Adam Lambert And Drake LaBry Split

Adam Lambert and his boyfriend, Drake LaBry, reportedly have ended their relationship. Radar Online reports spotting “a tiff” between the pair on October 9.

Still, it appears that the break-up has been as amicable as these things can be in Hollywood. The American Idol runner-up and Drake, an interior designer, are both extremely well-liked and their relationship was always low-key.

Well, if this is true, then hopefully it happened with a minimal amount of drama. Break-ups aren’t easy anywhere, whether the people live in Hollywood or not!

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  1. JLM says

    That’s too bad. Adam is one gorgeous man so hopefully he will find the love he is looking for. I hope it was not too painful for them and wish them both the best!! Love and peace.

  2. giollamhor says

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  3. Anonymous says

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