Evangeline Lilly Says People Should Stop Having Babies If They Want To Save The Planet

Evangeline Lilly thinks people have to stop having babies to save the planet.

The actress – who is been dating her co-star Dominic Monaghan since they met on the set of ‘Lost’ in 2004 – believes people are procreating at an alarming rate and must slow down their baby-making or adopt to “protect” the Earth.

“For a very long time, I have had intentions to adopt. We have a huge population problem on Earth. We’re not going to protect the Earth the way we need to protect it if we don’t stop making so many babies.”

Despite her views on adoption, the 30-year-old beauty is desperate to experience the “gift” of pregnancy and will “allow” herself one baby of her own. Evangeline – who plays fugitive Kate Austen in ‘Lost’ – said:

“I have always wanted to have a child of my own and I will always want to go through the gift that women have been given to experience that, so I hope to be a mother at some point. I think I can allow myself one child – and from then on, I think I would have to adopt. It makes sense not to add to the population problem.”

What do you think about what Evangeline is saying?

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  1. chocolateraisins says

    That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life. Save the planet from what? There’s plenty of room. That’s like saying we should start a world war to control the population.

  2. Anonymous says

    I totally agree with Evangeline, but I think it’s more of a world problem than solely an American problem. If you live in a hut and can’t support your family you should not be having children, yet I never hear that suggestion made in the media because it’s not politically correct. It’s all about feeding the poor and helping the poor, which is very noble and admirable, but at some point someone has to step up and say if you can’t afford to have a child, don’t. And not to have 9 children by the time you’re 25. I also think international adoption laws should be loosened. It’s not easy adopting internationally and it’s expensive. I think a life in a loving home somewhere in the world is better than living in an orphanage in a child’s home country.

  3. Corvi says

    None for me thanks.
    And there’s pleanty of room….yes.
    But if you want to eat whiel your standing there…
    Not so much.

  4. Ching Yu says

    overpopulation-hence the need to control what we waste(ie. go green). What Evangeline is saying can never be put to use on a global scale(only happens in China today), so thank god Evangeline does not hold public office.
    It is now that some people think we are overpopulated, just wait until we know ETs are having 7.6 children, and we are about to go into war with them….it is then we will think we don’t procrate enough….

  5. soeli says

    If she’s so worried about our planet, she should : stop having her own private swimming-pool, stop traveling all over the world using planes (she could find another work that doesn’t need plane travels, she’s always whinning about her job), and stop promoting a brand of cosmetic who’s not eco-friendly. But she so loves her paycheck ! She could engage herself in fights for female rights for birth control and education, the best way to lower the birth rate on a mondial scale, … and just stop telling stupid patronizing thing in interview.
    About the adoption, she will be one of these celebrities who go and take their little african or asian pet child and don’t care if the kid has already a family who just have no money to raise them, it will take her one week to do that, and she will never give a thought about the children traffic that occurs in many countries. She makes me sick !
    If only their parents had stopped after their first child !

  6. Jack. says

    She is right of course. There are tough conditions applied to couples trying to adopt but a trailer-trash low-life can have as many kids as she likes, even if she can’t support them! Evangeline is lovely & I think she’ll make a great mom.

  7. DonnaJ says

    Its her choice, just like we all have choices. However, she comes across as a bit of a scatter brain.

  8. Anonymous says

    Only a godless person would say such a comment like this.
    She’s a real unbright person.
    Sometimes Celebrities have way too much time on their hands to come up with such bright ideas.

  9. Anonymous says

    She really does come across as sanctimonious and stupid (a common pairing). Earlier posters are correct; the population in first world countries such as the US, Canada, Scandanavian countries and those in Western Europe is flattening out after spiking in the 60’s (due to decreased mortality); the former USSR is declining in population and the middle east, africa and asia are spiking.
    I certainly support Ms. Lilly’s decision not to breed…but I decline to follow her advice.

  10. Anonymous says

    What a dumb thing to say. I agree with the poster who commented on her “allowace” of one child…why don’t we put more man power into protecting women in under privledged countries by providing birth control, rather than saying, “dont have your own children, adopt someone elses!” Shes an idiot.

  11. Ha says

    Agreed. It seems that many people on this thread are overlooking the fact that she is talking about her own life and her own choices. People love to hate the celebrities (particularly the pretty, female ones) who have strong opinions and a strong sense of self. I wonder if we’ll ever get past the point of categorizing them/us as “b*tches” for speaking their/our minds.

  12. Jack says

    Finally someone with half a brain. People who cant have children should adopt. The adoption laws should focus more on the ability to parent than how much money someone has. I think any child would rather be poor and have loving parents than be stuck in an orphanage or foster care.

  13. Anonymous says

    what happens if she gets knocked up with twins, or triplets, while “allowing” herself her one child? this chick has some serious control issues. no one is going to reconsider having biological children because Evangeline Lilly has an opinion. why wont’ people realize that? I am all for adoption ( I was adopted myself) but in all seriousness, most people who are dead set on having their own biological offspring will go through great lengths to have their way.

  14. Anonymous says

    I think that when she will stop using car, airplane, hair-drier, cosmetics and so many water it will help much moore. She is so stupid…

  15. PhaQ says

    She is right. We don’t think about how our actions today, will effect those tomorrow. Why should people continue on having so many children, when their grandchildren, and great grandchildren are going to suffer? What is going to happen 50 years from now, 60, 100? Does nobody care about future generations? I would gladly pay extra tax monies to spread birth control all over the world, as long as I feel secure that my family’s future generations do not have to suffer because people couldn’t stop at 2 or 3.

    I cannot have children, and yes, adoption is going to be costly and hard, but the money I will not be spending, having a child presently, can be saved to be able to get one in the future.

  16. dyinggiraffe says

    i agree. while i understand why they don’t want just anyone to adopt (child slavery, paedophiles), i think it’s silly to not have the same standards for people who want to give birth to their own children. people aren’t asked how much money they have or have to go through a grueling application/interview process in order to get pregnant.

  17. smp209 says

    she’s not an idiot. she’s talking about what she can do on her own to help. clearly evangeline lily can’t run down to under privileged countries and solve every problem. she’s talking about on a personal level, what she can do to help the population problem. and she’s promoting adoption! how can you be mad about that?

  18. suffy_78 says

    On a different note, doesn’t she look great in that pic? The eye makeup looks wonderful on her.

  19. Anonymous says

    It’s true. We really don’t need any more humans on this planet. What’s so great about having kids, anyway? I’m a 39-year-old woman who has never had the instinct to give birth. I surely can’t be the only woman on Earth who feels this way. I’d rather have my freedom to live my life and do leisurely activities with my husband (who also doesn’t want kids). What’s so bad about that? Well, for most people, they can’t let go of their egos and think they’ll be doing some great disservice to the future if they don’t let their genes loose on the world. It’s weird.

  20. Anonymous says

    I loved her in LOST but I have to admit Evangeline Lilly comes off like a second rate twit with all of her backhanded opinions about the world and other celebrities and in a very real sense comes off like a self-centered, self aggrandizing twit. I began watching her interviews just recently and was disappointed to see her display a lack of maturity and she seems to have double standards going on all over the place. For eg. she talks about being beautiful, having the attention of men, which she can’t stand but then seems to be really interested in flirting with them and drawing attention to herself doing seductive photoshoots. Oh and she wants to be a humanitarian, write children books, admires certain things about Angelina Jolie but then calls her an ICEQueen. Regardless of whether I like Jolie or not a celebrity downing another is low class. Says she worked as a flight attendant for a month and hated the people, hated everything about it and comments about ‘fat smelly” people on flights. My point is that E. Lilly seems to have some very wierd passive-aggressive narcissistic behavior going on and as a fan of hers is a complete turn off to me.

  21. jack says

    Hey geniuses, lots of open land doesn’t mean that the earth isn’t overpopulated. There are WAY to many people on earth right now. It’s more about how many we’re able to feed than how many have a piece of earth to stand or sleep on. Yeah, we could all fit in montana if we squeezed in, but there simply aren’t enough resources (food, fresh water, fuel, etc.) for everyone to survive. STOP HAVING BABIES.

  22. ebony says

    you are perfectly right. it’s not the americans who contribut to the population problem. they already have their hands full with being the most wasteful nation on earth.

  23. izzy says

    sorry…but Americans have a lot of kids. Just look at Europeans. The average is 1.39 children per family…that’s a fact. Americans have an average of 2.67 childred per family! And idiots like Octomom or whatever her name is and that stupid c*** Kate Gossling don’t help either. Also women in the US have kids way too young. Which normally resault in them wanting more.

  24. JesseD says

    Honestly, I don’t think it’s we Americans with the population problem – in relation to the rest of the world. All those in favor of population control willing to send your money and use your time overseas to help out in areas of the globe where women are having child after child after child? Yeah. That’s what I thought.

  25. ebony says

    ever tried living in the mojave? i also heard victoria land is very nice this time of year.

  26. C. says

    anon and Norell apparently you aren’t familiar with elaine’s constant snark and criticism. She points out everyone’s misspelling and grammatical errors. It is quite annoying and she can dish but can’t take it. BTW -calling people names as you both did speaks to your character not mine.

  27. ceb says

    C, I’d rather have elaine in my corner any day. YOu’re the one who comes across as a sanctimonious judgmental ass. And, you’re way too defensive.

  28. C. says

    You and elaine have a ball. You’ve got the name calling and swearing down. You’ll fit right in. Thanks for the Dx Obi Wan.

  29. JesseD says

    Oh yeah, and adoption is for the well-off, not for the average couple. AND it takes forever. Who wants to wait for that? Unless you’re a celebrity, of course, then adoption is easy. When is this girl going to stop opening her pie-hole and spewing ridiculous nonsense at us?? She never has anything constructive to say, just criticism and lofty sentiment from her perch so high above the rest of us.

  30. cybera says

    Even if you set aside the financial aspect of adopting (which I agree already prohibits many from even considering it), raising an adopted child is often more demanding than raising your own child. Not everyone will be a good parent, but even fewer people are up for the challenge of being a good adoptive parent. To suggest that adopting is the same commitment as having your own child is misguided and irresponsible. I am all for adoption, but it is not for everyone.
    (Yes, I realize that an adopted child is also “your own” but I didn’t know how else to put it. “Birth child” sounds dumb.)

  31. BLT says

    Maybe we should stop watching her and save ourselves from hearing the stupid comments of celebrities who are usually people who are barely able pass high school. And what research has she done to come to these conclusions….oh that’s right, NONE!

  32. Anonymous says

    women are too selfish to think about anything but what they want. Plus she is a Hippocrate. You dont preach about over population then ‘allow’ yourself a child. This chick is ugly and dim. Typical.

  33. elaine123 says

    before you call anyone “dim”, perhaps you should take a look in the mirror. Generalizations are often made when the person making them has no clue about the issue or their opinion on the issue. Secondly, it’s Hypocrite, not Hippocrate. I’ll bet you’re relileved that you posted that comment anonymously, aren’t you?

  34. lara jane says

    I agree. I’ve seen the struggles within my own family (in-laws, actually). It’s a challenge not all are equipped to handle. But God bless those who are!

  35. Anon says

    Octomom and Kate have help from organizations giving them freebies as well as taxpayers having to pay for healthcare, hospital vists…etc. They needed help and couldnt do it on their own….But Michelle Duggar is fine…they have no debt, they pay for everything themselves, their children are happy and well taken care of..if they choose to have that many children based on their religion who are you to call her crazy and say she is overpopopulating the earth? I only have 2 children and i feel like i have my hands full as well. Dont disrespect those who dont deserve it.

  36. katgib13 says

    I agree to a point. The world is pretty populated. If we could somehow stop these crazy women from having eight at a time or 19 total (looking at you Octomom, Kate and the Duggers) then it wouldn’t be so bad. But good grief. Who really needs that many kids? I have three and have my hands full!

  37. Anon says

    there’s nothing wrong with having children young. Better a young mother than 40 your old grandmas who decide they finally have “time” for a baby.

  38. izzy says

    I’m not saying you should wait till your 40. It’s just wrong to have kids when you’re still a kid yourself. You should be able to support yourself and it can take a long time to be able to do that. You can’t tell me that a 16 year old is able to support herself and a kid. Most of the time they end up without the father as well. There might be exeptions, like always.
    Teenagers are way too careless and they end up having kids too young. Maybe because they want kids already or because they’re just plain stupid and don’t know the word protection.
    Then some of them end up giving them away. That doesn’t help the population problem.
    Maybe you’ll be able to see my point.

  39. 26 says

    really??if the world is overpopulated why is there miles and miles and miles… humans-free land????

  40. Tyra says

    Unfortunate, but I do agree with her. The world is definately having a population problem, which I think is scary.

  41. JennB says

    I agree with her actually, the more I think about it. I don’t know how accurate this is, but I remember learning in some college class that if a family has one child only it contributes to lowering the population, 2 = stays the same, 3+ = increase. Like I said, don’t quote me on that, but a couple having only one child will start to reverse the trend. I think 1 or 2 is good, then if someone wants more, why not adopt? There are certainly enough children without homes :-/.

  42. DaleJuniorAmp88 says

    I don’t think she’s a hypocrite. She said people are having BABIES at an alarming rate, but having one child isn’t going to hurt the earth.