Chris Noth Talks About Getting In Shape For SATC2

Chris Noth went to the rain forest to slim down for the next ‘Sex And The City’ film. The actor went to a special Brazilian resort specializing in a holistic approach to fitness to get in shape for his role as Big, Carrie Bradshaw’s husband, in the upcoming second film.

“I went to a place called the Island Experience in Brazil on Ilha Grande. I needed to bring my body into fitness – so I went for nine days. It was a total vegetarian diet. Basically, you spend all day doing yoga, hiking, kayaking, eating vegetarian food, no coffee, no alcohol, no meat.

“You’re cleansing yourself, but not starving yourself. I’ve never been a vegetarian, but the way they prepare it is exquisite. And you’re in one of the most beautiful Atlantic rain forests on the planet.”

Wow! It sounds amazing!!

Chris, 54, admitted he struggled to get to grips with the yoga aspect of his training, but since completing the course he now realizes how bad certain foods are for you.

Chris – who recently got engaged to partner Tara Lynn Wilson – added to Us Weekly magazine:

“I’m not a big yoga person, so that was hard. But it was basic Hatha yoga. Eventually I loved it. The only problem is the upkeep of it. Restaurant portions are way too big. And you realize everything around you is basically bad for you.”

The second ‘Sex And The City’ film is due for release in March 2010.

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  2. Gisela says

    Yoga is wonderful………but there is nothing like a NY steak and a bottle of the finest red wine to go with it. Peter Luger steak restaurant in Brooklyn; later with that veggie crap.

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  4. Monica says

    I would love to go there! That sounds very cool. I would have trouble not eating meat daily though. God, I love it.