First Listen: Katharine McPhee’s ‘Say Goodbye’

Katharine McPhee has new music! The newly blonde former ‘American Idol‘ alum has just released ‘Say Goodbye‘. Take a listen and let me know what you think.

If you love it, you have to wait to buy the entire album because for some reason Katharine’s music company has pushed back her release date January 5th 2010.




  1. elaine123 says

    I think she looks like Renee from America’s Next Top Model (a few seasons ago..the one where Jaslene won). Although, I can see the Kate Bosworth resemblance too. She has lost too much weight though.

  2. Riviera says

    I guess if you like that genre… I fell asleep listening to it. Beautiful voice, but the song is too boring for my taste.

  3. Anonymous says

    Perfect vocals from Kat. This song has so much emotion packed into the lyrics, music, and of course the voice. This is the kind of McPhee ballad I’ve been waiting for.