounds like she’s being proactive. I dont understand all the hate for her and her sisters. It is what it is…

  7. marydoll512 says

    Just by reading her lil blogg posts…Seems like she is BODY CONSCIOUS and has issues with her “curvy” figure…Shit if you want a slice of cake I say EAT it WTF! is the problem? LIVE life and be happy!

  8. elaine123 says

    That’s true, I forgot about that one. But, still, they are all adults and could have the smarts to say no.

  9. Anonymous says

    wtf – why is everyone so afraid of being fat? I’d rather be fat and happy than thin and self-conscious. No man wants to go out with a woman so consumed with counting calories and bites that she can’t have a conversation!

  10. imnotobssesed says

    You guys are just pathetic,
    It’s like you all know she’s gorgeous and just because she’s taking a
    picture of her self with her phone, it makes her self obsessed? That’s
    FUCKING RIDICULOUS. I’m sure if any of you where secure about the
    way you look, you’d take pictures of yourself too; she has a myspace,
    facebook, twitter, all of that to upload that picture to which is 95% of
    the pictures found on those networking sites anyway.

    GROW UP.

  11. dholmas says

    I have been known to make chocolate chip cookies just to have one and give most of them away. I agree with her about just that one bite is enough to satisfy. She looks fantastic.

  12. Anonymous says

    This woman is completely useless. She is famous for a stupid sex tape and because of who her daddy was. Vain, vapid and self centered. This is what’s wrong with our generation- they worship people like this.

  13. says

    I will make cookie dough and only bake 2 at a time, otherwise, I would eat all 12 in one sitting.

    But I don’t believe in denying myself…I’m not obsessed with my body either.

    On another note…

    I am so over this chick.

  14. kiki says

    This girl is so damn annoying but my god she is gorgeous. And, she has crazy curves. Her body is in great shape. She is not super skinny and seems to be okay with that. Not all girls were meant to be that way. Some were, but not all like HW would wants you to believe. But, yeah…still annoying as hell.

  15. clarinetkim says

    I’m not a big fan of those bikini bottoms. They look like a bush which grew out of control…

  16. Anonymous says

    totally agree with you. she’s a troublemaker!! now this will set her off and she will start a little word fight here.

  17. Anonymous says

    As much as she annoys me, her stomach is fine. She is a curvaceous lady, not all chicks who work hard and eat well can get abs unless they are on a ridiculously strict diet that cannot be maintained long term. I know—I am a personal trainer. She has a pretty flat sotomach and those lines looks like slight definition, not lose skin.

    But she still is annoying.

  18. audrey says

    I really wish Kim would stop sharing all her secrets. I’d really like it if she kept her mouth shut and away from microphones, interviewers and cameras so she becomes this figure shrouded in mystery.

  19. C. says

    The photo made me chuckle. She’s trying to pose all sexy-like and the the people in the background are like “whatever”. She really should check the background before she poses.

  20. Anonymous says

    Um, yeah you’re a woman stating your opinion from the mindset of a woman. Men will take an in-shape and self-conscious girl ANY DAY over a fat chick who thinks she’s a “real” woman.

  21. Marie86 says

    What a dumb bitch. If this doesnt promote eating disorders or just plain old disordered weird eating then I dont know what else does. Dumb whore should have her mouth wired shut.

  22. Anonymous says

    BULL. I know A LOT of guys who were turned off by me when I used to be weight obsessive. You’re probably a guy who gets no ass so you settle for annoying chicks like this OR a self-hating women which I feel more sympathy for you. Beig obsessive like this runs off into your daily routine which annoys your partner (unless they are exactly the same) and can ruin a relationship. PERIOD. Like someone else said, live life like you want to and eat the damn slice of cake lol! A slice of cake doesn’t hurt you if you actually do work-out on a regular basis btw.

  23. Anonymous says

    Well, it’s nice to know she really has to work at it to be so pretty! They still are stupid, Imean you ever watch the show?

  24. Anonymous says

    What is wrong with her stomach? She looks like she gave birth to a child and it never bounced back. For someone who goes to the gym alot, I sure don’t see a lot of definition in her abs. It looks like those Sharpei dogs skin!

  25. Anonymous says

    Glad to see you defending people you dont even know. Lighten up its called an OPINION everyone has one and they are legal.

  26. papyrus says

    maybe it was not the weight obessesion that turned him off, maybe it was just you. and to Anon 3:45 @ 03:45 “Men will take an in-shape and self-conscious girl ANY DAY over a fat chick who thinks she’s a “real” woman. ” right on!!!

  27. Anonymous says

    I do think it’s good to be healthy – eat healthy and workout, but I grew up with an obsessive mother about weight and make it a point to emphasis healthy eating and habits to my daughter – not because it’ll make you fat, but because it’s healthy. I had to ban my mother from saying the word fat around her, because she was always talking about how great she eats, and everyone should be like that, and she won’t get fat, etc. I’m like, she’s like that because I don’t obsess on it, we are active every day (weather permitting) and she can always have dessert if she wants it, but after she’s had a well balanced meal.

    BTW, although I find Kim annoying and rather useless, I do think she looks great in that pic.

  28. sdf says

    What exactly does Kim Kardashian do a for a living, except walk around and get her picture taken??

  29. Anonymous says

    “Wow – imagine cooking an entire cake just because you wanted a bite of it. This girl has a lot of time on her hands. Lucky lady!”

    Hmmm….. really? That statement just blows my mind. For the most part, I agree with almost everything that you post… but it takes probably less than 30 minutes to bake a coffee cake from a boxed mix.

  30. LauraN says

    Can someone please remind me why I should listen to anything she has to say? What is she famous for again? Oh yeah – a sex tape where she is peed on. Yep, that makes me want to listen to her alright.

  31. Alsion says

    These are cute. I hate to take away from the post but if you look on etsy’s site there are a lot of sellers immersion blender on there who have very similar ones for sale for a lot less.

  32. LauraN says

    I actually don’t know, I didn’t see it, but that’s what I heard!! In any case, being famous for a sex tape and a bad reality show that she got because of said sex tape = someone I don’t give a crap about.

  33. Anonymous says

    That is some sexy workout clothes. I wonder how much does she weigh? I bet she’s light enough for [url=]digital postal scale[/url]

  34. Anonymous says


  35. Cass says

    These people need to stress health and welfare instead of Hips and more Hips…you can be as thin as ever and be very unhealthy….I’m afraid these young women will look at this and because they dont have time on their hands to go to the gym like she does, they will resort to destrcutive behavior such as anorexia. Kim looks great and there’s nothing wrong with watching your weight but let it be for healthy reasons first and looks second.

  36. Anonymous says

    I could have went all day without seeing her half naked. Those girls are nothing sluts. Such a shame.

  37. anniedawg25 says

    well, it’s actually a good idea about the workout clothes. But she’s still annoying lol ***annie***

  38. ladykatie says

    this girl is such a no talent skank. shes 28 years old, time to get it together and grow up. who cares what she does with her time? its not like she has a real job (unless you consider being useless a full time job) so of course she has all day.

  39. Anonymous says

    These sisters are really starting to get on my nerves. They are sooo fake and they talk like stupid valley girls. And their mother just pimps them out it’s really sick!!!!!

  40. Anonymous says

    she is so hot. what kind of workout clothes does she wear? she is beautiful and has a personality to match i love that show those girls are all entertaining

  41. Anonymous says

    oh geeez you guys.. calm down! They are setting good examples of working and out eating what you crave but not over doing it. She looks gorgeous!!

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