Gerard Butler Was “Insane” When He Became An Actor

This is one of those stories that just goes to show, you never know how things will turn out! Gerard Butler said he was only weeks away from qualifying as an attorney when he decided to go to Hollywood and try his hand at acting. He explained it to Britain’s Men’s Health magazine.

“You have to understand that I was completely out of control. If I hadn’t been so lost and insane, I’d still be a lawyer. I said to myself, I’m aiming for the stars. I’ll worry about the details later.”

He said he was at a personal “low point” when he made the decision.

“That was the worst day of my life, now it’s the best.”

While Gerard admits talent and luck were factors in his success, the real key was working hard.

“The universe conspires. Once you decide to do something, the universe starts to help you.

“There are a lot of people who are really talented, and I can see they’re not going to make it because they don’t work hard enough.”

I’ve seen that: talent and luck matter, but hard word is the key.

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  1. suffy_78 says

    Well don’t we all need a bit of insanity in our lives? If you think about it, this is what taking the leap is all about and if you stick to the safe side all the time, you will never learn how to fly. I am ramblin, I know….

  2. says

    Gerard Butler is not dirty just because he wears scruff on his face,He is not used up ,and he is not diseased ridden.He wouldnt be doing what he is doing if he were all of these.Maybe he is a little puffy but that is it.

  3. lara jane says

    The universe conspires. Once you decide to do something, the universe starts to help you.

    I totally agree. And I want him. Dirty, puffy, used-up, disease-ridden, whatever, I still want him.

  4. joan says

    I and many like me have watched Gerry grow from the start of his career. Something about him and his attitude to work is really inspiring. It’s wonderful to see someone like him turn himself around and reach for his goal He’s charming, gentle and verrry good looking. He loves his fans and never fails to acknowledge them. An excellent actor, one of the best out there. He gave me a hug at RockNRolla premiere, but I was in love with him from the time I saw him in Attilla. Your great Gerry and you have the support and deep affection of many. Good luck with Coriolanus and Enjoy.

    Love Joan (HUG) xxx9

  5. lara jane says

    The ones who are “meant to be successful” are the ones willing to go after what they want. Lazy turds do not deserve success.

  6. C. says

    Sorry, I don’t think the universe helps everybody. Some are meant to be successful and others are not.