Pete Wentz Loves Ashlee Simpson’s Stretch Marks

Ashlee Simpson says husband Pete Wentz loves her stretch marks.

The singer-and-actress admits her body has changed since giving birth to the couple’s 11-month-old son Bronx but knows the ‘Fall Out Boy’ rocker still finds her attractive.

“Pete isn’t worried about stretch marks. He always makes me feel sexy.

“There’s going to be a time when I’m way curvier, and that’ll be sexy too. What defines sexy is not someone’s weight. Personally I like curves… I want to look good for me. I want to feel good.”

Ashlee, 25, says she gets regular exercise by carrying Bronx around all the time. She said in an interview with Women’s Health magazine:

“I do Bronx Pilates! And these biceps are from holding him. He’s in my arms all the time.”

Ashlee also revealed being a wife and mother has “humbled” her and everything else comes second to her family.

“Being married made me able to share more. Now Pete and Bronx come first. It has humbled me.”

Having children does slap the selfish out of you, doesn’t it? Changed my life in an instant.

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  1. Anonymous says

    she’s a stick. its not hot. unattractive, actually. so idk where these “curves” she loves so much are. HYPOCRITE.

  2. ALmostEviL says

    I wonder if that is why Cameron Diaz is so against being a mom…perhaps she just wants to be a selfish bitch her whole life

  3. aMom says

    to all the people that a bashing her for talking about her stretch marks, GET A LIFE!!!! you say “who cares” well obviously you do otherwise you wouldn’t have wasted your time reading this post and writing a response. It is hard for a woman to talk about stretch marks so kudos to her for doing so!

  4. ashmeljer says

    it drives me nuts when these skinny little actresses say they stay thin by carrying around their kids! she is skinny cause she is starving.

  5. Isis says

    haha, some things are better left private. This might be one of them, I’m sure Ashlee is thrilled.

  6. dieselchicklett says

    I agree with her about being less selfish when you have a family. Once you have a baby you’re not your first priority anymore. You just can’t forget about yourself from time to time 😉

  7. Crumpet on top says

    Yep, just like that mom in NC who sold her 5 y/o daughter into a prostitution ring….or like Susan Smith who drowned her 2 boys so her boyfriend (that she was cheating on her husband with) wouldn’t break up with her.

    Most of the time self-obsessed jerks or mentally unstable people do not change, kids or no kids. Why do people keep perpetuating that fantasy?

  8. audrey says

    If it is a Simpson it is TMI time. And I am not buying her expanation for her thinness…starvation and drugs maybe, but carrying around a child–no way.
    I do agree that for most people having children does alter their priorities and makes them less selfish.

  9. ashkam says

    is this some kind of breaking news? why is she interviewed so much? it’s not like she has any kind of now observations about being married or motherhood. interviews with this girl are BORING!

  10. Anonymous says

    You know what! These 2 stoopid sisters are famous why? Ashley is not comfotable with her self, thats wht she hacked up her face and Jessica is not happy when she is fat and these are the people little girls look up to. They are hypocrits and should go AWAY