Fact Or Fiction: Are The Karadashians Turning On Each Other?

According to Fox News, the Kardashian sisters are not as close as they seem. One of these “anonymous sources” claims they can barely stand each other when the cameras aren’t rolling. Things reportedly got tense during the preparations for Khloe’s wedding.

“Khloe wanted her two best friends as maids of honor, not her sisters,” the source tells Fox411. “But [mother] Kris thought it would appear strange to guests, and especially on the family’s reality show since the nuptials were being taped for it.

“She took matters into her own hands and changed the program before it was printed,” the insider dishes. “Once Khloe saw it, she had no other choice because it was too late to reprint all the programs. She was not happy at all with her mom’s sneaky trick, which definitely caused unneeded drama and stress for her on her special day.”

Other tension exists between the sisters and their stepbrother, Brody Jenner, who skipped Khloe’s wedding.

“Khloe, Kourtney and Kim have really been distancing themselves from Brody because of his girlfriend, Jayde [Nicole],” the insider says. “After her bar fight with their friend Joe Francis, they realized she’s bad news, but they can’t get Brody to see it.”

Jayde Nicole claims that Joe Francis physically attacked her in a club. I remember seeing pictures of Brody boarding a flight out of town literally hours before Khloe’s wedding and wondered what that was all about!

The sisters claim that Brody has an “anger management problem,” according to the same anonymous source.

I really hope this isn’t true; I hate the thought of family feuds! What do you think: fact or fiction?

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Pete Wentz Wants A Lot Of Kids

Enough for a soccer team, to be exact. That’s reportedly what Pete Wentz told People magazine. How many people are on a soccer team? And has Ashlee heard about this?

[H]e and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, 25, just have to “schedule and time things right … Ashlee is really focused on Melrose Place right now and I’m figuring what I’m doing next year.”

So for right now, Pete’s enjoying his time with little Bronx.

“Everything is awesome about being a dad,” Wentz, 30, tells PEOPLE…

“The best part for me now is that I think for the first 9 months mom is so essential,” Wentz says. “When they start hanging out with dad more you’re like, ‘Wow I feel like a dad.’ You go to music class and do fun stuff together, it’s cool.

“It makes me realize all of the little things that my dad sacrificed when he had me,” Wentz says. “It’s sad it took 30 years but I totally realize it now.”

Awww. Being a parent is an eye-opener!

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Miley Cyrus On The ‘Sex And The City 2′ Set

Miley Cyrus was spotted on the ‘Sex and the City 2′ movie set yesterday, shooting her scenes. Look at that outfit! Think she and Kim Cattrell could be twins?

Us Weekly wrote up what it looked like was happening in the scene, but I’ll put it below the link for those of you who want to avoid spoilers.

If you want to know, then please click on the continue reading link below!

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Paris Hilton Arrives At LAX

Paris Hilton is the queen of airplane travel. She hasn’t been doing too much promotion in the media lately so I wonder what has her traveling so much. Here she is arriving at the LAX airport yesterday after coming in on a flight from New York.

What do you think of her casual style? I like to wear either jeans or sweatpants on the plane (depending on how long of a flight it is).

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Gretchen Rossi Picks Pumpkins

‘The Real Housewives of Orange County’ star Gretchen Rossi and her boyfriend Slade Smiley visited the Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch in West Hollywood, California afternoon making quite the spectacle while picking out some pumpkins for their Hollywood home.

This whole set of pictures looks like one more publicity photo after the other. I’m getting the feeling that Gretchen is just LOVING the attention from the paps here! Posing on the pumpkins….wearing Daisy Dukes…smooching on Slade…it just goes on and on. I guess it’s safe to say that some celebs really do love the attention.

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Kim Kardashian Turns 29

Reality star actress Kim Kardashian celebrated her 29th birthday alongside her sister Kourtney Kardashian and mom Kris Jenner at the TAO nightclub in Los Angeles, California last night. I noticed that in the set of pictures Khloe Kardashian was nowhere to be seen. I wonder where she was….

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Balloon Boy Family: Possible Criminal Charges

Everyone has heard about the balloon boy. But now the sheriff’s department and child protection services are taking a closer look at the Heenes family after their son said they had pulled this stunt “for a show”.

I would say this is not a typical American family,” Sheriff Jim Alderden said at a press conference this morning of the clan’s penchant for stormchasing and reality TV. “They engage in behaviors a lot of us don’t. Obviously, it’s very different family dynamics than most of us experience.”

After being interviewed on television, their 6 year old son said that he stayed in hiding because he thought they were “doing this for a show”. That sentence has raised a lot of interest in the possibility of the whole escapade being a hoax.

“We want to reinterview them, clarify that, and put that to rest,” he said of little Falcon’s much-scrutinized remarks on CNN last night that he released the family’s homemade helium balloon “for a show.”

If the incident turns out to be a hoax, justice will be sought.

“If this turns out to be a false report, we certainly would seek criminal restitution. But we would have to be convinced, and it would have to be proven in court, not just based on speculation.”

“If this is determined to be a hoax, the only thing we really have is making a false report to authorities, which is a misdemeanor.”

I have to admit that this whole thing was a little fishy to begin with. Previously to this the family was developing a reality show but after this incident the show is considered no longer active. Would you watch this family on a reality show?