Jodie Sweetin To Write Book About Drug-Fueled Past

For those of you who don’t recognize the name, Jodie Sweetin played Stephanie Tanner on the hit show Full House. She’s had a very turbulent life since the show ended and is writing a memoir (titled “Unsweetined”) about her struggle with drug and alcohol dependence.

“I wanted to prove that I wasn’t the girl from Full House, that I could get more trashed than everyone else,”

Her first drink was at age 14 while attending co-star Candice Cameron’s wedding. She passed out in the bathroom and right then realized:

I was Jodie Sweetin and I was an alcoholic.”

According to the article, she started out with alcohol and progressed to other drugs such as cocaine and crystal meth. She even fesses up to driving drunk with her infant daughter, Zoie, in the car.

I hope she’s gotten herself sober and maybe that’s a step in her recovery – sharing her experience in a book?

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  1. DonnaJ says

    I’m glad that she’s straight now, but I won’t contribute to her bank account or waste my time by buying her book.

  2. elaine123 says

    To anon, it’s “christians” like you who give christians a bad name. “He’s the only way you will get to heaven”…please, shut up and sit your preaching judgmental ass down.

  3. Nimbus says

    thats pretty much wat I thought…. maybe ‘someone’ is trying for a comeback??? But seriously good on her for coming clean.

  4. Anonymous says

    Damn, she is smokin’ hot. I doubt seriously that at 14 she “realized” that she was an alcoholic. I’m betting some goofy jesus freak convinced her that she was.

  5. Anonymous says

    So you’re saying that a Christian probably convinced her that she was an alcoholic. And, from your terminology I see that you are insulting people who believe in Jesus. But in actuality, she was an alcoholic, so wouldn’t they have been helping her? I don’t know what your problem is with Jesus, but he is the only way that you will get to heaven. Sorry, just got sick of the insulting Christians thing that people seem to think it is okay to do. I sure notice that people go out of their way not to insult any particular group anymore, with the exception of Christians.

  6. lara jane says

    Not every child actor ends up like this. Her own “sister” on the show, Candice Cameron, ended up doing very well for herself. Healthy and no scandals to report. It’s sad that it seems like child actors who turn out okay aren’t the norm, though.

  7. AshleySherwood says

    So this is just another typical story of a child actor hey? I dont know why somebody would want to heal from their disease in the public? But if it helps, it helps.

  8. Anonymous says

    She has been very open with her struggles and let it be known that you dont BECOME and alcoholic you just ARE one. Its in your DNA, its genetics, at 14 she probably realized that she had a problem but she was BORN an alcoholic. As was I and all my siblings. I hope writing about her past helps her have a better future.

  9. Riviera says

    I bet you anything Candace Cameron had a good support system while growing up. Usually those child actors who turn to drugs & alcohol don’t have parents to support them emotionally.