Real Housewives of New Jersey Star Danielle Staub Being Sued By Ex Husband

As if Danielle Staub didn’t have enough drama in her life, ‘The Real Housewives of NJ’ star’s ex-husband Kevin Maher is suing over rape allegations.

Shortly after, Danielle told another magazine that Kevin’s version of her life was “completely absurd” (although court papers from her FBI case file soon surfaced, backing up Kevin’s story). Danielle then went on to claim that Kevin had raped her on broken glass and killed her dog!

Now Kevin is back on the offensive! On Oct. 8, he filed suit in Los Angeles Superior Court against Danielle, 47, over her “false and defamatory statements,” as well as the “threat” she made against him on the June 24 RHONJ reunion show, in which she said her fans and friends “would protect her” and that Kevin was “going down!” He’s asking the court for an as yet undetermined amount of monetary damages.

So why now? After the reunion show aired, Kevin’s wife feels very nervous about retaliation from Danielle’s friends and family.

“The reason we just now filed a lawsuit is because since the reunion show where Danielle threatened me, my wife, Maribel, has been a nervous wreck,” Kevin, 55, an L.A.-based private investigator, tells Star. “Shortly before the reunion show aired, she gave birth to our daughter, Kaley – and my main concern is for my wife and daughter. This woman’s lies and threats have to be stopped as she is harming my family and my business.”

I’m pretty sure this won’t be the last we hear of these two.




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  2. kellie says

    being “raped on broken glass”? you’re so dramatic .. because that was SO cliche, it’s obvious. you’re lying. get a life.

  3. Anonymous says

    Agreed. Sadly, she’s from my town. What an embarrassment. I don’t understand these famous for nothing people.

  4. DomesticGoddess says

    Icky. Why can’t these people keep their crap to themselves? What does any of this serve in the long run except to bring shame onto their children and families and friends. I find it upsetting so that many “publications” and online sites are paying for this muck, all to keep that bottom line going. It’s all so sad.

  5. ladolcevita85 says

    This woman is just a mess, if you saw just one episode you would know she is just drama.