Madonna Is Ready To Give The Movies Another Shot

Madonna wants to relaunch her movie career. The ‘4 Minutes’ singer (who hasn’t had the best of luck in the theatre) is working on a script for a new film, but doesn’t plan to star in it.

She is quoted by gossip website Absolute Now as saying:

“I just finished writing a script and I am trying to get funding and casting for it, believe it or not.

“It’s called ‘We’ and it’s a love story. It is two parallel love stories told from a woman’s point of view, obviously. One is a historical story that took place with the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. And the other is one I made up about a couple in New York.”

Sounds interesting. I’m a sucker for period films. Do you think Madonna will give herself a cameo? Or has she learned her lesson?




  1. supia says

    funding? she can fund her own work. shes got enough money. she should write pieces that she find worthy to fund it herself, then perhaps it’d be a decent work

  2. audrey says

    I’m sure she’d make a great director. She’s a Leo, and we are a bossy sign, always telling people what to do and how to do it–or so my ex says. As long as she stays behind the camera it’s good.

  3. ashkam says

    i wish madonna hadn’t had any work done. it’s sad that after all the rules she broke back in the day, that she would give in to the forever young syndrome.

  4. JesseD says

    Amen. She paved the way for so many of today’s artists. Too bad she couldn’t show them how a real woman looks as she’s aging, too