Larry Birkhead And Dannielynn At LAX

I always love to see new pictures of Dannielynn. She is such a gem! Here she is alongside her father Larry Birkhead as they arrive to LAX. If only I was that happy as I waited on line for security. We should all have that disposition! LOL

Who do you think she looks like? Anna Nicole or Larry?

Photos by FAME




  1. Jan says

    So very cute. Please please dont let her follow in her mothers footsteps but instead let her grow up to be a self confident/sufficient woman.

  2. JesseD says

    Whoa, Anna Nicole Smith all over again, including the tongue sticking out of her mouth. Good luck with that one, dad!

  3. ashkam says

    what’s wrong with carrying your child? especially when you’re being hounded by paparazzi at the airport, where people are always bumping into each other anyway.