Sex Tape Embarrasses Colin Farrell Again

Colin Farrell already had to go to court and have his sex tape with a Playboy playmate banned. Unfortunately, that hasn’t stopped it from resurfacing again, and in a pretty embarrassing way. Someone sent a copy to his girlfriend’s, Alicja Bachleda, family.

“Colin hoped he’d seen the last of the tape. Him and Alicja are desperate to find out who sent it.”

Can you IMAGINE?

Alicja’s family reportedly is very traditional and were pressuring the couple to marry before she gave birth to their son.

Colin said he learned his lesson after making that tape.

“An expensive 14 minutes that was. It seemed like a good idea at the time, two adults having fun, ‘Ohh a video camera’, you know.

“But at the end of the deposition – because it was all very officious in law office in Los Angeles – the man who was in charge said, ‘You’ve learned your lesson now I hope Mr. Farrell’, and I said, ‘Absolutely – next time I take the tape with me.’ “

Hopefully Colin was just kidding!

Photos by INF




  1. Anonymous says

    Yuck. He comes across so trashy. Now 2 kids with 2 different women married to neither. I dont understand how and why people think bringing kids into an unstable situation is a good thing. Women are so freakin selfish its gross.

  2. ashkam says

    why is this tape such a big deal? wasn’t he just telling her how beautiful she was the whole time?

  3. says

    I was on a first date with someone and I was so nervous I think I had crossed my legs really tight and stuck them under the table and was leaning against them and at one point I got up to go to the bathroom and my leg had fallen asleep but I didn’t know it so I stood up and fell into the next table. Thanks.

  4. DonnaJ says

    “An expensive 14 minutes that was.” Ummm…did he just say 14 minutes? No wonder he’s embarrassed.

  5. JennB says

    He’s a great actor, but his sleaze-ball vibe is too much for me to handle. Hot accent or not.

  6. C. says

    Apparently he didn’t learn his lesson well.

    ‘Absolutely – next time I take the tape with me.’

    So, then he’ll keep the tape on him 24/7? The fact is if you have a tape at some point it will probably fall into the wrong hands. What a legacy? His kids will get to watch daddy get it on…yuck.