Victoria Beckham’s Dresses Stolen

Oh Posh! A van carrying approximately $583,000 worth of Victoria Beckham’s dresses for her spring/summer fashion collection was robbed en route to Heathrow Airport (where the dresses were to be flown to Neiman Marcus in New York).

Victoria is said to be “shocked and upset.” I guess so! She has to try to have the dresses re-made in time to fill the order.

What’s the use of stealing those dresses? They’re going to be instantly recognizable as stolen property! Hopefully Victoria can get the remade in time.

I’m definitely interested in taking a look at this collection, even if the actual clothes may be out of my price range. How about you?

Photos by INF




  1. sansan says

    David must wrap his arms around her three times just to hug her. She needs to learn how to take time for herself and eat at least three small proper meals a day. She’s so pretty in the face, but it’s a shame you can’t say the same for the rest of her body. I hope the police find her dresses or that she has the time to remake them.

  2. Anonymous says

    she looks awful skin and bones and she is so selfish in love with herself , whats she to do in 30 years. her middle name should be greed. or shit for brains . what a poor role model for youg girls. toooo much make up. skeletor ….

  3. Anonymous says

    That woman looks like a sketon – very unattractive and ghoulish looking. Can you imagine how little she must eat to maintain her weight – not normal or healthy folks.

  4. Anonymous says

    she looks a hot mess!!!!!! look at her shoulders and her arms wow someone needs to steal her and feed her her feet look like omg

  5. chocolateraisins says

    $583,000? That’s like, what? 2 dresses? They can remake them in time. And buy a nicer van to deliver them.

  6. Anonymous says

    That’s just the thing i can’t understand, Who would bother steeling her clothes. How many women do you know who are as skinny as her.. They’re not going to fit anbody else. So what good are they.

  7. Ariel says

    It looks like they’re her designs, not actual clothing that she wears. If they were her personal garments, I’d be saying, “Watch out for people looking like they can’t breathe in very tiny clothes.”

  8. KissKiss says

    I wonder if the robbers knew her dresses were in that van, or if they were expecting something else.

  9. xy mom says

    chances are the dresses will be sold on a street in a country where no one will ever notice. they could sell them for 100 bucks and they’d still be netting 100 bucks!

  10. Anonymous says

    could it be just PR or this is all made up news. made or real, now we know VB clothes are going into NM stores soon.

  11. merce369 says

    Nevermind the clothes. She looks awfully unhealthy in the post photo, those shoulders.. hands… feet. My god, she doesn’t look good at all in that photo.

  12. like i said earlier says

    i think she looks amazing! granted i don’t like the implants, but her legs look great and her hair is always perfect. i would die for her wardrobe, but i certainly wouldn’t steal it! 😛