Jennifer Lopez Wants To Stop First Husband’s Movie About Their Marriage

I’m sure Jennifer Lopez is heartily regretting her first marriage to model/waiter Ojani Noa. She has ordered her attorneys to send cease-and-desist letters to the producers of a film called ‘How I Married Jennifer Lopez: The J-Lo and Ojani Noa Story,’ saying it is in violation of a permanent injunction that prevents Ojani from disparaging Jennifer.

Noa and producer Ed Meyer have countered, saying the movie, which begins shooting in February, is “100% parody.”

“The whole movie is about me coming to this country and getting my dream shut down by somebody who I thought was a good person,” Noa, who likened the film’s plot to Borat, [said]. “I was in totally in love with her. I gave my soul to her. It wasn’t my fault she shared it with 3 people. I was angry.”

This is the same ex-husband who tried to write a tell-all book about their sex life in 2007 and who sued her for wrongful termination after she let him go as an employee at her restaurant Madre. Ugh.

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  1. Anonymous says

    I thought you all bashed John Mayor when he alleged to write a tell on Jennifer why it is fine when it is j.lo?

  2. Helen says

    I personally couldn’t care less about this guy and his marriage to the actual Jenny from the block, you know, before she was rich and annoying.

  3. NiChar says

    They haven’t been married for well over 10 years and he’s still trying to make money off of her. I’m not crazy about either of them, but can’t he make his own money. What happened to the old days when a gentleman would NOT kiss and tell. He seems like a parasite to me.

  4. rita says

    As muchas I cannot stand that woman, the guy NEEDS TO GET A FRIGGING JOB like all of us do!

  5. C. says

    I think it is rotten. So should we all have spouses, BF’s, GF, etc. sign privacy contracts? He just wants his 15 minutes and is exploiting her to do it. He’s pathetic.

  6. Vedder says

    You mean JLO doesn’t walk on water?? No way!! Overrated skank–when is she going to get rid of her thug street name?

  7. briannealc says

    I really wanna know what crazy skeletons she has in her closet that she has to go to such lengths to keep the relationship details a secret. Hell, I would throw her under a bus too if I married someone before they hit it big and then she replaced me with a more famous model, so much for love and vows. I just always saw her as being extremely superficial and highly doubt that she is as sweet and real as her publicist would have you believe.

  8. Anonymous says

    I hate nightmare exes. Why just they live their own life? why they try to live off the years ago exes? I can’t imagine having this kind of low down person as ex.

  9. sweet kiddo says

    I’m sooo agreeing with you .do not give a blatant sh*t about her “previous” life (and this one too)

  10. suffy_78 says

    This is the price of being a celeb. You cannot escape the drama that comes along with the fame and the money, I feel sorry for her.

  11. says

    I do believe he is a nice guy, but is not the right guy for J-Lo. I am a big fan of Jennifer and have always been but I truly think that their relationship could never work.

  12. Anonymous says

    I don’t agree with your “kiss and tell’ opinion at all! He wasn’t alone in the whole relationship and I do believe its an invasion of privacy to do such a thing. If he wants to do it he defiantly needs Jennifer’s approval… Personally, I just think he’s desperate for money, with is quite pathetic

  13. KissKiss says

    I have to agree. It wasn’t just HER marriage. They’re not married anymore. Which means: he can do whatever he wants to do, he doesn’t have to talk it over with her, right?

  14. DonnaJ says

    I think if he was in the relationship then he should be able to talk about it. She can always dispute what he says, parody or not.

  15. Anonymous says

    ya, why cant he talk about his relationship? who does that fat pig htink she is, trying to silence people now? pa- leasze!

  16. Anonymous says

    i dont agree with you “suck up to the fat cow” opinion. he has every right to say the truth. if he lies that is a different story.

  17. Anonymous says

    do you really want a movie about “the fat cow”? what truth??? i bet its a mediocre story about a relationship. If he had something horrible to say he would have said it a long time ago…so what he wants to do it, suck money from the old cow because he’s desperate

  18. DonnaJ says

    No one is saying that he was alone in the relationship and I don’t believe its an invasion of privacy. He was in it just as much as she was and can come under scrutiny as well. He is obviously trying to gain money from this and what better way to do it than to a very, very rich woman who burned you? Also, if movies or books of this caliber are offensive to you, don’t read/watch them.

  19. Anonymous says

    wonder what she’s hiding though? she sure going through a great length to stop him….makes me wonder.

  20. Jude says

    I would totally read his book, fact or fiction. There might be a few nuggets of truth, otherwise why block it? If it’s “lies-all-lies-I-tell-ya”, let him publish it then sue the crap out of him later. There’s something JLo doesn’t want us to know.

  21. maiah912 says

    It will definitely be interesting to see if the movie ever actually happens. I thought he was fairly close with the book.