Nicole Richie’s Son Gets A Present From His Grandfather

It sounds like Lionel Richie is a very hands-on grandparent. He already has big plans for his new grandson, Sparrow. He got him a football helmet, saying it’s never too early to get ready.

“I’ve already bought the baby a football helmet. They told me it wasn’t time yet. Sparrow may not be a football playing name, but he’ll get bruised somewhere in the game.”

“I am so proud of Nicole and Joel. Nicole is the happiest woman ever. She is just in total control. I’m the one that’s nervous!

“He looks just like Harlow. All babies sort of look the same as their siblings, but this is identical. When I hear the words Papa or Popi, forget about it. I was so happy when Harlow was born but now we have Sparrow – it’s just over the top!”

It sounds like Nicole Richie and Joel Madden will have to manage grandpa Lionel! Lionel says Harlow is enjoying being a big sister but that might change when she realizes he’s staying! LOL

Photos by Johnny Louis/




  1. lis says

    I just think it’s great you hear about the grandfather being so involved. Too many times you hear of the children who have never met their grandparents, or did so only on an estranged basis.

  2. Anonymous says

    Lionel is a good guy and I am very happy to hear him so happy. He stood by Nicole in her darkest times like a REAL father should, they have a bond that will never be broken. I wish them all the best, lots of health, happiness and love.

  3. bgduckie_01 says

    they say grandparents go even more crazy with their grandkids. so cute he’s already planning things with his grandson :)