Miley Cyrus Dressed As Julia Roberts’ Pretty Woman Character For Birthday

Miley Cyrus dressed as Julia Roberts for her 17th birthday party.

The ‘Hannah Montana’ star dressed as Julia’s prostitute character Vivian Ward from the movie ‘Pretty Woman’ at an 80s-themed celebration at New York’s Canal Room on Wednesday.

The singer-and-actress – who celebrates her birthday on Monday – was particularly delighted with the evening’s entertainment, a performance from Constantine Maroulis and the cast of Broadway musical ‘Rock of Ages’. A source told the New York Post:

“Miley had seen the show two weeks ago and loved it, so her mom Tish brought the cast in to surprise her. But I’m not sure who was more into Constantine – Miley or her mother.

“Between songs from the musical, Miley grabbed Constantine and danced with him at the front of the stage and then Tish joined in.”

Sounds like fun! But what a crazy costume for a 17 year old bday party.




  1. Anonymous says


  2. Anonymous says

    i think the problm with miley, is the example set by her mother,they are oviouslly both sluts.

  3. Anonymous says

    She will burn out soon just like the Olson twins did at her age. . She can’t sing, she can’t act and pretty soon the grade schoolers aren’t going to want to watch her any more because she will be too old. Beauty of it all she won’t have to work another day in her life. She is so g.d. rich she can just party and drink and snort the rest of her life away.

  4. Anonymous says

    some people have too much time on their hands… if you were more concerned with the environment and politics and everything else going on in the world and less concerned with what people like miley cyrus are wearing then just maybe the world would be a little better place

  5. smp209 says

    so she dressed like a prostitute? how is that a ‘costume’ for her? the girl wears nothing but booty shorts! great role model miley

  6. RUSHmusicfan says

    Uhh, ^anonymous, I think that you miss the point. Firstly, yes, we understand that it is her party, and, yes, we realize that it is her money and she could do whatever she wants. The problem, though, is that she claims to be this innocent and God – fearing woman, yet she frolics on a strippers’ pole and gyrates to sexually charged music and lyrics in front of pre – pubescent, female ‘tweens and their soccer moms along with their gentrified, God – fearing families, a public of whom views her in such auspicious and reverential esteem(God only knows why!). Thirdly, she is still under eighteen. She is not an adult, yet. When she becomes eighteen, that’s when she can act like a hooker and do whatever she wants to do. ^anonymous, also, I think there is a difference between “practically” and “are.”

  7. says

    WOW her dad wont let her have braces that’s ridiculous and she is so ugly and something has to be done about that cricked tooth. And second of all she dresses like a prostitute and the Hannah Montana show; only little kids watch it and she is a total skank. WOW again!!!! She a GREAT role model for little kids>>>>( sarcastic )

  8. Anonymous says

    Rude much, shes MY role model and most of you are just jealous, and she did have braces they made her take them off when she was 12 for hannah montana, so get your facts right! And hellooooo, that outfit was for a cameo in sex and the city that they made her wear, and NOT her 17th birthday party. DONT HATE

  9. anonymous says

    Yeah, her dad won’t let her wear braces but will let her dress up like a prostitute. Something is not right here. Why are parents of celebrities so stupid????