Paris Hilton Is Really a Tomboy Who Loves To Go Fishing?

Paris Hilton chatted with People Magazine at the launch of her new styling tools, the Celebrity Styler flat iron and Ultimate Brush.

“There are a lot of products out there that don’t work, they’re a rip-off,” “I wanted to make something that was affordable, that works. It’s fast, it’s easy and you don’t need a hair stylist.”

Paris’s mom, Kathy, says that her daughter was inspired by her stint on The Simple Life.

“That’s why with the Simple Life she decided to do those hair extensions, because she went crazy thinking ‘I’m going to be without a blow-dryer for four weeks!'”

But Paris shares that she’s not the total girly-girl you’d think.

“I still am a tomboy. I love to go fishing. I love sports. I used to play ice hockey. You know, I think people only see the glamour and the parties, but when I’m at home I’m completely different.”

I know that celebrities can be completely different from their public personas, but wow! Can you envision Paris hanging out on a boat – fishing? I mean, we’ve all seen her on a yacht but I don’t recall ever seeing her cast a line off said yacht. LOL!

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David Hasselhoff Rushed To Hospital After Suffering Seizure

David Hasselhoff was taken from his home by ambulance today, according to Radar Online. The source is saying that David suffered a seizure.

“Paramedics were called to the (address omitted) in Encino for medical aid,” Los Angeles City Fire Department spokesman Erik Scott told exclusively. “Paramedics arrived at approximately 11:51 am and later transported the patient a nearby hospital.”

It’s not yet confirmed if this is an alcohol-related incident, but the sources tell Radar that he has been drinking in the past two days. David has been publicly battling alcoholism for many years.

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Dita Von Teese Meets With Fans At Book Signing

Dita Von Teese met with fans in London to sign copies of her new book, Dita: Stripteese. I believe this is her second book? Here’s the Amazon description of the book:

Famed photographer Sheryl Nields brings burlesque superstar Dita Von Teese to life in a series of flip books that capture her most intimate performances. A perfect collectible book for fans of Dita, classic burlesque devotees, or for anyone who loves a playful and beautifully packaged book, Dita: Stripteese is an exquisite visual tribute to this one-of-a-kind performer, featuring three of her most beloved dances.

Dita is currently busy at work filming the upcoming movie Burlesque. She’ll be co-starring with Christina Aguilera, Kristen Bell and Cam Gigandet. The film is due out next November.

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Megan Fox Spends Thanksgiving With The Military

Megan Fox spent her Thanksgiving morning at a taping of The Jay Leno Show. Jay says that they called her up and the minute they told her it was a special audience comprised of military men and women – she immediately said yes.

Megan chatted about the making of Transformers 2 – working on the military bases and also an aircraft carrier. She even got to ride in a Blackhawk helicopter!

Megan scored brownie points with Jay for the gift she bought for Brian Austin Green – a ’66 Mustang Fastback – that she got off eBay! Too funny! I know people buy vehicles on eBay all the time but doesn’t it sound hilarious to be like “yeah, I bought my car on eBay”?

She also shared that she was having Thanksgiving dinner at Brian’s home. She’s trying her hand at cooking for the first time, with a sweet potato casserole she was going to prepare after the taping of the show.

Megan looked really fantastic. She looks great without all the makeup and shiny lip gloss, right? Well, she’s gorgeous either way, but I prefer this look on her. :)


Updated: Tiger Woods Seriously Injured In Car Crash

TMZ is reporting that golf pro Tiger Woods was involved in a serious car accident this morning.

Woods struck a fire hydrant and then a tree on a neighbor’s property. Police say alcohol was not a factor.

The crash occurred at 2:20 AM near his home in Windermere. He was taken to Health Central Hospital with facial lacerations.

The police report said:

“driver had just pulled out of the driveway at his residence … as [vehicle] began to drive on Deacon Circle, [vehicle] struck a fire hydrant. The front of [vehicle] then struck a tree…”

I hope he’ll be okay. Thankfully no one else was in the car with him.

UPDATE: TMZ is now saying Tiger was released and is doing fine.

According to Tiger’s rep, he was in a “minor” accident, “admitted, treated and released today in good condition.”

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How Cate Blanchett Stays Grounded

Cate Blanchett doesn’t let Hollywood get to her: she stays grounded through family life with her husband, Andrew Upton, and as a mom to three boys: Dasheill (7), Roman (5), and Ignatius (19 months).

I enjoy vacuuming,” Blanchett told PEOPLE at the Giorgio Armani/Ristorante dinner party in New York City this week… “It’s a very satisfying noise when you hear all that grit sucked up from the floor and into the machine.”

Adds the Oscar winner: “Vacuuming is a big one for me and it’s those simple things that keep my life grounded. It can be quite therapeutic!”

Raising three boys keeps her occupied, too.

“Having boys is great. It’s a neat position to be in and I love the high energy that comes along in raising boys. It’s fun.”

She’s having to juggle her parenting duties with her current role, which is acting in ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ on Broadway.;

“Theater is an evening event so you can’t put your kids to bed as often as you like but we seem to find a way to manage,” she says. “The kids have been to New York before and they love it. We have lots of friends who’ve got kids and that helps. But they will come visit me at work.

She adds, “We did a show earlier in the year in Sydney and our little child actually watched the show backstage, which is a really interesting and exciting place with people putting on makeup and costumes and so they love it.”

Cate seems to be managing well!

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Jessica Biel Is “Zen” About Relationship Rumors

During an interview with the UK newspaper ‘The Independent,’ Jessica Biel talked about what it was like to deal with all the gossip that surrounds her relationship with Justin Timberlake.

It’s definitely been weird and sort of bizarre to deal with,” she says of her relationship with Timberlake, which has been victim to more “it’s off!” tabloid rumours than most celebrity affairs.

“But you have to have a sense of humour about the whole thing. Honestly, I look at a magazine and they know more than I do. You do really have to just get into a place where you feel Zen about it – take a deep breath and know that somebody is going to be taking your picture while you’re going to the laundry and picking up your dry cleaning. “

It’s good Jessica can keep all the speculation from getting under her skin! I’d be going crazy- LOL.

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