Nick Lachey Speaks Out On Losing Daisy

This seems a little late coming but Nick Lachey has spoken up about his feelings on the loss of Daisy, the dog he gave to then-wife, Jessica Simpson.

He shared this:

“I think a lot of people forget that Daisy was my dog too – for years,” Nick said.

The two truly mustn’t speak nowadays, perhaps out of respect for his girlfriend? Or just too much painful history?

“I didn’t reach out to her,” he said. “I’m sure she was upset… I was upset… It was sad to hear that happened, but it’s part of the cycle of life.”

Do you agree? I don’t know if I consider being snatched by a coyote “part of the cycle of life”! 😉

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  1. Nick Who? says

    He hasn’t seen the dog in 3 years so he wasn’t too broken up. Nick comes across as bitter and hateful towards Jess. I’m sure he was really the one that left the marriage. He moved on too quick with the tranny he is with now. A dog dying is very sad and his comment was insensitive.

  2. Nick Who? says

    He hasn’t seen the dog in 3 years so he wasn’t too broken up. Nick comes across as bitter and hateful towards Jess. I’m sure he was really the one that left the marriage. He moved on too quick with the tranny he is with now. A dog dying is very sad and his comment was insensitive.

  3. Anonymous says

    She’s was banging somebody else while she was looking sad and wearing her ring around her neck. I doubt he really cares about Jessica that much, he’s just playing into the nice guy role he created on that show. He’s not dumb, he reads the tabloids and knows that people still miss him with her, so he’s going to keep talking for attention.

  4. Anonymous says

    didn’t jess start cheating on him during the marriage, during Dukes of Hazzard filming, and then ended the whole thing b/c she was stupid enough to think that Adam Levine wanted to marry her.

  5. Anonymous says

    “Do you agree? I don’t know if I consider being snatched by a coyote “part of the cycle of life”! ;)”

    HA HA how funny you are…
    if daisy was a human being nobody would write such a stupid sentence.

    and the joint custody comment is stupid as well.

  6. Anonymous says

    well Daisy was a small dog really couldn’t defend herself…. but I do agree death is a circle of life…. and unfortanly that happends…. Its sad though it had to happend that way…

  7. Anonymous says

    who gives a flippin” crap about this anyways..I can’t believe I am saying anything here. I guess I’m super bored at work and read crap like this to waste time!!!

  8. DonnaJ says

    I think if he really felt badly about the dog, then he should have reached out to tell her so.

  9. Yankee Fan says

    NICK was the first person Daisy ever saw, not Jessica! NICK was the one who bought the dog, not Jessica! NICK was the first one to see, hold, kiss and get close to the dog, not Jessica!

  10. Anonymous says

    Oh please, he hasn’t been with Jessica for sometime. She wanted out of the marriage because she thought she’d do so much better with her career without him. He was the best thing she ever had, he loved her and put up with her alot more than I would of have. Nick is alot more decent then she is, she’s been linked with Jon Mayer,Tony Romo,Dane Cook,Bam Margera,Adam Levine the list goes on. Nick has dated Vanessa Minillo and that’s it, get over yourselves bashing him. Jessica is getting her just desserts seeing she’s such a publicity,fame money whore. I only feel sorry for the dog.

  11. dieselchicklett says

    I don’t see the big deal? He felt bad his old dog died. That’s it. People want to read WAY to much into this.

  12. The Voice of Reason says

    Remember, we don’t even know if he even SAID any of this – the tabloids make stuff up constantly!

  13. Anonymous says

    Aww, everybody knows that needle dick Nick cheated on Jessica! He humiliated her in their reality show as well. I don’t think Nick was insensitive about his remark, that’s life, though. Jessica just needs to GROW UP, STOP BEING SO DEPENDENT ON HER PARENTS, STOP LETTING HER PARENTS DESTROY HER INTIMATE RELATIONSHIPS, AND GET A NEW PUPPY, IF SHE’S NOT READY TO GO OUT AND DATE AGAIN.

  14. Trixie Ann says

    Do you people not realize that some reporter probably asked him a dumb question about the dog situation? Seriously, most quotes happen this way. People want to be way too judgmental.

  15. Anonymous says

    Nick is doing the best thing by staying away from Jessica…she spends way too much time in self pity, feeling sorry for herself, and boo-hooing publicly…she’s a LOSER.

  16. Anonymous says

    You’re not very bright. If the tabloids and the TV media would stop running to NICK for his opinion everytime Jessica runs into a wall or fails at whatever she attempts, then he wouldn’t be victimized by stupid opinions such as yours. Get a grip!

  17. maiah912 says

    I kept wondering where Nick’s statement was about this incident. Especially since anytime Daisy was mentioned, the fact that Nick have given the dog to Jessica was also included. I knew it was just a matter of time.

  18. Anonymous says

    I can’t believe this story has gotten this many comments (as I add one more). He was probably baited into answering this question with something dumb like, “Jessica’s dog died. Do you care?”

  19. Anonymous says

    Nick just stop already! We know that you and Jessica weren’t on friendly tearms. It’s ok that you feel sorry, but the only thing you should have said was “I’m sorry about the loss of Daisy. I know how important the dog was to Jessica.” That is simple and heartfelt. It would be the end of it, but nope you have to make it your pain so you can get into the press. IDIOT!

  20. Daniee says

    I’m sure he wasn’t trying to get attention – he was asked about it I’m sure. I agree with him. Animals hunting down other animals for food and for life IS the cycle of life isn’t it?? If a coyote took my cat, I don’t think I would ever get over it, to know that she died so brutally but yeah, that is what animals do.

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  23. lis says

    It is very common for dogs to die of reasons other than natural causes… get hit by cars, eat things they shouldn’t, fall off of things, etc. While a coyote is certainly an unusual event, I think it still falls under the accident category.

  24. Anonymous says

    If you live near desert, mountains, wild life-then yes this is a natural life cycle. Where we live, coyotes a heard outside your bedroom windows at night. In New York a toddler was grabbed out of his yard by a coyote. Getting hit by a car is human negligence not natural.

  25. Cynthia says

    I actually think it’s more of a part of the circle of life than getting hit by a car. Getting eaten by a coyote is more natural!

  26. YAYI says

    Seriously vera or whomever wrote this. His not refering to being snatched by a coyote as being “part of the cycle of life” but more like, loosing someone you love and going thru a not so happy situation. You guys need help!!!

  27. Anonymous says

    C’mon don’t over think what he said. If wild animals are being driven out of their natural habitats and there is a limited amount of food for them, they will resort to eating whatever they can…cats and dogs included.

  28. Anonymous says

    Too bad Nick and Jess split-up. Nick was good for Jessica , he really loved her. I didn’t see too many of thier reality shows, but I do remember when Nick bought Jessica the dog. Sweet. Go luck to Nick and Vanessa.

  29. Anonymous says

    I live in a suburb of Los Angeles, we have coyotes, you have to keep small dogs and cats inside if you don’t want them to be eaten.