Police Help Dennis Quaid Avoid A Possible DUI

Last night Dennis Quaid and his wife were out at Philippe restaurant and things nearly took a bad turn. According to TMZ, Dennis had just got in his car and moved about a foot when a cop car pulled up and urged him not drive.

Dennis responded that he didn’t want to drive. The cop repeatedly said, “Get out of the car.” Quaid responds, “What do you want me to do.” Quaid then asked the cop if they could go back inside the restaurant and the cop said yes.

They apparently went inside the restaurant and called for a cab. TMZ has video of Dennis coming back to pick up his car today.

Do you think it’s right that he wasn’t arrested? I mean, he was behind the wheel and allegedly moved the vehicle. Do you think they would’ve been this lenient with just anyone? I bet Dennis is pretty grateful for it.

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  1. Mizzy says

    umm am i the only one who thinks this story makes absolutely no sense?? police stopped him and he said he didn’t feel like driving!? if he didn’t feel like driving, why did he get behind the wheel in the first place? the man is an adult and a parent and it didn’t occur to him to call a cab before the police suggested it?!

  2. OutInLeftField says

    I know someone who got a DUI just for sitting in his parked car. He had the keys in the ignition but the car was not on. He was drunk and decided to sleep it off in the car. He got a DUI for that because the keys were in the ignition.

  3. dyinggiraffe says

    you’re supposed to put your keys in the back seat. i think it’s up to the cop to use their best judgement.

  4. elaine123 says

    Are you serious? That’s absurd. I hope he went to court and had a face-off with the a$$hole cop who arrested him.

  5. Anonymous says

    No but he did end up drunk at home with his infant twins. So did his wife. They are really bad parents who don’t deserve their twins.

    • Anonymous says

      I agree with you, there are people out here that can’t have children, and the ones that can and do……I don’t mean to offend anyone….I’m saying that if any average Joe did what Dennis did, we would be locked up and children taken away. But that’s showbiz for ya….To bad I ain’t famous….I might be able to smoothe talk myself out of situations…

  6. 8675309 says

    I was a cop for 23 years. In cases like that I’d try to give the person a break. If they got argumentative or tried to play then all bets where off.

  7. C. says

    The problem is that once they start to move, it is harder to stop them especially under the influence. BTW – the lights were on which means the key was turned. Where I live, that’s enough to be arrested.

  8. C. says

    The problem is that once they start to move, it is harder to stop them especially under the influence. BTW – the lights were on which means the key was turned. Where I live, that’s enough to be arrested.

  9. AnimalBuddy says

    I think the cop would’ve been a jerk for giving a DUI to someone who only drove a foot.

  10. KittyLover says

    I think he should have been arrested. Clearly he had every intention to drive home drunk. Considering he has been addicted to both cocaine and alcohol in the past, this behaviour is not acceptable. I hope he checks into rehab. Shame on you, Mr Quaid!

  11. gee says

    I think the cop did the right thing. He gave Dennis Quaid a chance. Hopefully, the cop would have done it for one of us, like Ashley had happen. This way I think he learned a more valuable lesson, he should be humbled and grateful; and the officer could do something more important, like stop an actual dui.

  12. AshleySherwood says

    I think it was fair. A cop did the same thing for me a couple of years ago, and I cannot thank him enough. I could have hurt myself, my friends, or even worse, and innocent person.

  13. lara jane says

    I think it’s fair. He probably hadn’t even moved completely out of his parking spot. Better to be “lenient” by letting him go back in than be lenient by letting him go (drive).

  14. Monica says

    I think yes, he should be charged with DUI. I mean, he was basically about to drive home drunk if it wasn’t for the cops. He needs to learn a lesson.

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