Roxy Olin Moving In With Whitney Port On ‘The City’

The new season of The City premieres on Tuesday night and change is on the horizon: Roxy Olin, Whitney Port’s high school friend, is moving in.

Roxy chatted about how well she knows Whitney:

I met Whitney when we were in high school. I’ve grown up with Whitney and I danced with her for four years in high school, and our boyfriends were best friends, so we were always friends. We went our separate ways, but we reconnected instantly. We hang out everyday.

She says that the editing may be a bit slanted:

They’re only showing one part of who I am. They make me out to be a little b–, but I’m not really at all. And Whitney is one of my best friends in the world. We live together and we’re really close, and I think having that relationship with her and having her show me the way was okay.

I found this to be really interesting – she is currently working on Brothers & Sisters – Roxy’s dad is a producer on the show, her mom (Patricia Wettig) is an actress on the show and her brother writes for the show! How funny! Although it sounds like it was a bit frustrating being the daughter of the producer:

When I first got there, the boys, I thought were all so cute – Dave Annabelle, Matthew Rhys, Balthazar Getty. I was so excited and I come on for lunch and they all put their heads down and go, “Boss’s daughter. Boss’s daughter.” I was like, “Damn it!” Every time I put on some outfit, they go, “Boss’s daughter,” and close their eyes

Although she can’t complain too much – she had some terrific scenes with Sex & the City’s Jason Lewis:

I got to make out with Jason Lewis. I was so nervous. It was my first time to have to kiss on-screen and of course, it’s with the hottest guy from Sex and the City ever. I had a full-blown panic attack. My brother’s on set and I was like, “Oh my God.” But I survived and I’m like, yea, I made out with Jason Lewis.

Lucky girl!!

Do you think The City is scripted as much as The Hills? Or do you think there might be a degree of reality to it?

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  1. Nimbus says


  2. Anonymous says

    in most of europe they dress H*RNY but F*CK too.

  3. AnotherDirtyMartini says

    omg, i’m so old. This is Ken Olin and Patricia Wettig’s daughter – just a baby when I used to watch them star together on Thirtysomething. Does anyone remember that show?

  4. Anonymous says

    Yes and we must be way older than whoever wrote this for INO!!! If they were our age they would’ve written that Roxy’s dad is the amazing Ken Olin – Michael from Thirtysomething!!!! Awesome show!

  5. QueenOfTrashin says

    Why do girls that have golf tees for legs insist on wearing short skirts/dresses?

  6. YAYI says

    I’ve never follow her show and never will. Btw this is the first time i see Whitney and go wow…She finally looks put together on that first picture above.

  7. AnotherDirtyMartini says

    Anon 5:02 – yes I thought the very same thing! lol… oh well, we’re the “seniors” of the INO group. 😉 I love it that they have stayed married all these years…at least I believe they have.