Fact Or Fiction: Johnny Depp To Pay Nicolas Cage’s Debts

It’s being rumored that Johnny Depp has come to Nicolas Cage’s rescue. Reportedly, Johnny said that he’ll give Nic “whatever he needs” to help him with his money problems.

Johnny called Nic and basically told him not to worry and he’d help him and sort everything out,” says a friend.

“Johnny feels he owes his career to Nic and now wants to repay him – if Nic agrees.”

The friend adds: “Johnny has never forgotten what Nic did for him.”

As you might recall, Nicolas was the one who got Johnny into acting when he was a struggling musician and it led to his first role in ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street’. The females of the world thank you, Nic Cage.

Can you imagine telling your significant other that you are spending $7 million to help out a friend? lol Maybe to them $7 million is like borrowing 20 bucks to your kid brother. Do you think this story is true?

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  1. Anonymous says

    I’d give my money to other worthy people in need even our heroes at Ford Hood,Iraq etc…..Depp is a moron.

  2. Anonymous says

    how do you know that depp doesn’t give out charities? i bet you any money that he does!! the only difference is he doesn’t brag about it like some celebrities do.

  3. Anonymous says

    he does give to charitys and that was very thoughtful and kind to help out a friend who helped him. he is a great person and has a big heart and he is also a great actor and hot!!!!!!

  4. Animal says

    Don’t know about that much money, but he certainly appears to be a generous enough guy. I bet he’d repay the favor as much as he could.

  5. Annon says

    If this story is true…. Johnny Depp seems like a the type of guy that would do it and not think twice about it.

  6. Anonymous says

    I call this true.

    When Heath Ledger died (RIP) and they all discovered that his will was not updated to include his baby girl, Johnny Depp then decided to give whatever he’ll earn with the filming of The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus. Colin and Jude followed suit to help out Matilda.

  7. God bless our Veterans says

    I wish this druggie would stay in France for good with all his hate on America the land that makes him so rich.

  8. Anonymous says

    that is very rude to say about a kind person like him, he just wants to raise his children there since America is so violent, sad , but true!!

  9. Anonymous says

    If its true its lame. Why would you spend 7 MILLLION on someone (thankful or not) who didn’t have enough common sense to spend his own millions wisely?

    Could you imagine all the charities around the world that could greatly benefit from this generous amount? People that would give anyting for the chances Nic has had.

    I LOVE JD, but I hope this isn’t true.

  10. bgduckie_01 says

    i dunno if its true but if it is, that’s really nice of him. and yes, we thank nicolas cage for bringing him in :p

  11. JennB says

    I don’t know anything about “Anonymous” but I’m guessing s/he probably doesn’t that much money to throw around. His/her point was probably that the money could probably be better spent than on someone who couldn’t manage the millions he already had. I totally think that was very admirable of JD, but at the same time, I get “Anonymous'” point.

  12. star says

    America is violent? lol I’ve never been mugged or personally witnessed any violent act in America. I was in europe for a week and I was mugged. I didnt even know depp had an issue with america but lets be real. this place is not half as violent as some of the other countries where people constantly have to witness violence.

  13. dyinggiraffe says

    you were probably mugged because you were very obviously a tourist. people do that everywhere.

  14. dyinggiraffe says

    i don’t think it’s because america is “so violent.” i think he just wants his kids to grow up as normal as possible, which would be very difficult if they lived here.