Nicole Kidman Isn’t THAT Wild

In an interview with GQ magazine, Nicole Kidman was quoted as saying she was into “strange sexual fetish stuff.” Now Nicole says her words were taken out of context.

“That’s what I said in relation to my work. They left that part out. In terms of my work, yeah, I’m interested in exploring love, and so that comes in all different forms… In terms of my private life, I’d never reveal what I’ve explored in my private life.”

Now that sounds more like the Nicole I know- keeping her private life private. Although it still sounds like a rather strange thing to say. Maybe she felt pressured to give an attention-getting quote?

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  1. Linda123 says

    Put in context in relation to her work, it’s not a strange quote or attention getting at all. That’s the problem with printed interviews. They always leave information out and put answers out of context .

  2. Anonymous says

    I believe her. Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut,” anyone? Or remember when she was on broadway for “the Blue Room.” The comment makes a lot more sense in regards to her work.

  3. Lemon says

    Yeah, it makes sense when referring to her work life. I just wish she’d lay off the lip enhancements stuff. She’s beginning to look like a duck.

  4. Annon says

    I couldn’t see her making any comment that personal to the media. She’s always been a very private person, kinky or not. I think the reason I really like her is because she tries to keep her life private, it’s different than so many others in Hollywood.

  5. bgduckie_01 says

    they always do that in the quotes to have something good. at least she was able to explain what happened there.

  6. ashkam says

    sounds like it was made up or taken out of context- she’s always seemed like a pretty private person.