Taylor Jacobson Confirms Split From Rachel Zoe

I don’t think Taylor Jacobson is second guessing her decision to quit working for Rachel Zoe. She’s already snagged a television correspondent position on E! Entertainment. Take a look at Taylor alongside Giuliana Rancic on ‘Fashion Police’.

When asked if she still stays in touch with Rachel Zoe, Taylor admitted the two are officially divorced.

I no longer work for Rachel, we separated. We are divorced. I’m not in touch with anyone. It’s done.

Now that she is no longer on ‘The Rachel Zoe’ project, does Taylor reminisce by watching old shows?

“I never watch it ever. Never, ever, ever! I’ve never seen a whole episode, I’ve seen clips but that’s all. “It wasn’t entertaining to me because it was just my job and it was just being filmed so I didn’t see a reason to watch it.”

Makes sense.

Can’t wait to see what else Taylor does with her career. I have a feeling she is definitely one to watch.




  1. lara jane says

    I like the KStew video. Can’t believe the black dress is from the Olsen twins! They’ve come a long way!

  2. dyinggiraffe says

    taylor probably SHOULD watch the rachel zoe project so she sees what a bitch she is to everyone.

  3. turdburglar says

    taylor didn’t really seem to have any input of her own. she didn’t bring much to the table when it was her turn to talk, like the british lady.

  4. Anonymous says

    Taylor was a monster on the Rachel show. Why would I tune to see what that bitch has to say?

  5. Anonymous says

    Taylor is/was a horrible, awful mean person who is so jealous of Rachael it’s not even funny. She needs to go hide under a rock and maybe come out in about a year, after the derision and anger that everyone feels for her dies down. Taylor, you are a hot mess……