Walking In The Rain

Matilda Rose Ledger doesn’t seem to mind the rain as she splashes through it on her way to school in her pink boots. Too cute! Michelle Williams walked Matilda to school this morning through a rainy Brooklyn.

I bet Michelle enjoys these moments with Matilda in before she begins filming her new movie, ‘Meek’s Cutoff.’ According to IMDb, it is filming in Washington and Oregon, so Michelle may have to fly across the country to work soon!

Photos by INF




  1. ashkam says

    i wish the paparazzi would give these ladies a little more privacy. it seems like michelle is trying to raise her daughter out of the celebrity limelight. it’s really sad that some children of celebrities will never know what it means to have a truly private life…

  2. KissKiss says

    It’s scary how much Matilda looks like her father!

    My best friend has rainboots from the same brand. They cost her 110 euros… Ridiculous.. But they’re beautiful

  3. lara jane says

    I have the traditional green Wellies in this brand, but I have to admit I love Matilda’s pink ones!

  4. petitlardons says

    Love her boots. She looks so much more older these days than the last time we saw her.

  5. kimmytoo says

    We have had no pictures of them for months and now they have been on here everyday. I’m not complaining. Little Matilda is adorable.