First Look: Carrie Underwood In Cowboy Casanova

Take a look at Carrie Underwood in Cowboy Casanova. Sexy outfits, choreography and a great voice – what more can you ask for? Carrie never dissapoints. I am SO HAPPY she tried out for ‘American Idol’.




  1. smp209 says

    she is awesome! i absolutely love her voice, and she seems like a really nice person on top of it all, i feel like we could be friends haha

  2. operaghost2 says

    Can’t say as I like her as a person — too many rumors about what she’s really like behind the scenes, and I’m fairly certain in this case where there’s smoke there’s fire — but I do like this single and video. Very catchy, and a rockin’ beat.

  3. rockonxox says

    This is definitely hot, and I kind of like the song. I’m hit and miss with her… she usually sounds nasaly. She sounds nasaly here to but I like the words enough to deal :)

  4. mjam623 says

    Catchy song. I generally like her stuff, and I wasn’t disappointed in this one. Wonder how much of it is directed towards Tony Romo. I know she’s a country singer, but the “Cowboy” Casanova could easily apply to him.