Julianne Hough And Chuck Wicks Split

A source tells People that Julianne Hough and Chuck Wicks decided to end their relationship.

“This was mutual. They needed some time apart,” says the source.

They reportedly bought a house together only three months ago, according to E! Online.

Hopefully things won’t be awkward at this weekend’s Country Music Awards, where Julianne is presenting and Chuck will be conducting interviews on the red carpet for Entertainment Tonight.

Photos by Wenn.com




  1. Anonymous says

    Full of energy. Show the youth. That’s what I wannt grasp. And I alway disccessed with my honey gril on Bimingle . com about the youth and the fashion. How can we make us looks much youger.

  2. OutInLeftField says

    I used to think I was pretty informed when it came to who’s who in Hollywood but lately I’m feeling really uninformed. I have no idea who these peole are.

  3. Anonymous says

    They seemed good together. They are both so cheery. Maybe a little too cheery for my taste, but whatever.

  4. Animal says

    In a way, this is good. She is so young and has the world at her feet. Maybe they’ll reconcile in a few years after she gets to enjoy the single life for awhile. They did make a cute couple, though.