It Was An Exciting Week For The Osbourne Family

The Osbournes have been sharing a lot of family news via Twitter this week.

Sharon Osbourne is bursting at the seams with pride over daughter Kelly’s performances on Dancing With the Stars. She tweeted several times encouraging followers to vote for Kelly and also about being unable to sleep:

So nervous for @MissKellyO tonight! I didn’t sleep all night. I was a pushy mother and was thrown out of DWTS yesterday. Vote Kelly tonight!

Today she shared:

Thank you to everyone who voted for Kelly on DWTS! My wild child has turned into a beautiful young woman.

How sweet. :)

And Kelly’s dad, Ozzy Osbourne, tweeted about finally being licensed to drive!

I just passed my driving test. Took me 60 yrs but I did it! For the 1st time in my life I’m legal to drive, so watch out!

I wonder if Sharon taught him or if he took a private course?

Photos by WENN and INF




  1. Chery423 says

    Kelly looks so pretty here. It must be an old picture because isn’t she blonde on DWTS?

  2. Anonymous says

    Vera, I’m just wondering (maybe I’m not seeing it) if you have a search bar or searching tool? There was a story a few days back I’d like to see, and I don’t want to have to click back through multiple pages. Thanks!!

  3. Nimbus says

    Ozzy driving heh…. thats bloody hilarous that he finally got his licence after 60yrs LOL….. and Kelly looks great in that main pic…. Love the Osbournes…