Reese Witherspoon Is Just Another Single Mom

At least, that’s what Reese Witherspoon herself says. I love Reese, but I’m not sure about that!

It isn’t anything I chose in life, it just sort of happened that way,” the Walk the Line Oscar winner, 33, said at Tuesday’s Avon Foundation for Women charity event at New York’s Cipriani 42nd Street, where she was the honorary co-chair. “We all just do the best we can. We’re all just people trying to get through life however we can … I’m thrilled to be any sort of inspiration to anyone!”

Reese also talked about her new fragrance with Avon, In Bloom.

“I just wanted a scent memory of my childhood in Tennessee growing up,” she says. “A lot of it is white flowers and gardenias and things that I grew up in the backyard loving. Things that I smelled on my mother and my grandmother that really inspired a feeling of being back home.”

It bet In Bloom smells lovely.

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  1. Anonymous82 says

    There’s a big difference btw single mom and divorced mom. She is divorced but she raises her kids WITH her ex-husband. She makes it sound like she is like all those women whose baby daddy just left them with the kid.