Penn Badgley Opens Up About Romance & Relationships

Penn Badgley, who plays Dan on Gossip Girl, opened up for Women’s Health magazine’s October issue, revealing his thoughts about romance, relationships and which character on Gossip Girl he most identifies with in real life.

The best piece of relationship advice he’s received:

“Passion is number one and trust is number two. You need to start with a passionate connection, and if you can maintain it and cultivate it, that’s most important. Then trust can develop. I have both now, and it’s been an incredible thing.”

The most romantic meal he’s cooked for a woman:

“Earlier this year I went to Thailand and took some cooking classes. I learned how to make classic Thai dishes, which are exotic, spicy and quick and easy to make-and a rare thing to cook for a woman. I made a yellow curry with pineapple. I think pineapple is very sexy. It reminds me of bikinis and the beach.”

Wow! That must earn him some bonus points with the ladies. 😉

The Gossip Girl character he’s most like in real life:

“Nate is too normal, and Chuck is too bad. I understand Dan, even though he’s too nice sometimes. He’s just so earnest that he can’t help but mess up. But in our third season, he’s going to have more fun acting out of character.”




  1. Anonymous says

    seems really enthralled by his own mediocre talents. and thai food is not quick and easy to make. its actually very complicated and takes a while because there are often many steps and layers to the cooking. curries are not that hard, but a lot of thai food is way more complicated. he needs to stop being so proud of himself.

  2. Ann55 says

    I like him, he is so cute!I’m series-addict.My favourite serial is “Gossip Girl”, the first season of which I have downloaded on torrent search engine But I faild to find the second one.

  3. AnotherDirtyMartini says

    I think anon 8:08 stole that tidbit from an episode of Sex & the City..

    This guy is a cutie. Looks like a younger Mark Ruffalo

  4. katgib13 says

    I’ve loved him since John Tucker Must Die, although he looks much better with shorter hair. Yum …lol

  5. Anonymous says

    Gross. He comes across as really arrogant, pretentious, sleazy and just gross.

    “..quick and easy to make—and a rare thing to cook for a woman.”

    I lol’d. wtf dude.