Leighton Meester Talks About Her Interest In Singing

Leighton Meester talked to Popeater about her new single, ‘Somebody to Love,’ and her decision to release an album while maintaining her acting career.

I never thought, ‘I’m an actress who’s going to do music.’ I’ve always felt like I was both. And I’ve been so far very lucky in both.

[This song is] just so my type of music. I love how it feels like the night to me. It feels like sexy and it’s a perfect reflection of what my life is like. I was making a joke, because so much of the time I confuse love with sex and my whole song is about how I can’t get any.”

Did something happen between her and Sebastian Stan or is this about her life before she started dating Sebastian? Hmmm…

Leighton said this song was drawn from her own personal experiences. Click on the continue reading link below for the details.

Photos by INF

Leighton writes her own songs, so they reflect her own life and perspective.

I like to write songs that are fun. But I think this song is such a different vibe because there’s a mood to it and I’m inspired by love and my own love life and my friends and sexuality.

I’ve always sung, growing up I always was singing. There was definitely a point where I decided that was something I didn’t want to do, I had to do. It was when I started recording. I met my DJ. I met him because we were making a movie together, actually. It’s so funny how that happened. But we ended up recording some silly little song … we recorded in his house. And the next day we were just hanging out and we listened to it and it was good and I was like ‘All right, I’m going to think about doing this.’

You can read the entire interview (and listen to the song) over at Popeater.




  1. smp209 says

    she is one of my favorite actresses, and i really liked her on “good girls go bad.” i think she just needs to find the right type of music to sing and she’ll be okay

  2. maiah912 says

    Yeah, good luck to her. So many actresses never do so well when they branch out into music.