Kelly Clarkson Grabbing A Salad In NYC

Check out Kelly Clarkson’s bright pink sunglasses! The ‘American Idol’ winner likes to have fun with accessories. :) Here she is in NYC grabbing a salad for lunch with some friends.

I wonder if anyone (besides the paparazzi) recognized her. I probably wouldn’t have noticed. She completely blends in with the rest of the crowd. I’m guessing that’s exactly what Kelly wanted to do.

Photos by INF




  1. Anonymous says

    not pretty at all! The whole buffalo plaid craze was horrible the first time around in the late 80’s and I am going pass on it this time.
    She should use the salad as a beginning to a healthier lifestyle and make some changes-starting with her denial.

  2. LizTCT says

    I love that type of salad place where you pick what you want and they chop it all up and toss it together!

    It’s not a flattering pic of Kelly…but she really could have chosen clothes that worked better with her body shape.

  3. Anonymous says

    the first anonymous was pointing out the facts….she was not being judgmental. this is exactly what the doctors would and should tell you.

  4. Katie says

    That pic is terrible of her. Are you sure that is not a bowl of fatty guacamole? I am not one to hate on a heavier set woman because I think many are beautiful, but homegirl needs to shed some lbs.

  5. banana says

    She looks gross. There are plenty of big women in Hollywood who are very pretty and well put together. For example, Mo’Nique the actress and comedian is a large woman but she always looks great and she dresses for her size and figure. Kelly can do better…she looks like a slob. Not at all healthy.

  6. KissKiss says

    Yep, big girl, big glasses. These are just too tight (?)
    or in my case: big head, big glasses

  7. JesseD says

    My, my, my… listen to all the ugly comments from all the beautiful people hiding behind internet anonymity. Get a life, people. No one is put-together all the time. Kelly is beautiful and talented. Jealous, much?

  8. Anonymous says

    I just spit out my coke after reading JesseD wrote: HILARIOUS…thanks for the laugh!

  9. Christin says

    I love how she has a salad in the photo.

    I bet she had a couple of Big Mac’s right before it.

    She has a good voice, but damn, she needs a paper bag over her… everything.

  10. Nimbus says

    Oh so saying “She does not like being that fat she is just LAZY ” is not being judgemental then???? Odd, it is where I come from.

  11. Nimbus says

    I actually agree with JessD’s comment (maybe not the jealous much bit) so why all the backlash?

  12. Anonymous says

    the only reason i come here anonymously is beacuse with all the crap on these sites, my computer slows down considerable and I even have high speed. Too many cookies and temporary internet files, and I am constantly cleaning them out. Its a pain to have to log in on every site with usernames and passwords get wiped out.

    And yes, I AM beautiful and you can bet your arse that when I go food shopping, drop my kids of at school….I am put together. I do not leave the house looking like a slob unless its to get the newspaper sitting on my lawn.

    Other than her bank account, what am I supposed to be jealous of?

  13. Anonymous says

    whoa!!! she’s getting bigger and bigger everytime i see a pic of her :( i wonder how she looks in person. probably normal…

  14. Anonymous says

    She has money and trainers and dietitians at her disposal there is no excuse. She is not ‘thick’ either she is pretty much obese.

  15. Anonymous says

    She is so disgusting. How lazy does a 24 year old have to be to get so fat in such a short time. Gross.

  16. mjam623 says

    yikes! seriously???? I wouldn’t leave the house like that, and I don’t have papparazzi looking for me

  17. Anonymous says

    I see diabetes, sore knees, a bad back, internal organ smushing and heart attack in her future. Too young to be so big, how horrible that no one tells her how utterly disgusting and unhealthy she is being. She does not like being that fat she is just LAZY and I really sick of her defending it.

  18. elaine123 says

    What is “utterly disgusting” is people like you who are so damn judgemental. What a sad person you must be.

  19. YAYI says

    There is no need to be that vicious though. I do agree that she’s big for her age and should probably take care of herself a bit more, but she still a human being. she might be in fact too lazy to workout and hit a gym, but eventually she’ll realize that this is not healthy for her.

  20. Anonymous says

    I just saw her in concert and she didn’t look this big. She’s definately heavy but I think the clothes and angle make her look bigger.

  21. Anonymous says

    People are entitled to their own opinions and just cuz someone finds this to be ‘disgusting’ is not reason to hurl insults at them. Jeez.

  22. Anonymous says

    the pictures are not unflattering, this is how she looks. the sad thing is we are so used to women this big that we get mad when someone has the gall to call it like they see it

  23. Anonymous says

    OMG thank you for saying it. really american wake up….this IS NOT what is cool or “loving my curves”. if she were 90 lbs you’d all be saying “get her some food asap” but because she is overweight suddenly “she’s proud of her curves” i’ve news…..those aren’t curves….its fat and a heartattack in the making. DIET TIME!!!