John Mayer Defends Britney Spears’ Lip-Synching Scandal

John Mayer has defended Britney Spears for lip-synching in Australia. The ‘Gravity’ singer – who is also in Australia promoting his latest album – blasted fans who had called for a refund after the ‘Womanizer’ star’s show in Perth after she sparked outrage by not singing live for her whole performance.

“If you’re shocked that Britney was lip-syncing at her concert and want your money back, life may continue to be hard for you.”

Britney, 27, was said to have hid in her hotel room on Saturday following her performance on Friday night. A representative for the star said:

“Britney is aware of all this and she’s extremely upset by it.”

In response to the show fans protested about the high ticket prices and “impersonal” nature of the show. Concertgoer Wendy Di Renzo, 36, said:

“It was so impersonal. She did not interact with her audience. There were no big TV screens projecting the action, so if you didn’t know Britney, you might have even doubted it was her.”

Complaints against the ‘Gimme More’ singer also included that she never referred to Perth by name, instead giving a generic welcome to fans, saying: “What’s up Australia?”

Another fan, who left the show early, said:

“I want my money back or I want her to sing properly. The ticket cost me $200 and she lip-synched the whole thing.”

Britney will next perform in Melbourne on November 11.

What do you think about this uproar? She’s been doing this since the beginning of her career. I wonder why it’s suddenly become such a problem for concert goers?

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  1. dyinggiraffe says

    the tv screens i can totally understand, but everyone knows she doesn’t interact with the crowd or sing live.

  2. Anonymous says

    She can sing but most of the studio does the job for her, that’s why she lipsyncs, she can’t sing live, she sucks!! I would never pay to see her!!

  3. Ninni says

    If you’re not gonna see anything and just hear a record play songs, i get you’d be pissed. But it was expected from Brit, so blame on them who bought the ticket in the first place i guess. That’s what Mayer’s comment sounds IMO, not very supportive of Britney but just saying people are naive to think they’ll get their money back or anything.

  4. sweet kiddo says

    “If you’re shocked that Britney was lip-syncing at her concert and want your money back, life may continue to be hard for you.”

    LOL !! he’s funny

  5. Anonymous says

    Good for, Australians. Americans are idiots for letting her (and other so-called artists) get away with this kind of behavior. Americans were even OK with a fake classical performance at Obama’s inauguration. The least Britney could do is sing.

  6. bgduckie_01 says

    well almost all her fans already know that she’s been singing live at her concerts. but i got to agree, i wouldnt pay $200 just to see her dance and not sing live.

  7. Mistyblue says

    This is ridiculous! If you’ve ever even seen her perform on an awards show you know she doesn’t sing live, so to pretend to be so shocked is stupid. Also, is it really that bad to refer to them as Australia instead of Perth?

  8. Anonymous says

    What I dont’ get is how the heck is John’s statement “defending Britney’s lipsynching?” Vera, you have to stop with your idiotic commentary, it hardly ever makes sense.

  9. Anonymous says

    I’m glad someone is finally stepping up – go Australians! I feel Britney is nothing but a fraud…she cheats their money…’s about time for someone to say enough is enough….this has been going on for way too long.

  10. Kuma Tenshi says

    Yay for the Aussies!!! And that stupid psycho had best be upset….charging 200 freaking dollars just to “maybe” see her dancing and shit?? There are DVD’s for that kind of crap. Concerts are supposed to be LIVE, they’re supposed to be spectacles, and they’re supposed to be memorable!!

    I don’t go to concerts of groups that I know can’t sing live. And I hope eventually, one day, people wisen up to this stupid crap and just don’t go. The last concert I ever went to was Savage Garden, and I was IN the nose bleeds (granted, smaller venue, but still) and I could see them, and they most definitely did ~not~ lip sync a damn thing. Idiots these days can’t tell the difference between a person’s actual voice and “wow, that sounds ~exactly~ like on the CD”

    Are fans demanding a lot of their singers? Yes. Are they making oodles of money and living the high life? Oh **** yes, so I think it’s a pretty damn fair trade off!!!

  11. maiah912 says

    Exactly! I find it hard to believe that he would actually have anything nice to say about her, but I’m sure he could surprise me.

  12. Scruffy says

    Then all those people are idiots as the whole world has known for some time now that she lip syncs throughout most of her Circus concert. What did they expect? That she would suddenly (be able) to sing because she is in Austrialia?????

  13. ladolcevita85 says

    Seriously EVERYONE knows that she doesn’t sing live …. why are people getting upset it’s a known fact.

  14. Monica says

    It is a very well known fact that Britney concerts are lipsynched. If they’re that much of a fan, they would know that before buying the ticket.

  15. Anonymous says

    Britney’s always been a performer not a singer. If anyone was such a fan they’d know.


  16. Annon says

    People will complain no matter what. They complain if it’s lip-synched but then they complain more if it’s live and someone makes a mistake (example: Jessica Simpson). These entertainers are only human…

  17. KissKiss says

    I want my money back or I want her to sing properly

    She can’t sing properly… That’s why she lip-synchs

    But like this article states, it wasn’t all because she was lip synching. When someone performs at a large venue, you need tv screens, just to see what is actually happening on stage. Britney was just a little dot to the people in the back. I also heard she wasn’t interacting with the crowd, and had her back turned to them half the time.

  18. Linda123 says

    I don’t understand the lipsynching issue either but it seems there were other problems. You can’t do a concert in a large arena and not show the performer. If you’re in nosebleed sections you’re not going to know what’s going on. A lot of fans and critics also complained that Britney didn’t interact with the audience, barely saying a word and acknowledging them, on the previous legs of the tour.

  19. papyrus says

    I am beyond happy this is happening. I dont care its being done to Britney but it has to be done so Artists take their art/job more seriously. There are plenty respectful singers who sing live and put up an awesome performance but I dont think its fair for anyone to pay $200 for a ticket and receive a zombie Britney just walking around the stage lip syncing. Nobody would be this outraged if the concert was free or cost $20, but If you pay for a 5 course meal you expect a 5 course meal not cold soup

  20. OutInLeftField says

    You are absolutely right. If she doesn’t have the talent to sing live then she shouldn’t have the career. And that goes for everyone who can’t sing live.

  21. Anonymous says

    Britney sucks. She is not an entertainer or a dancer or a performer. She is a brain dead tart who acts like a hoe and has no redeemable qualities.