Heidi Klum Is The New Face For Ann Taylor Holiday

2009 has been an exciting year for the new Ann Taylor. Supermodel / television personality Heidi Klum will be the face of the brand’s holiday campaign, which was shot by legendary photographer Peter Lindbergh at MILK Studios in Los Angeles. Heidi posed in luxurious cashmere scarves and sweaters, donned sparkling baubles and shopped the jewelry and accessory walls for holiday gifts for her loved ones. She even indulged in a few select pieces for herself.

“I wear it, I keep it!”

Below are Heidi’s quotes on the new Ann Taylor, her holiday campaign, favorite pieces from the collection and family holiday traditions.

Heidi on being the face of Ann Taylor:
I’m excited to be the face of Ann Taylor. The brand is cool, hip, very chic, trendy and fun. It’s right up my ally! So I I thought, I’d love to shoot the holiday campaign. Especially with one of the best photographers in the world, Peter Lindbergh.

We shot cashmere pieces, big jumpers, beautiful scarves, super cozy, chunky fashionable jewelry, in headshot style. It really gives a feeling of luxury, fashion, comfy cozy cashmere with chunky great jewelry.

Heidi on the new Ann Taylor:
Ann Taylor’s new look is very chic, stylish and comfortable. You can mix and match, high and low. I think it’s never cool to do a total look head to toe. Ann Taylor pieces are easy going, from the jewelry to the cashmere. You can find things that work with what you already own.

Heidi on Ann Taylor cashmere: What’s nice about the cashmere is it’s easygoing. You can throw it on, with jeans, to the office, it’s very versatile. They’re fun easygoing pieces that you can mix and match, the high with the low.”

Heidi on her holiday traditions: Every Christmas I have an ongoing fight with my husband about the date of Christmas – the German tradition vs American tradition.

Heidi on her favorite holiday gifts: I always love jewelry as holiday gifts. The best gift I got wasn’t the gift itself, but how I got it. I woke up and found a beautiful bracelet on my wrist.

Heidi on her holiday plans and New Year’s resolutions: For the holidays, I’m going skiing with the family. My husband will be busy on a snowboard as I push the stroller through the snow. I love the winter and the snow.

I never do a New Year’s resolution. I try to always be good in the next year. It’s never one particular thing.


Do you do New Year’s resolutions? I try not to because I find I am UNABLE to keep the promise! :)




  1. Artforlife says

    To any moron who don’t know what he -or she is talking about,I just advise him-or her befor showing how stupid he- or she is, to read what the now-adays greatest fashion British international photgrapher, Rankin, said about Heidi Klum.

  2. suffy_78 says

    The usual Vera… lose weight, control my temper, be positive, work harder on my career…..

  3. Vedder says

    How the hell does she represent Ann Taylor–she is far from the Ann Taylor type!! Why not Ivanka Trump who is classy and far more intelligent than Heidi. Heidi is a walking brain fart. All surface with no substance.

  4. Anonymous says

    Ann Taylor is for old ladies who don’t know how to dress. Heidi can at least give it a fresher look.

  5. Scruffy says

    New Years resolution….hmmm always the same. Drink less, eat less, excersice more. Every year the same, *sigh*

  6. maiah912 says

    I think that might just be the point! The company might try to use her fame to entice a younger crowd of shoppers, maybe?

  7. DonnaJ says

    That’s exactly what they are doing and a lot of their stuff is gorgeous…especially the accessories.

  8. Anonymous says

    She is a little cute, somewhat charming. But I love those shows sexy, charming, womanly & fashionable like those on (BiMingle.com) for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender. And i am also try many ways to show myself in this way.

  9. audrey says

    I think Heidi is gorgeous. As for resolutions, I gave up making them when I realized that they never last too long…usually they are broken before the New Year is an hour old.

  10. ls393002 says

    I make them every year and I make a bunch, that way I can feel good about the ones I keep and I don’t stress about the ones I don’t. Except the weight one. I always stress about losing weight.